17 Car Body Kits That Went Way Overboard

Many car enthusiasts enjoy customizing their cars, but some take it to another degree entirely.

There is always going to be a certain level of attachment that you have to your vehicle. But no matter how much you may love your car, it does not always mean that the rest of the world is going to share that same sentiment. This is especially the case when you decide to make modifications to your car that are so extreme that there are times when people are not even sure what type of car it is that you are driving.

Though perhaps the owner is embarrassed by their vehicle and so they decided to do something to try and distract people. But if that was the case, their message was very much misguided because they have created a car that is destined to get a lot of attention. Because there is no way you are going to be able to stare at these photos for just a quick second.

Now just imagine if you were actually driving around and you saw one of these cars in person? Perhaps you would be like one of the people out there who needed to whip out their phone and send the photos to their friends. And while we mean no disrespect to the owners of these cars who hopefully have their own certain level of attachment to their car, it may also not be hard for you to understand why they landed on the list you are about to enjoy of car body kits that went way overboard!

17 Peanut Allergy

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When you take a look at this car, your mind may instantly start to think about the last time you have been able to enjoy some peanuts (provided that you are not allergic). But if that is the case then I am sure the people involved with creating this truck would be happy they did their job, provided the peanuts you ate were Planters brand!

This vehicle may look like its modifications have gone too far, because for one, it's a giant peanut!

But it is also a promotional tool for the company that I am sure has been very effective for them.

16 This Viper Did Not Deserve This

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There is nothing wrong with being proud of the car that you own. Heck, even if you are not driving around in the fanciest car in the world, I hope you are able to still find features about it that make you appreciate it. But I don't care if the fact that you drive around in a Viper is the most exciting thing about your entire life, you don't need to go out and make the modifications to your car that this person did. Especially because this hits the "trifecta of awfulness" being not aesthetically pleasing, unsafe to other drivers as it is distracting and was surely not cheap to implement.

15 This Car Belongs In The Swamp

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If you had to think about the Shrek franchise, it may be best to think of the first few that came out and ignore some of the more forgettable sequels. But perhaps nobody can blame Dreamworks for being willing to put out as many Shrek movies as they did when there was seemingly always a passionate fanbase for them.

Such as this fan who loved the franchise enough to go and make their car look like Shrek.

That or they just wanted something that would surely get the attention of everyone around. Either way, they can definitely say they have succeeded in that goal.

14 Gucci Is Fashionable, This Is Not

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One of the ways that you can influence the impression that you have on people is to be aware of the clothes that you choose to wear. Many people out there think that one of the nicest brands, albeit not the cheapest by any means, is Gucci. But no matter how much you may love the brand and love to promote it, you should never go out and turn your car into a giant sandle that promotes the brand. Because even if Gucci ended up hitting you up and offering you from free swag for the promotion, you'd still have to drive around in this bizarre looking "car".

13 Bumblebee

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If you were to ask the average person as to who the most popular Transformer is, the answer may very well be Bumblebee due to the high prominence of the character in the Transformers movie franchise which I'm sure has deepened this person's obvious appreciation for the character. Though I would not push back too hard if most people also said Optimus Prime. One thing that will help continue to push Bumblebee forward is the Bumblebee movie that is coming out in December and stars John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld. If it hits at the box office like the others have you can expect it to do huge things for Cena's career.

12 Rock And Roll

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Gene Simmons has accomplished many things in his career including the fact that he has been able to convince countless women to engage in a little bit of extra cardio with him. One of the factors that worked for Simmons was the fact that he is rich and would be able to win women over with things like showing what I am sure was an impressive collection of automobiles.

Kiss has branded just about everything, and this car is no exception.

But if Simmons was told that he had to drive around in this car, even he may struggle to convince women that he is as awesome as he is!

11 Not All Motorcycles Wear Capes

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When Batman is fighting crime there are many obstacles that he has to encounter. One of which at times is the fact that he needs to be able to get to the crime scene quick enough to make a difference, or in more extreme situations, save a hostage. Though if Batman was racing to go out and save someone from any immediate danger, he might want to make sure that the vehicle he decided to take from his garage did not look anything like this motorcycle. Which while nice and may seem to have room enough for two people, would probably still be a little cramped in an extreme situation.

10 Brown Velvet Is Just A No

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There are some people out there who might think that velvet is an appropriate thing to wrap their car in. And while I definitely do not mean to be throwing too much judgment their way, this is definitely a look that perhaps they will at the very least agree, is not something that every car is going to be able to pull off. Because no matter how much the owner may want the car to look good, some cars just aren't meant to be wrapped in velvet. Though if you asked my opinion, I don't think any car - this one included - should be wrapped in velvet!

9 Not A Smart Look

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If you are a fan of the game of Overwatch, there may be certain heroes that you love to play. Though while the sign of a strong player may be the fact that they are able to play different types of characters, nobody would blame you if there was a hero in particular that you love getting to play with more than anyone else on the roster.

And when we take a look at this car, it becomes very evident which character this player loves to use more than any other.

The question is if they end up playing someone more than D.Va, do they change up the car?

8 The Joke Is On This Driver

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There are many amazing superheroes but in order for them to be as amazing as they are, they need to be facing off against super villains that are able to really push them to their limit. After all, Batman would be pretty boring if all he did every time to save the day was go and punch a wannabe gangster in the face. But thankfully he has had countless amazing adventures where he has to do battle with the Joker. And while the Joker is awesome enough to possibly deserve a spot on your car, the wheels that accompanied this decal definitely should not be anywhere near your car.

7 Cars Don't Need To Glow

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If you are driving around on the road at night it is very possible that you might find yourself getting distracted by other drivers. Which is definitely something that can lead to an accident, but you are only human and it's perhaps natural to get distracted once in a while. But if you were driving around and saw this car driving by with their glowing wheels, no matter how disciplined a driver you were, you may be too tempted to not stare at it for at least a few seconds. The colour choice that this driver made definitely also isn't going to decrease the attention the car gets.

6 Skip This Fare

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You might not want to make a regular habit of having to use a Taxi to get around, as it is definitely something that can get expensive. But when you are in need of one, they can definitely be handy and due to their yellow colour (at least in most cities like New York City), they also often stand out.

And when it comes to the option of potentially driving after a party or taking a cab, there should be no question as to what the right choice would be.

Though if you found yourself questioning the wheels on this car, you wouldn't be the only one, even if this would still be the safer option!

5 Oink Oink

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There are many amazing reasons as to why you may choose not to eat pigs. And while it is possible that this person has their favourite food be something like bacon, and this was just one of their ways of showing their love for the animal in a sort of morbid way, I think there might be a higher chance that they are a huge fan of pigs and are probably more likely to be a vegan, or vegetarian at the very least! Either way, this is definitely a car modification that you may think has gone too far.

4 Taillights Are A Dangerous Thing To Customize

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If you are driving around in a Corvette there are many things about the car that you may love. But if you buy a Corvette and then you decide to go and get the taillights replaced, you may just want to think about going out and purchasing another type of car. Though this person is free to do with their money whatever they choose, it appears they thought that their Corvette would be better improved if it had Eclipse taillights. What do you think?

3 Minions Took Over This Van

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There is definitely a large portion of the population who seemingly cannot get enough of the Despicable Me franchise. And while some of the adult actors who have been involved with the franchise may be part of your appeal, like Steve Carell, the main draw of the franchise by this point has to be the minions.

These little yellow characters have taken the world by storm.

And while you may look at this car and think the "I'm with stupid" sign should be pointing towards the driver, at least you might also think it's nice that they are clearly passionate about the franchise.

2 Spongebob Squarecar

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It is definitely true that the quality of work on this car could have been a lot worse. As the artist who was assigned to help transform this car definitely put the time and attention necessary to create a look that I am sure that any Spongebob Squarepants fan can at the very least appreciate. But even if the car does look fantastic, this is still perhaps a perfect example of someone who had an idea - put Spongebob somewhere on my car - and then took it way too far. Especially because I would be shocked if the other side was not also done up.

1 This Isn't A Fair-Weather Bears Fan

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The Chicago Bears have the chance to be a very competitive football team this year, especially after the front office went out and acquired Khalil Mack who has the chance to be the best defensive player in football on any given year. The only issue for Bears fans is that barring injury they still need to get through Aaron Rodgers who time and time again has been able to knock them off, no matter how much the Bears try to stop him. But just like Rodgers spirit, I am sure that this fan's passion for the Bears will not fade anytime soon.

Sources: Reddit.com, Flcikr.com, Tumblr.com

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