You Can Buy A Steam-Powered Jeep Wrangler 6X6

If you've ever wondered what a steam-powered vehicle drives like, now's your chance as a jeep using that technology is available.

Steam Jeep

You can now buy what was previously a steam-powered Jeep Wrangler JK 6x6.

We say previously because the heavily modified Wrangler JK no longer has its steam powerplant, which was given back to a steam museum that had originally donated it.

What you see before you is the Loco Hauk, an utterly bizarre creation from Haük Designs of Pennsylvania. After creating their steam-powered Jeep for a Discovery Channel special (presumably about steam) they’re now selling their huge 6x6 Wrangler to the highest bidder.

Assuming there’s a lot of bidders for an engine-less 6x6 Wrangler.

Getting this Jeep to move again will be no easy feat. According to Motor1, it was originally powered by a "100ci V-4 single-acting, trunk-piston, poppet-valve uniflow steam motor mated to a six-speed NSG370 manual gearbox." That’s right: this Jeep is a 6-speed manual.

The 55-gallon tank of water mated to the back of the extended rear (much like the modern Gladiator) allows the Wrangler to travel a total of 1.5 miles before it needs to be refilled. This is a lot fewer miles than the steam-powered locomotives of old. Also a lot slower--max speed was between 30-35 mph.

While that sounds pretty abysmal by modern standards, keep in mind the torque figure of 3,000 lb-ft thanks to steam pressure being kept at 1,500 PSI. Let’s see a Ford F-150 keep up with that.


It being mostly a showpiece, the Wrangler JK has been fitted with rivets and other flourishes that make it appear like a steampunk fantasy world where humanity never discovered how to refine oil and instead stuck with steam for all of its energy needs.

Haük named their insane creation the “Loco Hauk” in a clear reference to those old locomotives it’s modeled after. It made a few public appearances (which we have Jalopnik to thank for recovering them from the wilds of YouTube), but with the steam engine returning to the museum it came from, it’s time for the Loco Hauk to find a new home.

So if you’ve got a spare steam engine lying around, or if you have the time, money, and resources to create one, then you too could own a steampunk Jeep to make all your role-play buddies green with envy. Steaming, in fact.


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