2019 Chevrolet Camaro To Have Extremely Bright Yellow Color Option

Chevrolet have announced a new color option for their 2019 Camaro: a yellow so bright that it's visible from space.


Chevrolet is offering a brand new color option on the 2019 Camaro that is shockingly yellow.

Yellow has always been a Camaro color. Now it will be enhanced with an even more yellow shade. A super, neon yellow that is visible from space.

Chevrolet has just announced that their Camaro muscle car will be at the SEMA Show come October 30th with a barrel of new colors, accessories, and performance parts. Although multiple new colors will be available, Chevrolet decided to go with shock value and showcase their new Shock Yellow for their marketing.

It is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

“There’s a fresh look for the 2019 Camaro, which is restyled, reinvigorated and offers more choices and new technologies,” said Steve Majoros, marketing director at Chevrolet. “It’s the perfect canvas for personalization, and the new Shock color and available accessories demonstrate only some of the possibilities customers have to make the Camaro entirely theirs.”

To be shown on the new 2019 Camaro SS, along with some new hood and fender graphics and a slightly different front fascia, Shock Yellow gives the car a blinding sheen that will surely compliment its big V8 engine on the drag strip. Probably by blinding all the other drivers so that it can easily race to the finish line.


An absurdly bright shade of yellow isn’t the only new color available. Also new for 2019 are the colors Crush (a slightly less nauseating shade of orange), Riverside Blue Metallic (a soothing shade of blue), Shadow Grey Metallic (a slick shade of grey) and Satin Steel Grey Metallic (an even more slick shade of grey).

via Chevrolet

Chevrolet also highlighted the “new” performance options available on the 2019 Camaro, and we use the term new very loosely as some of these items were available in 2018. Those options include second-generation ground effects, a black wing spoiler, fuel door with exposed carbon-fiber insert, black Camaro fender badges, a new cold-air induction kits, Recaro racing seats, Brembo six-piston front brake upgrade kit (which were previously available), and 1LE suspension components (which were also previously available).

The 2019 Camaro features all-new front fascias depending on what trim you go for-all except the ZL1, which retains the same grille and bumper as last year’s model. There’s also the new Turbo 1LE package for the lower-end trims to give you an entry-level performance car for under $40,000.

There’s also a brand new Ford-sourced 10-speed automatic transmission, but GM prefers to not toot Ford’s horn about it.


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