10 Custom Car Paint Jobs That Will Really Get Your Motor Running

These 10 custom car paint jobs are so fantastic and well-done that they really get our motors running!

Since the conception of the very first automobile, no matter how much cars changed, the paint has always remained the very first thing we notice about them. Using cars as a canvas to advertise, accentuate their features, or merely express oneself has forever been one of the most important aspects of a car.

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Applying personalized designs to a car's body began around 1900 when owners would paint their company names or products over their vehicles to attract customers. Companies quickly caught on, the vinyl entered the stage in 1926, and the rest is history.Today, a paint job is accessible to anyone (for better or worse). Though, Some paint jobs are better than others. But in this list we're giving you a taste of some best custom works that will surely get your motor running. From JDMs to muscle cars to exotic sports cars, we've covered everything you'll need to get your daily dose of automotive eye candy. Enjoy!

10 Galaxy Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Every supercar lover's dream car, this Aventador Roadster has been given a coat fit for its road competence - otherworldly. Not only does it have one of the best wrap jobs we've recently seen, but underneath all that posh is a traditional twelve-cylinder bull producing 700 horsepower. The car is completely one-of-a-kind, commissioned in Vancouver, Canada, and also features a detachable lightweight carbon-fiber roof.

9 matte blue Koenigsegg agera

Some cars look so good with their natural factory lines and accents that it would be a crime to wrap them in vinyl. The Agera is one of these cars, and this one looks stunning sporting a matte blue and black color combination. In 2014, when it was new, it was one of the fastest and most expensive cars you could buy, priced at around $1,6 million. Sitting in one of those, you'd have 1030 horses at your disposal, able to launch the car to 60 in 2.8 seconds and onto a top speed of over 248 mph.

8 Matte Purple Vorsteiner BMW M4

We know you BMW lovers out there will love this! Opting for a matte paint is usually a bold choice, but California custom shop Vorsteiner clearly knew exactly when they were doing when they were customizing this M4. Equipped with the shop's "carbon fiber aero program," this M4 has gained additional body features such as splitters, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a carbon-fiber rear wing. The impression is complete with custom gold-plated wheels. Tasteful and sporty, this M4 is bound to turn a few heads.

7 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark II

You're looking at one of the rarest and most beautiful Corvettes ever created, and it's a concept that traces its roots back to 1961. Only two of these have ever been created. No bland monochrome is gonna cut it for this veteran. No, it deserves a subtly aggressive and eye-catching combination that clearly displays that age is just a number. And this custom Mako Shark color palette really brings the Manta Ray to life, reminding everyone what it's still capable of. Although it runs on a big-block V8, churning out 524 ponies and 550 lb-ft of torque, the engine in this version is not a far cry away from the original 427-ci developed for this car in the 60s.

6 Blue chrome Mercedes-Benz SLS amg electric

This SLS looks like it's made to wear a blue chrome paint and sends some strong 300SL vibes. Tough, this SLS AMG is not your usual gull-winged supercar; it's fully electric. Though we're not sure why Mercedes decided to replace one of the most orgasmic engines they produce with batteries, we can't complain considering it now produces a whopping 740 horsepower. And considering the electrification of its powertrain, there couldn't have been a better choice of color for this SLS.

5 Flaming 1969 Ford Mustang

Not many cars can successfully pull off straight-out flames on their hood, but the Mustang is one of the rare ones that can. And as a matter of fact, these are some of the best flames we've seen included in a custom paint job. Back in the '60, the Mustang was one of the coolest cars you could own. And though these are fifty years old now, the models still pushed out up to 400 horsepower, courtesy of a 428-cu V8 Cobra Jet engine. And with all that heat coming from the hood, it's not hard to see where the inspiration for the flames came from.

4 Gunmetal Toyota Supra

This one is for all you JDM fans. Underneath this sinister dark gunmetal metallic color and body upgrades hides one of the most lauded and adored JDM supercars ever created - the Toyota Supra MKIV. But in this beastly version, its standard 2JZ-GTE has been transformed into an utter behemoth that sends nearly 1000 horsepower to the rear wheels. This perfect combination of a custom body kit and a dark, aggressive paint job is bound to scare anyone unlucky enough to encounter this car in their rearview mirror.

3 Drift Silvia S14

Few cars can wear a custom paint job better than a JDM hailing from the 90s, and the Silvia just so happens to enjoy the status of one of the most popular and legendary JDMs ever created. The reason for its popularity lies in pristine build quality, design, and most of all, excellent front-to-back weight ratio. Combine this with a powerful front-end mounted tunable engine and you have yourself the world's most ideal drift car.

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Heck, Silvias are one of the reasons we have a thing called "drift tax" today - a rise in prices for exceptional old JDM drift cars. We have to commend the person behind this beautiful green-to-black transition, coupled with deep-dish green wheels. And doesn't it just thrill you think that this car can drive just as crazy as it looks?

2 Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo

This car is a work of art. Not because of the peculiarity of its paint job, but because it was allegedly done entirely by hand ...using a sharpie! If a car could have tattoos, this is probably what it would look like. Detailed tribal-style art and complex patterns envelop the entire surface area of the car, giving it its own visual "fingerprint" that would be virtually impossible to replicate on another vehicle. The design is the work of Jona Cerwinske - a grafitti artist who, commissioned by Prestige Imports custom car dealership, imprinted his skill on the car with no prior idea or vision of how it would turn out. And the result is purely awe-inspiring.

1 2020 Nissan GT-R

We've seen some beautiful and innovative paint jobs, but what was done with this 2020 GTR is pure badassery. The vehicle that hides under this complex color palette is as cool as the paint job itself. The 2020 Nissan GTR continues the legacy of one of the most successful and competent Japanese supercars ever created. It improves upon the beast that first made headlines in 2008, and features a 600-horsepower 3.8L V6. The car you see has been customized by Rohana Wheels and equipped with everything from carbon-fiber side skirts, mirrors, and hood, to rear the diffuser and front splitters, including custom Rohana wheels.

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