Cadillac's Key Fob Suggest A Return To Corvette Inspired Car

A new key fob has turned up that shows the Cadillac shield and a mysterious car that looks a lot like the mid-engine Corvette.

Cadillac's Key Fob Suggest A Return To Corvette Inspired Car

A strange key fob has turned up with the Cadillac shield which could mean that the luxury GM brand is about to get a new sports car inspired by the upcoming mid-engine Corvette.

Cadillac has been without a truly sporty car for quite some time, ever since the XLR bit the dust way back in 2009. Sure, the ATS-V coupe certainly has some sporty elements and it’s definitely got performance, but it’s not exactly a car that would turn heads.

The upcoming C8 mid-engine Corvette, on the other hand, is a beautiful car even covered in camouflage and vinyl. And strangely, it also seems to have found its way onto a Cadillac key fob that’s been dug up by fellow automotive news site, The Drive.

On the back of the key fob is the well-known Cadillac logo, but on the front is a series of cars that bear a striking resemblance to the mid-engine Corvette. You can see that the fob has a few buttons to open both the front and rear trunks, which would require the engine to be placed somewhere in the middle for both of those to exist.

The Drive speculates that this might signal the return of the XLR, which was canceled due to poor sales in 2009. Based on the C6 Corvette, the normally sleek and smooth ‘Vette body was traded in for something boxy and more Cadillac-like. It looked good as a convertible, but as a sports coupe it was a bit of a mess in terms of aesthetics. Which might be why it only lasted a single generation.


via The Drive

As The Drive points out, this could all be meaningless speculation. The C8 Corvette hasn’t even been revealed officially yet, and it seems like a huge leap to say that Cadillac will be getting their own version of the car. We know that the C8 Corvette certainly exists (GM hasn’t been trying to keep it a secret all year) but we’ve seen absolutely nothing to indicate Cadillac is getting their own version.

This keyfob could just be a universal tester for models under development at GM. Or it could mean that Cadillac is getting a different car that just doesn’t have an engine in the front, like an electric or hybrid car.

Until we know more, take everything with a hefty grain of salt. But also, a mid-engine Cadillac might be cool, right?


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