10 Car Brands That Are Notoriously Expensive To Repair

Sooner or later, every car breaks down. Here are ten automotive brands infamous for their costly repairs.

If you live outside of the big city or plan on doing much traveling in your life, the first thing you'll want to invest in is a good automobile. Those of us that live in the United States can attest to a car's value, thanks to the massive stretches of interstate that pass between each city and town.

To keep yourself as mobile-ready as possible, you'll want a vehicle that is strong, efficient, and - most importantly - sturdy. Yet, no matter how "bulletproof" your car or truck may be, everything "breaks down" at some point. You'd be hard-pressed to go your entire life without having to roll your vehicle into the mechanic at some point.

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What many may not know is that certain brands of cars and trucks cost a pretty penny when it comes time for repairs. Whether it's hard-to-find parts, expensive materials, or outrageous labor costs (often due to repair difficulty), some vehicles are just a pain in the neck – and wallet – to fix.

Join us as we count through 10 Car Brands That Are Notoriously Expensive To Repair.

All prices were gathered from YourMechanic.

10 Dodge ($10,600)

Dodge is one of the most recognizable American brands on the road. The company is responsible for producing the beloved line of Ram Trucks, as well as popular sports cars like the Viper and Charger.

Unfortunately, these vehicles come packed with a fairly high cost to maintain. The average cost to own a Dodge vehicle over a 10 year period is $10,600. This price is inflated even further if you own a Dodge Ram 1500, which carries an average maintenance cost of over $12,000.

9 Chrysler ($10,600)

Those with knowledge about automobiles might be surprised to learn that some of the more luxurious brands are actually cheaper to maintain than the "mainstays" we see driven daily. A great example of this is Chrysler, a brand known for dependability more than over-the-top luxury add-ons.

The brand's $10,600 is far higher than Lexus ($7,000), Volkswagen ($7,800), and even Land Rover ($8,800). Those of you looking to purchase a Chrysler Sebring may want to reconsider, as the average 10-year maintenance costs can set you back on average a whopping $17,100.

8 Pontiac ($11,800)

Many of you will recognize the Pontiac brand thanks to their iconic muscle car, dubbed the GTO. For a while, the car manufacturer was a "higher cost" sub-section of General Motors but hasn't produced a vehicle since 2010.

This likely attributes to the higher maintenance cost of $11,800 since we're dealing with a line of automobiles that have been out of production for almost a decade now.

7 Mercury ($12,000)

The Mercury line of cars suffered from a similar fate to Pontiac and was discontinued around the same time (2011). Likely best-known for the Mercury Cougar, the company also created the Grand Marquis Coupe and popular Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

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The group saw a healthy relationship with Lincoln through the early 2000s but was eventually "phased" out due to struggling sales.

6 Saturn ($12,400)

In terms of aesthetics, Pontiac and Mercury were very much "standard" vehicles in the modern age. Saturn, on the other hand, tried their best to remain innovative, cranking out cars with sleek lines and appealing designs. Two great examples are the Saturn Vue and Sky. The Vue gave a smoother and more compact design to the traditional SUV, while the Sky attempted to emulate the beautiful and smooth designs found in sports cars like the Dodge Viper and Audi R8.

Unfortunately, Saturn also bit the dust during the leap to the modern age, with production stopping around 2010.

5 Audi ($12,400)

This is the type of entry you expect to see on this list. Audi is well-known for its mixture of power, luxury, and design. These cars don't just look good, they're comfortable to drive and speedy. It's common sense that a triple-threat like this would cost an arm and a leg to maintain but it's actually pretty surprising how many "traditional brands" appear near Audi on this list.

Most of Audi's vehicles are costly to start with, so you're looking at a one-two punch of high retail cost plus hefty maintenance fees.

4 Volvo ($12,500)

Many of the vehicles on this list exist as a warning to car buyers to beware of seemingly inexpensive car brands with high repair costs. Volvo, however, is one of the only brands on this list that may come with a justified repair cost. Granted, $12,500 is higher than most and you can definitely expect to pay a decent amount for a brand new Volvo at a dealership, but the company's dedication to safety is a great selling point.

Volvo is constantly developing and adopting newly crafted safety technologies, ensuring that you're as protected as possible when driving.

3 Cadillac ($12,500)

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is a sentiment that rings true, especially nowadays. In a world filled to the brim with cheaply produced products, it can be eye-opening to come across a truly well-made item (without shelling out bigger bucks).

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Cadillac exudes luxury throughout all of their vehicles and you can expect a retail sticker shock to accompany your high repair cost. Still, many Cadillacs are "affordable" (particularly if you opt for an older model).

2 Mercedez-Benz ($12,900)

Consider Mercedez-Benz as Cadillac's more successful sibling. Although the cars may look similar in design and aesthetic, Mercedez-Benz is the clear "winner" in terms of quality and performance. Both brands are going to offer you the luxury you seek but those of you seeking speed, handling, and acceleration, are going to want to opt for this higher-priced alternative.

Unfortunately, higher cost also means higher repair bills. Just be prepared to open your wallet wide should you need a mechanic.

1 BMW ($17, 800)

Anyone who has ever even "dabbled" in automobiles will recognize the name BMW. These vehicles offer an impressive mixture of luxury and performance, which, of course, comes packed with a proportionate retail cost. Any new BMW model is going to set you back, likely a bit further than a Mercedez-Benz or Audi would.

When it comes to repairing costs, we don't need to say much. That $17,800 placeholder speaks volumes. It's nearly $5000 more than the second closest vehicle on this list. That's quite the jump.

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