10 Car Accessories That Are More Harmful Than Helpful

There are some car accessories available on the market that actually make things worse than before they were purchased!

Improving your car by adding final touches out of interest or for an improved look seems like a great idea until you find out they are useless and overall stupidly unsafe.

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These additions can be found all around your car, both inside and outside and serving different purposes. Prevent yourself and anyone you are traveling with from all injuries and think twice before making any modifications, especially about these 10 car accessories.

10 Seat Cover In Vehicles Containing Side Airbags

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Most newer car models have been trying to add as many safety features as possible. This includes the addition of airbags in your seats. Like any airbag, in the event of an accident, it will pop out and remove whatever is in its way. By adding a seat cover to any seat including this, the action won’t be able to function the way it should, causing additional damage to you. Look for the symbols on your seat or check the car manual. If you prefer leather seats, buy a car that already has that so you don’t have to cover up the fabric.

9 Front Car TV Monitor

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Usually already built-in to some vehicles are the overhead LCD screens. Although entertaining for passengers, they are a huge distraction to the driver and block the rear-view mirror. This mini DVD player should be replaced with an in-hand tablet for passengers to use so the driver can remain focused on the road, and see what they need to see when they need to.

8 Food Swivel Tray

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We all have to rush to get from one place to the next at one time or another, but if you’re setting up an eating zone in your car a disaster is waiting to happen with a single turn. This tray is supported by the cup holder, elevating a small table to you, freeing up only one hand. Although eating while driving isn’t considered as distracted driving in Ontario, you can still be charged with careless and dangerous driving.

7 Cup Holders


It’s been shared that not only are additional cup holders a safety issue but so is any beverage in your car. Not all cars have the same number of cup holders as they do seating availability, therefore those you can install yourself have been invented, except, they have a couple of problems. The liquid can spill in the wrong places, the holders could fall down and so could the cup. The built-in cup holders have been placed where they are because if your drink does spill a little, it is in a harmless place.

6 Larger Than Life Tires

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It’s going to be a bumpy ride with oversized tires installed. The size of your tires does matter. Don’t ruin the handling of your car just because you’d like some added air. Larger tires provide more weight which uses up more power and destroys the transmission as well as causes damage to the suspension.

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Not only that but, your speedometer won’t be accurate to what you see. This addition may also wreck your steering in the long run. It is okay to go up (or down) by one inch in tire size, don’t exceed the limit.

5 Original Car Horns

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Two of the main reasons shrill, pressure, or customized horns shouldn’t be added to your vehicle is because it scares other drivers and it’s also banned on the roads. Although a musical car horn sounds like fun, the unexpected noises cause distractions and are alarming to those close by. Limit the distractions on the road and stick to the horn manufactured.

4 Colored Lights To Face The Fog

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The only advantage of these lights is that they might look better. Compared to the white, the yellow light does not improve visibility, it continues to make things blurry. To see better in the fog it is better to turn off your high beams and drive with dimmer light. If you are still battling with your vision while in these road conditions, pick up a pair of blue-tinted glasses to reduce glare, or red-tinted glasses to enhance your visual depth.

3 Blackout Headlights

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Nothing is more annoying than being on the road one dark night and having someone come closer and closer to you only for their lights to get brighter and brighter as well. Expect for not being able to see any lights. Others need to see where you are going, or coming from so keeping your headlights and signal light exposed is very important.

2 Dark Window Tints

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These tints will reduce your visibility of everything. There isn’t an easy way to communicate. Giving someone the go-ahead in a parking lot, or while in your driveway won’t be as easy to manage, because those people outside of your car can’t see you and your actions from within the car. If you can’t help but feel the need to have some darker tint, keep it under 30 percent, and don’t cover your windshield window.

1 The Seatbelt Reminder Override

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Saving the best for last. Strapping yourself in with the seatbelt should be one of the first things you do when you enter your car. This action is vital, so important, and this quick and simple act is a life-changing and saving tool. The constant beeping of a seatbelt reminding you to buckle-up until you are clicked into position shouldn’t annoy you, it should just be done. Having a replicate of the metal buckle shouldn’t satisfy your drive.

Think twice about any of these inventions so you can stay out of harm’s way. After all, the vehicle that you purchased was made the way it is for a reason. Okay, maybe you can use the swivel tray when you are parked at an outdoor movie.

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