Canadian Makes Fake Car Out Of Snow To Fool Cops

Canadian Makes Fake Car Out Of Snow To Fool Cops

From the cold wilds of Canada comes the coolest ride you’ll ever see.

Apparently, people in Canada have a lot of time on their hands after the snow falls. One man in Montreal certainly had some time to kill, and he decided to do so by messing with the cops.

Simon Laprise is a Montreal resident and budding snow sculpture artist who took the time to create a life-size model of a Honda Prelude right at the side of his residential road. Or it could be a Delorian, or a 1980s Toyota Corolla, or even a Dodge Daytona. There were a lot of sport-compacts built in the 80s with the same general shape and it’s kind of hard to make out the details when they’re all made out of snow.

Posted by Simon Laprise on Sunday, January 14, 2018

While it may be hard to identify the exact model, it still certainly looks like a real car at first glance, which was enough to draw the attention of local parking enforcement. Laprise managed to snag not one, but two Montreal Police cruisers to look upon his latest creation.


To the cops, it must have seemed like a real car that was covered in snow. It even had windshield wipers for the fuzz to stick a parking ticket, which had it been a real car it would have certainly been violating local parking regulations.

But upon closer inspection, the cops realized their mistake and that they’d been fooled by a snow-made automobile. Without anyone to ticket, they left Simon a nice message on a blank parking ticket which read (in French), “ You made our night, hahahahaha!"

Posted by Simon Laprise on Sunday, January 14, 2018

And yes, the ticket was left under the real windshield wiper on Simon’s fake car.

The car also made the rounds on social media and wound up in the r/Canada subreddit, where Redditors praised the Montreal native’s ingenuity while wondering just what kind of mileage a car made out of snow can get.


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