Cadillac's New V8 Engine Gets A Name That Sounds Straight Out Of A Comic

Some cars are so legendary, a few of them even have engines with their own names. Ferrari, for instance, had a V-12 named Colombo. For a while, Ford had the Flatty until 1953. And during most of the '60s, Chrysler had the Street Hemi, arguably the most powerful engine of its time.

Curiously, for a car as iconic as the Cadillac, no one ever really bothered to give that model's engine a name. Recently, General Motors changed all that when it continued to promote its sporty CT6 model as well as the block of horsepower that will get it up to speed. According to Motor1, it's called Blackwing, and while there's no background on the selection or any reason for the moniker, auto enthusiasts admit at least it's catchy.


But the name does suggest a bit of bullishness from Cadillac, which has a pedigree closer to luxury than performance. That changed back in 2004 when the company introduced its V-series models that promised the auto industry that Cadillac was little more than a four-wheeled poodle to be paraded around. V-models coming out demonstrated there was also some power under that hood, a point Cadillac wanted to reinforce with the CT6. Blackwing has also been a huge selling point for Cadillac's CT6 when it debuted at the New York Auto Show earlier this spring, back when the engine didn't have a name.

So, what's the hoopla surrounding the engine with a mysterious moniker? Under that hood is a heavy-duty four-liter V8 engine with roughly 550 horsepower and twin turbochargers built into the manifolds at the top, making it possible for extra boost when the pedal is to the metal. That's a far cry from the three-liter V6 blocks maxing at 404 horsepower in previous models.


Presumably, because of the new design, especially with the manifolds, Blackwing is apparently capable of being used in other models capable of hosting a mid-sized engine. It's one reason why the makers of Corvette are rumored to be considering Blackwings in future models.

Besides the engine, the CT6-V has a  spanking new 10-speed automatic transmission, an upgraded slip differential in the all-wheel-drive configuration, improvements to the magnetic ride control suspension, and augmentations in the brake system.


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