20 C-List Celebs Who Definitely Can't Afford Their Cars

Anyone who manages to get to even C-List status often boasts a very healthy bank account, they really don't have as they think.

When you think about a celebrity, you instantly think of luxuries that you and I cannot afford, with the latest designer gear, massive mansions, and luxury cars that cost a fortune and are often only seen in movies and TV shows. People are quick to splash the cash when they first become a celebrity, even if they aren't a major name, and one of the first things that people tend to buy is a fancy luxury car or the latest sports vehicle.

These impulse buys tend to be done on a whim, without much thought going into them, meaning they end up being very costly mistakes that sometimes have to be taken away in extreme circumstances. Whilst anyone who manages to get to even C-List status often boasts a very healthy bank account in the eyes of the average person, in reality, compared to bigger celebrities, they really don't have as much money as they think.

This is often what leads them down a troublesome path, spending money on things that they simply cannot afford. This ends up leading to financial issues, as people start losing their fame and then, their wealth goes with it. Within this article, we will be looking at 20 C-List celebrities who are driving cars that they definitely cannot afford, no matter how rich and famous they might think that they are.

20 Kimberley Garner: Ferrari California

Photo: HawtCelebs

Kimberley Garner managed to make a career for herself in various ways, from her modeling work to acting and even designing swimwear. Her net worth is reportedly around $1 million. She has a healthy amount of money and has done well for herself, but Garner is also known for her spending habit, which is how she ended up picking a Ferrari as the car of choice.

Whilst the cars are obviously desirable for their looks and speed, they do come at a cost, often starting at around $200,000, meaning that Garner would have spent one-fifth of her money just on the car alone, not making it the most sensible and viable option.

19 Tara Reid: McLaren 650S

Photo: Beyondfashionmagazine.com

Tara Reid became a breakout star through the incredibly popular American Pie franchise, where she was one of the leading characters in the late 1990s, and although she has had other roles since then, those are still the movies she is best known for. Reid's net worth, according to Cheat Sheet, comes to around $2 million, with her recent appearances in the infamous Sharknado franchise helping to boost her career once again.

However, even though she has returned to the limelight somewhat, the Sharknado franchise isn't exactly the Marvel Cinematic Universe and therefore, Reid likely doesn't have all the money in the world to be splashing out on McLarens.

18 Lindsay Lohan: Rolls-Royce Phantom

Photo: JustJared

Some might debate whether Linsay Lohan is a C-List celebrity. However, given that she hasn't landed a major role in such a long time and that her net worth has dropped dramatically, she lands into the category. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lohan is only worth $800,000, which might be an incredible sum to an average person, but to a celebrity isn't worth bragging about.

Her bank account balance makes her decision to own a Rolls-Royce quite a controversial one. A Rolls-Royce can set a person back $300,000, which is almost half of her net worth, making the decision to have the luxury vehicle a very risky one that her accountant likely wasn't impressed by.

17 Spencer Pratt: Chevrolet Camaro SS

Photo: Just Jared

Spencer Pratt likely has the smallest net worth on this entire list, boasting only $20,000, which happens to be matched by his wife, Heidi Montag, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which brings their combined total to $40,000. That figure doesn't even come close to being able to afford a nice car like the 1968 Chevy Camaro SS, which is what the reality star tends to be driving around in.

Apparently, this car happens to have been Pratt's wedding gift back in 2009, so perhaps the couple had more money back then when they were bursting onto the scene and becoming famous, which allowed them to splash the cash on this one.

16 Dennis Rodman: Rolls-Royce Phantom

Photo: e90post.com

At one point in time, Dennis Rodman was one of the biggest stars in NBA history and one of the most dominant defensive players to ever grace the court. However, nowadays he is a globetrotter who has lost plenty of the wealth that he built up. Even though he lives a very lavish and flashy lifestyle, his net worth is reported to be only $500,000 today, which wouldn't support the amount of money that Rodman likes to spend on things.

One example of Rodman's decision to overspend is his Rolls-Royce, which set him back around $300,000, which doesn't seem to be affordable for him right now.

15 Janice Dickinson: Maybach 57 S

Photo: CelebsPlace.com

Janice Dickinson is often seen as a fairly polarizing figure and you either love her or hate her, but from such divisive opinions, she has managed to gain an impressive following that has allowed her to build a career for herself. Dickinson has been seen with a Maybach, one of the most luxurious cars on this list, but she must have had to work pretty hard to scrounge up the cash to purchase it.

Dickinson has appeared on a variety of reality shows in order to maintain her wealth, which is why it might not have been a sensible move on her behalf to have the car she does.

14 Abby Lee Miller: Porsche Cayenne

via Daily Mail

Abby Lee Miller's wealth is a clear sign of how popular reality television shows have become, with the Dance Moms instructor transforming from just another person to a C-List celebrity. But this could also be why she has had some serious financial issues. After not being used to having such wealth, her decision to splash the cash has been a risky one that has backfired for her and did lead her to being apprehended by the authorities.

The outspoken and confident mother drives around in a Porsche Cayenne SUV, a vehicle that she really cannot afford, showing that sometimes money goes to peoples' heads.

13 Tyga: Bentley Bentayga

Photo: USMagazine.com

Tyga is another C-List celebrity who is known for having money issues, which is why it surprised many people when he was seen driving around in a Bentley Bentayga, a car he clearly could not afford. However, it makes more sense when you learn that the vehicle was purchased for him by Kylie Kenner, who he dated for a while and who has tremendous wealth and can quite easily afford to purchase the car for someone.

Given that Kylie paid for the car, Tyga is free to drive it around without worrying it will be repossessed, with his only worries coming in keeping it in working condition.

12 Pamela Anderson: Jaguar XKR

Photo: BornRich.com

Pamela Anderson became a worldwide heartthrob as the blonde bombshell on Baywatch, which saw her grow into a wealthy young woman as she became one of the biggest celebrities in the world at one point. However, Anderson did fall into financial issues and ended up brushing with Chapter 11, which is why it is quite confusing that she roams around in a Jaguar.

But that could have been down to the income she had previously earned. Despite the fact she struggled to stay at the A-List celebrity level she once had, she still continued to work and that has funded her lavish A-List lifestyle that she has never given up.

11 Warren Sapp: Rolls-Royce Wraith

Photo: AutoInfluence.com

Another sports star that has struggled to keep the wealth from his career is Warren Sapp, a former defensive tackle in the NFL who is a former Super Bowl winner with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2003, Sapp signed a seven-year deal that was worth a whopping $36.6 million and although he didn't fully complete his time with the club, he still earned a tremendous amount of money.

However, reports stated that he is running low on money at this stage, although he is still driving around in a Rolls-Royce, like many celebrities who can't afford the luxurious cars seem to be doing. Hopefully, he paid off the car before he left his big money contract.

10 Chris Tucker: Aston Martin DB9

Photo: Zimbio.com

Chris Tucker may very well be one of the funniest men in the history of Hollywood, gaining huge success from his comedy and film career, but for all the money that he has earned, his financial issues have set him back. Tucker fell on hard times due to decisions he made, reportedly owing the IRS over $14 million, which made many headlines and left a lot of his fans stunned.

However, those financial troubles can't be that bad, as he currently drives an Aston Martin DB9, so hopefully, that means he has got things under control and isn't putting himself into more trouble.

9 El Hadji Diouf: Gold Plated Cadillac Escalade

Photo: The Bolton News

Throughout his career as a professional soccer player, El Hadji Diouf managed to become a very controversial figure with his actions both on and off the pitch, which is why it shouldn't be a big surprise that he is driving a car like the one pictured. The vehicle is something that only a soccer player would dare to drive, with the gold look not being one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars.

But given that he never made it as one of the sports elite stars, it is unlikely he has the vast wealth to afford such a ride. He has been tied up in a number of off-the-field controversies, which are not helping his financial situation in the slightest.

8 Hilary Duff: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Photo: The Blemish

Hilary Duff is another celebrity who made her name through being a Disney Channel child star, as the main character in the popular Lizzie McGuire show, thrusting her into stardom from a very early age. However, as Duff looked to burst out of her Disney bubble, she struggled to find the same level of success that she had become used to and because of that, her finances didn't remain the same as they were during her youth.

Despite that, Duff picked herself up a G-Wagen, not exactly the cheapest of vehicles. Hopefully, the former Disney Channel star will be able to pick her career back up to afford these decisions.

7 Snooki: Cadillac EXT

Photo: AutoTrader.ca

The problem with becoming famous from reality television is that eventually, there is going to be someone or something newer on the block that takes the worlds attention, making you yesterday's news. This is the reality that Snooki is now facing. Whilst she was a pioneer in the world of reality television, becoming a major star, she has slowly slipped down the pecking order, which has affected her net worth.

The problem with that for Snooki is that she wasn't exactly smart with her finances whilst she was on top. Because of this, her net worth is nowhere near what it once was, making her Cadillac an expense she can't really afford to have.

6 Kate Gosselin: Audi TT

Photo: TheSuperficial.com

Kate Gosselin made her wealth from the show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, where she made around $22,500 from each episode of the TLC Channel show, which set her up with a ton of money. However, with 10 children, it isn't really a surprise that a lot of that money has now dried up, with that being spent on the children, as well as things such as cosmetics and a luxury Audi TT sports car.

With 10 kids, this vehicle is clearly a treat for herself, compared to the jumbo van she also owns. However, with serious financial issues, it isn't a surprise to learn that Kate Gosselin might not be able to afford this car, although reports have stated it could be from a marketing deal, which would explain things.

5 Joe Francis: Ferrari 360 Spider

Photo: Zimbio.com

A lot of celebrities are probably not upset about the fact Joe Francis didn't spend his money wisely due to the way he earned it all in the first place, being the brain behind an infamous series of videotapes. Francis sent the tapes to various late night TV shows and made plenty of money from DVD sales, but after suddenly earning a good chunk of change, he quickly took on a lavish lifestyle he simply could not afford.

Driving around Hollywood in a Ferrari, acting like an A-List celebrity came back to bite him as he fell into both money and legal issues, reportedly getting out of Dodge and moving to Mexico.

4 Sean Kingston: Mercedes-Benz GLC-Glass

Photo: ClintonLindsay.com

Who could forget the classic "Beautiful Girls" song that Sean Kingston brought into the world? The catchy tune burst him into stardom and provided him with riches to afford the finer things in life. However, Kingston never really followed up the song with other, bigger hits, which led to him simply being known as a one-hit wonder and sadly for him, that doesn't provide the wealth that can afford lots of luxury cars.

According to Hip Hop Wired, Kingston actually had three cars repossessed in 2014 due to failing to make payments on them, with his finances not being secure enough to sustain the lifestyle he loved to live.

3 NeNe Leakes: Bentley Continental GT

Photo: Mobbik.com

NeNe Leakes made a career for herself as a star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, starting her career and helping her land a role in the popular TV show, Glee, as she started to build a career for herself. Leakes treated herself to a Bentley as a way to splash her newly found extra cash, with a reported net worth of $14 million. However, that apparently wasn't enough to sustain things as TV One claimed that the Bentley was repossessed due to financial issues.

NeNe has denied those claims, although there are details of it all over the internet for people to see, which has allowed the general public to see the true story.

2 50 Cent: Rolls-Royce Phantom

Photo: NetCarsShow.com

You would think for someone who was as big of a star as 50 Cent, there was no way he wouldn't have money to afford the finer things in life, as he was once incredibly rich after a very successful career. However, 50 Cent became famously broke, with lots of details regarding his lack of money, but despite all of that, the rapper ended up buying a Rolls-Royce Phantom during the middle of his issues, an expense he definitely couldn't afford.

Thankfully for him, reports have stated that he is no longer broke, so perhaps he can now afford the car. However, at the time, it was certainly a risky purchase for him.

1 Paris Hilton: Bentley Continental GT

Photo: MotorPassion.com

Paris Hilton is certainly a very controversial figure in the celebrity world, with many people often seeing her as someone who hasn't really done anything to earn her fame and fortune outside of having a famous family name. Hilton has been involved in plenty of controversial moments throughout her lifetime, which is why Bentley actually did not want her to drive the car, with the company not finding her to be the ideal representative of the brand.

While her family's funds could afford the car, whether Paris has actually made the career moves to earn such a nice car is dubious, at best. The situation wasn't helped when Hilton decided to make the modifications that you can see in the images above. Bright pink isn't exactly the color that Bentley executives had in mind for their ultra-luxury coupe.

Sources: Wikipedia, Celebrity Net Worth, and IMDb.

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