10 New Car Interior Upgrades You Must Buy For Your Old Car

You probably don't pay attention to the interior of your car as much as the exterior, but these must-buy upgrades will make it look new.

A car's impact on someone is the exterior, no doubt about that. The car brand, the model, the paint and color, all the bells and whistles everyone sees before getting in. That's just from the outside. But a car is not loved because of that, owners love their cars because of what's inside it.

The interior is what makes us keep a car for as long as we can, so let's keep it as comfortable and up-to-date as much as possible. People spend a lot of time in their cars, too. So let's upgrade the interior of our cars in these 10 different ways.

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10 Seat Covers

The largest occupants of the interior of our car are the seats. The two seats in front and the big one at the back. If you think the color of your seat cover is gray or light brown-like, think again, there's a chance that they were once white or beige.

Seat covers are great and affordable things to buy to get an immediate upgrade for the interior of your car. We can't go wrong with leather, but maybe it's time for a change. There are plenty of fabrics used for seat covers, check out Coverking's Velour Custom Seat Covers and other products they have available.

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9 Steering Wheel and Pedal Pads

Steering wheels often get cuts and scrapes from wear and tear, especially if we are not the only ones using the car. Sometimes these can be a nuisance so we buy a nice steering wheel cover, but that's not enough to make an impact on the car's interior. If our steering wheel is old enough to get banged up like that, maybe it's time to have the whole thing replaced.

These range from $60 to $80 and can go up to $200 for the fancy ones. Pedal pads are also a good upgrade, especially if the old ones are all scuffed up, but they are not very visible so not really a priority.

8 Car Mats and Carpets

The standard car floor mats that came with our car when it was brand new are not designed to last very long. Some people purchase additional car mats or carpets to reinforce them. Some don't even notice it, but if you've seen yours and know that it desperately needs a replacement, then go shopping for new ones.

A nice interior for a car is finished out with a clean floor, people step on it and pretty much don't care, but once you replace yours you'll see how it upgrades the interior of the car in a visually refreshing manner. Good brands are Husky Liners, Custom Accessories and Motor Trend.

7 Lighting and Visual Effects

This one's a great interior upgrade, especially if we like to go out at night. Having a boring and slightly dark car interior while out at night is something that we can remedy with a few installations here and there. First, let's get some flashy decorations that are also recognizable in the daytime like the mandatory double dice hanging under the rearview mirror.

Then, under-dash LED lighting is the answer. These small colorful lights can illuminate the interior of a car and make it look like it's a brand new car. Here are some good brands: Ledglow, and the cheaper ones from Wsiiroon.

6 Seats Featuring Massage and Heat

We've probably heard one of our friends rave about their newly purchased car and how it has heated seats and massagers as well. We can never have that unless we buy a new car, or can we? These car features can be easily bought as a matter of fact. They come in different shapes and colors, and different features as well.

There are plenty of massage-seat products we can install in our cars, the prices range from $40 to $60. There are also others with heating capabilities, check out Gideon and Snailax, these are two of the best in the business.

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5 Speakers

Stock speakers of an old car sound so unappealing now. It's like the music it plays is from the nineties even though the artist and song are new. It's not our ears or the kind of music, it's the old beat-up speakers. Time to upgrade our audio experience and get that crisp sound that we once heard from our old car stereo system.

It's not very expensive, some good car speakers cost less than $35 on Amazon. But if we have extra dough, get the hot brands in car speakers today: JBL and Pioneer. These are very reliable and not as expensive as the other name brands in the market.

4 Bluetooth Connection

In today's transcendence of technology to the automotive industry, getting a new car stereo means getting a package infotainment system that includes a touch screen control panel, various connectivity features including Bluetooth, and the stereo system, of course. If we simply want to pair our smartphone with our car stereo, we might as well juice it up with a complete car stereo system overhaul.

Take for example the Pioneer infotainment system; it has a 7-inch monitor, Android, and Apple ready, Bluetooth ready, and doesn’t cost as much as you might imagine. So think hard and research if you want to get that new stereo system that has a Bluetooth connection because there are some products that are really worth the price.

3 Speakerphone

Maybe we have a decent stereo system and capable speakers still booming away with our favorite tunes, but what we lack in our old car is the luxury of being able to answer a call without picking up that phone. This is important while we drive, so we desperately need that upgrade.

Bluetooth car speakerphones are compact and look cool in the car, they are not eyesores like some gadgets people put in their cars. Motorola has the best Bluetooth speakerphone in the market but it's quite pricey. Try the Jabra Freeway speakerphone, it's a product that will give the best value for our money.

2 Dashboard Camera

If we feel the need to purchase a Bluetooth speakerphone, then it's a no-brainer that we must also have a dashcam. Dashboard cameras are devices that are not expensive and safeguards us from possible insurance claim fraud and other forms of investigations around an accident.

We all know how it works, so let's pony up those hard-earned savings and upgrade our car and our insurance at the same time. There are plenty of dash cams out there, some small and discreet, and some are gorgeous and eye-catching. Choose what's best for you and your car and get it set up as soon as possible.

1 Chargers and Phone Holders

A good looking car interior is one that's organized, getting those phone cradles and nifty chargers are crucial to achieving that sharp and organized look in our car. These are cheap accessories that we can buy anywhere and would make our car interiors look better for sure. Choose the phone holders that are easy to install, reliable and will keep the device steady even on rough roads.

For chargers, there are smaller models that will not take up a lot of space in the car, choose those and get playful on the color options. Enjoy pimping that interior up!

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