This Slightly Charred Ferrari 458 Is Actually For Sale

Someone is selling a pile of ash that used to be a Ferrari 458 Spider. Before it burned to the ground, that is.

Burned 458

This slightly charred Ferrari 458 Spider can be yours for the right price.

In Santa Paula, California, someone is selling a 2014 Ferrari 458 on the car auction site Copart.com. The site specializes in selling damaged vehicles that have either been in an accident or somehow fell victim to circumstance and got a little dinged up.

Some cars being sold on Copart are little more than twisted heaps but might still have some salvageable components in them. This Ferrari, though? We’re having a hard time trying to see anything of value in what is essentially just a pile of ash.

via Copart

As you have probably already guessed, this Ferrari 458 Spider at one point in its all-too-short life caught fire. It must have been one hell of a blaze because the car burned literally to cinders. There is absolutely nothing left of what was once a proud prancing stallion but a few lumps of molten metal and three-quarters of the original’s carbon-ceramic brakes.

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There are a few hilarious tidbits to be found on the listing. First, the car’s estimated value is listed at $275,000 USD, which we can only assume is estimated if the car were to be purchased almost new and undamaged, not as a pile of rubble. Second, whoever listed this ash-heap also signed up for Copart’s “Enhanced Vehicle” service, which authorizes Copart to vacuum, wash, and just generally clean the car before sale. We’re pretty sure if you vacuumed this car it would suck away most of it.

via Copart

Hilariously, the ad lists this car as having a 4.5-L V8 and an automatic transmission, even though it clearly has neither. That larger lump at one end might have been the engine block at one point, but it’s been melted to something completely unusable. Good luck finding anything that might have been the transmission, although we can spot some springs, wheel hubs, and exhaust components.

Nothing on this car is salvageable. It’s debatable if even a scrapper would take this car to melt down for base metals. And yet it will soon be up for auction, according to Copart. Whoever takes this heap home will be truly satisfied with their purchase.

(via Carscoops, Copart.com)

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