Candy Paint: Pros & Cons Of A Bright Car Color

Brightly colored cars are fun to look at and even more fun to drive, but the flashy vehicles might not be for everyone. We weigh the pros and cons.

Candy paint is a painting style that involves taking a metallic paint and covering it with a translucent topcoat that shimmers in the sunlight. These colors give vehicles a new sense of style and add a whole new level to the word "cool." Drivers everywhere crave to have these shimmering paints applied to their vehicle, so they can stand out on the roadway.

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These colors might be awesome, but there are some cons to choosing to go with these electric paint styles as well. It is truly up to the driver to decide if the cash spent to give their vehicles this look is worth it, or if it might be better spent on something less flashy. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of a bright color car!

10 PRO: It is Easier to Find in a Packed Parking Lot

If you have ever attended a concert or a professional sports game, then you understand the hassle of locating your vehicle after the end of the event. You might have given yourself certain landmarks to remember its location by, but pinpointing a basic car color amongst a sea of other basic cars is difficult.

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Candy paint cars change this by standing out from the crowd. You won't have to spend hours wandering around aimlessly in search of your ride, but rather, you will find it in mere minutes.

9 CON: They Can be Hard to Sell

These cars may be flashy and the coolest thing you have ever seen, but it can also make it harder to sell, especially if you have a specialty design. You probably had a certain vision before you took it to the shop to have it painted in a particular pattern, but this can have consequences.

It reduces the field of people who will be interested in buying your vehicle dut to its particular color scheme. The color itself might increase your resale value, but the extra time it sits on the market is probably not what you were hoping to accomplish.

8 PRO: It Gives Off a Certain Energy

Do you want to look dark and mysterious or happy as sunshine? These candy paint colors give another layer to your personality as it showcases a unique side of your identity. You might be known as the life of the party which is why you chose your vibrant sparkling red, or cool as ice with your shimmering blue ride.

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The possibilities are endless and you won't believe you waited this long to go through with your dream of owning a candy painted car.

7 CON: You Can Forget Privacy and Invisibility

Privacy and anonymity become nonexistent once you begin taking your candy painted car out for a spin. People will constantly be staring at your ride, rather than the other lame cars out on the road. Your vehicle will become an icon that people remember, and if you live in a small town it is something no one will ever forget.

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It will no longer be possible for you to leave the house looking like you rolled out of bed because people will be watching for the driver of any amazing candy painted ride.

6 PRO: You Will be Showered with Compliments

Compliments will be showered upon you if you decide to have your car painted like your favorite piece of candy. We all know how great it feels when a stranger remarks how much they like something when it's ours, and now you won't e able to live without those compliments.

Your confidence will grow and your want to go out into public will increase as the compliments come pouring in over your fantastic idea to paint your car. It will literally change your life as you learn to appreciate all that a candy painted life has to offer.

5 CON: People Will Give Your Vehicle Horrendous Nicknames

The downside to a flashy car is the horrendous nicknames your jealous friends might give to your baby. They might include the booger machine or flubber, none of which inspire jealousy from your friends.

The worst part of this fact is that sometimes these names stick and spread, making your cool and amazing car into the laughing stock of the entire town. This might not be something that happens to everyone, but it is a risk you must be willing to take.

4 PRO: It Keeps Your Car Cooler in the Heat

It's a known fact that darker cars are able to absorb more light wavelengths than lighter cars. These wavelengths are converted into heat, which in turn heats the interior of your car to a thousand degrees on a hot summer day. Luckily, bright color cars with candy paint tend to be lighter, so they don't give heat a place to fester.

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It might only change the temperature by a couple of degrees, but anything helps when it comes to beating the heat in the middle of summer.

3 CON: It Has a Greater Chance of Being Vandalized

We have already mentioned earlier that your car will stand out, which also means that it can become a greater target for vandalism. When they choose their target they want something that will make it worth their while, and it is generally assumed that specialty painted cars belong to people with a little extra cash.

These expenses can add up after a while, especially if you don't have the correct insurance, but it also depends on the area where you live.

2 PRO: Scratches Are Not as Visible

Candy painted cars generally come in brighter and flashier colors, which helps when it comes to minor dings and scratches in your car's exterior paint. These imperfections tend not to show as much on lighter colored cars, while blacks and deep purples begin to lose their luxury after a few small scuffs.

You could just buy a white vehicle to make it simple, but those are nowhere near as awesome as the candy painted car you could be driving up and down the streets.

1 CON: You Might End Up With a Few Tickets

There are those who say it is a myth that candy painted cars receive more tickets, but the reality is that your car will be more visible. When you paint your vehicle a bright color meant to attract the eyes of those around you, police officers are not immune to its effects.

They are drawn to stare at your car as much as everyone else, which means that they might catch onto the fact that you are speeding or your tags expired two weeks ago. You should ensure that you are not prone to these illegal actions before making the decision to paint your car the same color as your favorite type of candy.

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