10 Strange Facts You Didn't Know About Car Insurance

Auto insurance is as important as it is complicated. Be that as it may, it is also compulsory unless you are lucky enough to be living in two states – but more on that later. In almost all parts of the country and the world; driving without auto insurance can incur fines, vehicle impoundment, hefty damage reimbursements in case of a collision, and of course, general embarrassment.

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However, as long as you remember and recognize that auto insurance carriers are out to make a buck, your buck, you should be able to get the better if not the best out of them. To help you, here go ten strange auto insurance facts you may not have known.

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10 The Benefits Of Being Female

If the insurance client is a female driver, they get slightly different insurance coverage than a comparable man. These female-centric insurance policies tend to offer roadside assistance as well as coverage on stolen purses if they had been left in the vehicle at the time of theft. Nifty eh? This additional coverage can be a great thing and give female drivers peace of mind. Unfortunately, the flipside to this is that the premium for the female drivers tends to be a little higher.

9 Comprehensive Is A Vague Term

The word comprehensive sounds so good, doesn’t it? It would make the insurer feel that his vehicle and his own life is secure, and covered in just about any and every situation on the road, environment or nature throws at him. Sadly, that is not the case. Comprehensive means that you will be covered in situations like theft, vandalism, fire, or flooding. Damage caused by an animal collision may be included in this, as can civil disturbances and falling objects. What comprehensive insurance does not cover is damage from vehicular collisions, third party damages and/or injury or loss of life/mobility caused by a collision.

8 You Are Researched, Thoroughly

You cannot register your vehicle with the local DMV unless you have auto insurance. And the insurance companies know that. They are there to make a profit. Before they give you that auto insurance that is so necessary for you, they will check you out. Your driving, credit records and score, property reports, credit card spends, current carrier, vehicle mileage, driving record – everything is put under the scanner. The idea is to see what kind of excuse can be used to raise your premiums since auto insurance is a necessity for you, and you will have to pay what is asked of you.

7 Credit Score Affects Premiums

Now that the auto insurance carriers know your credit score, let's get to the reason behind why credit scores matter when it comes to insuring your car. Auto insurance carriers are not there to do charity or help people from the goodness of their hearts. They are a business, and the endgame for any business is to make a profit. When you come to get auto insurance with a dubious credit score, up go those premiums.

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Claim something, and the premiums rise even higher. With your credit record, auto insurance companies tend to figure how good you are at keeping your word (read repayment) and you are accordingly charged for your complacency.

6 You Can Be Refused Insurance

There is a reason your momma told you to drive slow, and safe. And the while one of the biggest reasons why she whupped your behind was for you to stay alive and safe; another reason was also so that you could get auto insurance. Your erratic driving and the consequential violations can determine whether your policy will be renewed for another year, or whether you’d be getting a Dear John (read rejection) letter from your carrier. And if you go to another carrier, they may refuse you too, or charge you a premium so high, you may as well take the bus.

5 A Policy Lapse Will Cost You Dear

Again, there may have been a valid reason for you not renewing your insurance policy on your vehicles – like a fund crunch or short term amnesia. However, since its illegal to drive without auto insurance, the carrier will deem you irresponsible and yet again charge you the sun and the moon for your premium. You may get a little rebate here if you switch companies, but your premium will still go higher since you let the policy lapse. Remember to renew the policy the day it lapses, even a 24-hour lapse will cost you plenty; whether you want to switch carriers or not.

4 To Reduce Premiums, Get Down On One Knee

No, we do not mean declaring your heartfelt devotion to the insurance carrier and promising undying repayment of all its premiums. Doing this may just get you in a straitjacket with no car or need for insurance. But, proposing to your better half may be a good idea because research says people who are married tend to have lesser car collisions. This means there are lesser claims to be paid out. Which means you can get a ring on her or his finger and then ask for discounts from the auto insurance company. Of course, you may not want to do that just to reduce your premiums, right?

3 Sell Your Car, Transfer Ownership

In case you sell your vehicle, remember to immediately transfer ownership titles of the car and the insurance. Even if you sold the car and the ownership or the third party insurance is still in your name, you can be held liable in case of a collision.

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It may not always be the driver who is held responsible in case of third party insurance, it is the owner who is liable for damages and even other legal repercussions in case there is a significant loss of property, or sadly, life. If you sell your vehicle, you need to make it legal and abiding on the ownership and insurance titles as well, asap.

2 Virginia & New Hampshire Are Oddities

The only two states where you can legally opt to not have insurance are Virginia and New Hampshire. For Virginia, you can choose to pay a one-time $500 fee for a non-insured motor vehicle to the DMV. For New Hampshire, you don’t even need to do that. However, in both these states, you will be held liable in case your vehicle is involved in a damage-causing incident. While you may escape on the premiums, you may just end up paying through your nose unless you are the safest driver on the planet, period. Honestly, no one can be that safe, ever.

1 Some Claims Are Guaranteed Rejections

Now assume that you put the ring on his or her finger just to get cheaper auto insurance, and your better half comes to know about it. He or she may likely choose to exact revenge by ramming your beloved wheels with something guaranteed to cause maximum damage, like another car, or better still, truck. In case you grin off the damage and go to get your claim, it will be denied. Intentional damage is not covered by most auto insurance carriers, and this includes angry spouses, off-roading, racing and tending to drive your car into your property. So if you plan to propose, do it for a better reason than getting a cheaper premium for auto insurance. Like love, maybe?

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