10 Car Features That Are Worth Paying Extra For

Wouldn't it be great if extra features came included in a car's base MSRP? If that were the case, every car would come standard with drink coolers, premium audio systems and back massagers. Unfortunately, unless you're buying a super high-end car, like a Mercedes S-Class or a Rolls Royce Phantom, you'll have to shell out extra for all of those bells and whistles. This means that you'll often need to consider whether or not you actually need those options, and make sacrifices if necessary.

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Of course, there are features that are more worthwhile than others. Here are 10 features that are worth paying extra for.

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10 Remote Start

Anyone who ever had to commute during a cold winter morning knows the pain of leaving the warm house and going into their fridged car. Some like to start their cars before they need to leave, so it's already nice and warm by the time they pull out of the driveway.

But with a remote start ignition system, they can do that without ever having to step outside. Most modern remote ignition systems use mobile apps that can toggle a car's A/C and heating on and off, ensuring a seamless transition from one comfortable spot to another. Keyless entry is becoming a popular extra feature on many newer cars, and it is no longer exclusive to expensive luxury makes.

9 Washer Heater

Anyone whose ever driven through the countryside would tell you there is nothing more annoying than getting your car covered in dead bugs. Not only are they gross, but they're a pain to clean off, especially after they sit in the sun for a bit and harden. While most wiper fluid would do the trick, they can only go so far in keeping a windshield clean.

Thankfully, many cars these days have an optional feature called washer heaters that keep your wiper fluid warm, so that it cuts through dead bugs faster than it would otherwise. It may seem a little frivolous, but if you live and/or drive through the country on a regular basis, it can be a lifesaver.

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8 Side Window Deflectors

Ever wanted to crack your window on a nice day, only for it to start raining? That's where side window deflectors come in. One of the most commonly seen optional extras on this list, most can be purchased at your local auto shop. However, many car companies allow you to buy them with your car and have them installed in the dealer.

This many not seem like much of an incentive, but considering how difficult these things are to install, it may be worth it to have someone else do it for you. Plus, if you get a pair that are tinted, they can even protect your eyes when the sun's hitting your car from the side.

7 Mud Flaps

Mudflaps are a no brainer, no matter where you live. They not only keep dirt and grime off of your car, but they'll also protect your paint from things like loose gravel bits of asphalt. It also makes cleaning your car a lot easier.

Most are pretty inexpensive as far as optional add-ons go, so it wouldn't take much to check their box when purchasing your next car.

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6 All-Weather Floormats

Carpeted floormats don't make a whole lot of sense. They get dirty easily, they're hard to clean, and can get really gross looking after a while. It makes much more sense to get a set of high-quality rubber mats for your front and back passengers. Not only are they sturdy, but cleaning them is a breeze. Just take them out, spray them with a hose, wait an hour and boom, good as new!

While rubber floormats are easy enough to pick up at the auto body shop, getting them at the dealer is a better option. That way, you can be sure that your mats are made for your car. While you're at it, pick up a trunk mat too, just in time for your next trip to the beach.

5 Running Boards

Tall trucks and SUVs can be difficult to get in and out of, especially if their ground clearance is super high. Not all of us are blessed with the gift of height, which can lead to some pretty awkward situations.

Thankfully, nearly every large truck and SUV has the option to add running boards, to provide ample access for everyone, regardless of height. While most remain firmly in place at all time, some luxury SUVs now have retractable running boards that deploy whenever the doors are unlocked.

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4 Rear Bumper Applique

Don't you just hate it when someone is unloading their luggage out of your car and they hit your bumper? Those wheels are rough and are sure to leave a mark! Luckily, car designers have thought of literally everything when it comes to protecting a car's paint job.

Bumper appliques are a prime example of this; they're essentially plastic strips that go across your bumper that protect the bumper from dings and scratches. Some are black, while others are clear plastic, but they're a pretty cheap add-on item that can go a long way.

3 Wheel Locks

Most of us are lucky enough to have plastic covers on our wheels, let alone a set of high-end rims. For those of us who do, though, wheel locks are a godsend. Their usage is pretty self-explanatory; they hold your hub caps in place so that they cannot be stolen.

Anyone who owns a luxury car with a shiny set of rims should consider adding them. They could be the difference between getting to work on time, and finding your new car sitting on cinder blocks.

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2 Leather Seats

Sure, they may be standard on most luxury models, but for the vast majority of cars, it's an extra that's only available on higher-end trim levels. However, if leather is your sort of thing, it's worth paying extra to feel like you're driving a recliner to work. While some may not like leather (for any number of reasons that are too long for this list), those who drive a car with leather seats never go back. Still, even if the car you want to buy says it has leather in it, check again.

Even some luxury makes in the $40k to $50k range substitute leatherette for the real thing. Before taking the plunge, check to see what the stuff is actually made of and if genuine leather is an option for that particular model.

1 Heated Seats

Originally an option that was exclusive to luxury cars, heated seats are offered on nearly every model out there. Nothing is more relaxing than turning a heated seat on during a cold day and letting the warmth crawl up your back.

While originally made to warm up chilly leather, it's an option available on many cloth seats. Better yet, most heated seats also have a cooling option for the summer, which is perfect for people who get hot easily. This is an obvious choice for drivers who value comfort above all else.

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