Yet Another Mid-Engine Corvette Render Showcases Drop-Top Roof

Here we have another fantastic look at the C8 Corvette's convertible drop-top roof thanks to an incredibly talented fan.

Mid-engine Corvette render

Chazcron brings us yet another mind-blowing render of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette’s convertible drop-top roof.

We’ve seen a lot of Chazcron’s work covering the new mid-engine Corvette. Frankly, Charles “Chazcron” Cronley has been the best source of C8 Corvette imagery for quite some time as GM refuses to take off the silly camouflage vinyl coat. Using spy photos from the past 6 months, Chazcron has meticulously recreated a digital version of the C8 using computer modeling software that shows us just how the new ‘Vette will look in real life.

His latest project is to cover the drop-top roof. The action here seems to be based on similar devices found in other mid-engine supercars; first, the rear portion of the roof hinges up and the topmost portion slides back before tilting upwards and sliding behind the seats. Then two little flaps pop out to provide additional covering between the rear hatch and driver and passenger chairs.

Finally, the rear roof panel slots back into place without the presence of a rear windshield. It takes on a look quite reminiscent of a McLaren or Porsche, with perhaps an even flatter engine cover than either of the European supercars.

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We’re not sure if this will be the final product of course. It’s entirely possible that the top portion of the roof won’t need to tilt up or there won’t be tiny additional flaps to better cover the seats. But this seems entirely plausible based on the spy photos we’ve got.

We’ll find out more when the C8 finally gets officially revealed in July. Chevy might have also hinted at the date--07/18/19--as being more than just a random Thursday in July. Based on the latest teaser video, it might also represent the C8 Corvette’s Nurburgring lap time.

Or it might just be a nice Thursday in July. We’ll find out soon enough.

(Source: Motor1)

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