10 Worst Car Concept Designs That Never Saw The Light Of Day

From circular cars to jet-engine-powered ones, these weird designs just don't work.

The invention of the automobile started out very simple and improved as the years went on ... for the most part. Some manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW, and Dodge got very inventive with their models based on their look, ability, and overall concept. Except they left out the realistic aspects of what every car owner would need or want.

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None of these cars made onto the road for consumers, but that isn’t to say they were destroyed or that they won’t be reinvented down the line. They say it takes one idea to change the world and that certainly didn’t happen with these promo types.

10 Mazda Suitcase Car

A car that is disguised seems like a neat concept, except when it comes in luggage, it has its flaws, such as only being able to drive as fast as 30 KM/H. This particular one consisted of a pocket bike, with three wheels inside a Samsonite suitcase. This isn’t exactly what you’d want to get around in. This fold-up car was invented in the early 1990s for a contest.

The backstory is that it was designed by seven Mazda employees to see who could be inventive enough to make a “Moving Machine”. This is probably why it never progressed on the market any further. Also, because people wouldn’t want to travel in something that looks more like a kid’s toy to use in the backyard. But, the original version still exists!


Wow! The look of this concept is unlike any other, and kind of like a fish. This is because the exterior body is made up of 260 movable and exchangeable parts that combine air braking and photovoltaic functions (electric current when exposed to light).

8 Kassou Concept Car

There are some convenient features in this car. In case you wanted some extra headspace, you’re in luck because the rubber “neck” under the roof is adjustable in length and can be lowered or stretched. Talk about raising the roof, literally. This is also helpful for better aerodynamics.

As described by the inventor, Nicholas Lee Dunderdale, “[this concept car is] a very compact 3-wheel vehicle, with rear splitting doors and a sitting configuration that mimics a Jet–ski or motorbike arrangement in having a central ‘bench’ for two people and moped like controls at the front.” The word “Kassou” is a Japanese word that means glide, but I guess we will never know if that’s what a ride in here feels like.

7 Magnet Car

The use of this electric engine as well as magnet power along with polarity was a solution for the car to weigh less resulting in longer-lasting fuel. The biggest downfall is that this two-seater isn’t able to drive on the roads because they don’t include magnets and because it's only a concept. On the plus side, since this concept was established in 2007 more electrical cars have become successful.

6 eRinGo Concept Car

Another electric vehicle is on this list, known as the eRinGo, which looks like a cross between a Heineken can and a drum. It comes with two steering wheels that either passenger can use to drive this thing if it weren’t just a concept. The wheels go around the cab which is controlled by an electric motor, meanwhile, there are two smaller wheels and a gyroscope on on the bottom to keep it from falling over.

As said by the designer, Mohammas Ghezel on Wired, "I love futuristic design, and I believe that everything is possible. Current technology is for current design, but we can design for the future, and maybe our designs will make engineers and scientists think about such a technology that we thought in our designs." Maybe dreams do come true?

5 Dodge Deora

Dodge vehicles usually aren’t hard to miss, since they leave a lasting impression and look tough and usually are large. The Deora was built by two brothers (Mike and Larry Alexander) and designed by Harry Bentley Bradley in the 1960s also with a memorable look. There’s room for two passengers who can only enter or exit it by the front. The window opens up.

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This wasn’t just a concept car but it was also a customized one. Although it was drivable it most often stood at car shows. This model was the first-ever plastic toy car produced by Hot Wheels as a prototype.

4 GM Firebird XP-21

This isn’t an airport, what’s that plane doing on the highway? This look-a-like fighter jet with wheels was constructed to see if a turbine engine would work in an automobile. Only one person was allowed to drive it, Emmett Conklin, the leader of the project because this car was so impractical. It did make it on a speedway, but not safely.

As said by Colin Jack, “[the Firebird did reach] a top speed of 100 mph before shifting into second gear, which he promptly slowed out of for fear of crashing it. Once he shifted into second, the wheels began to lose traction quickly.” With this experience, other styles were engineered afterwards.

3 Ferrari 512S Modulo

This vehicle was also one that looked like it should have been roaming around in the air since it looks like a flying saucer. This Ferrari was a very flat and low to the ground sports car, with a five-litre and 12 cylinder engine with a horsepower of 550.

Although first invented in 1970, this concept car might not be just a concept for long. It has made a comeback. James Glickenhaus has bought the original and has succeeded in running it in public streets after five years of working on it.

2 Peugeot Moovie Concept Car

This car was invented in a competition for designers all around the world to come up with a design they would like to drive and enter it in the Frankfurt Auto Show. The look of this almost represents what you’d expect to drive far in the future, yet this was designed in 2005. This car was created by Andre Costa from Portugal who was the winner of the competition.

This Peugeot sure has an interesting look. According to Diseno – Art, “The non-operational Peugeot Moovie concept is made from the usual concept car materials; foam, epoxy, plastics, steel, polycarbonate and Plexiglas amongst others. It took a total of three months of work at the Peugeot Style Center to take the Moovie from Costa's drawings and computer models to the finished full-scale model." Who knows, maybe this will be the most popular vehicle in 2050.

1 A360 Concept Car

This never-built car looks like a mix of a fidget spinner and UFO. The man behind it, Huynh Ngoc Lan incorporated some inventive ideas such as how it gets around.

This A360 Concept Car doesn’t have wheels but is replaced with spheres so that it can drive in any and every direction. For this reason, the cabin is also rotatable, which is made up of panoramic glass and for additional views, there are cameras on the exterior of it. The steering wheel also isn’t a wheel, turning is done with a control ball.

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