10 Best Roads That Every Car Lover Needs To Drive On

Those who live to get behind the wheel owe it to themselves to take a test drive down these 10 ultra-famous and iconic roads.

For the average automotive enthusiast, daily access to high-class race tracks and purpose-built circuits isn't exactly in the budget. As a result, many car lovers don't get the chance to truly push their car to the limit or experience a real 'touge' (A.K.A. Tōge).

The next best thing is slightly more affordable and open to anyone with a driver's license: iconic roads. Believe it or not, some roads around the world attract as much attention as popular race tracks for their beauty, driving feel, and history. Sometimes so much so that racing series turn them into street circuits.

These roads are by-and-large open to any traveler who's brave enough to try them. If you are a real car aficionado, then you need to experience some of these legendary roads on our beautiful planet.

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10 Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is declared by many Americans to be "best" road in all of the east coast. The parkway offers every possible sight and scene one could ask for in states like Virginia and North Carolina along with an almost 500 miles of pavement.

For this reason, countless tourists from around the world visit the pass yearly. Some for beautiful pictures and sight-seeing, while others go for the driving bliss of a long, curvy road. Whatever the goal, odds are Blue Ridge will provide it—just be careful with speed limits.

9 Death Valley

This path was nicknamed "Death Valley" for a reason; it's barren environment and seemingly endless stretch of road. With a total distance of around 72 miles, drivers will encounter more straights than corners. This may seem like a negative, however, as it's a great place to test the speed of your car.

Manufacturers like Koenigsegg and Bugatti have done exactly that; testing out their vehicles on such long and dry runways to see how fast they really are. Under normal circumstances, drivers still need to follow the rules of the road though. Even so, it's quite the sight and borderline impossible to not step on the gas when viewing it.

8 Monaco

Unlike other roads on this list, Monaco isn't the best place to go fast. Rather, the purpose of driving on Monaco's famed roads is the history, the view, and the opulence. To put this into perspective, Monaco was born and bred for motorsports, and it's also one of the richest countries near the Mediterranean.

Since 1929, Monaco has hosted Formula One races on those exact roads. Legendary drivers from every generation have won there, and just to see where it all went down is a dream come true to many. To add to this, everywhere you look you will see multi-million dollar cars, mega-yachts, and true one-percenter lifestyles.

As the F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton once said, "We have 21 races a year, and Monaco is the one you want to win."

7 Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, Australia, The Great Ocean Road, formerly known as the "Surf Coast Highway," is arguably the most alluring road in all of the country. Everywhere you go on this highway, you will see the vast Pacific to one side and Australian scenery on the other.

This road also attracts more than just car enthusiast and sightseers. As a matter of fact, they even hold cycling events and full-blown marathons, too. It seems like the Great Ocean Road is the jack of all trades, so make sure to give it a look if you're ever in the area.

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6 Mt. Fuji Touge

For fans of drifting and YouTube-style car montages, the odds are that you've seen the Mt. Fuji touge before. Touge, if you are unaware, is simply another name for a small pass or winding road. Touges are the quintessential pieces that make up the whole of the Mt. Fuji roadways.

Local drivers and professional drifters learn car control, drifting skills, and so on on these exact roads. To add to this, the views are extraordinary; seeing the city of Fuji in the background and multiple mountain peaks in the foreground.

5 Amalfi Coast

If an idyllic view of the South of France is the prime objective, then the Amalfi Coast is just the place to visit. For gamers who have played Forza Horizon, the view will seem familiar, as the third game in the series was inspired by locations like this one.

The roads are narrow, making them not the best place to go full-throttle. Rather, it's best to enjoy the scenery and get a feel for the French coast with all of it's hidden beauties, small villages, and pebble-filled beaches.

4 U.S. Route 550

Like the Blue Ridge Parkway, U.S. Route 550 also has some history and pedigree amongst other American roads. Formerly known as Route 550, many motorist may recognize it under a different sobriquet: "The Million Dollar Highway."

The reason behind this grandiose name is its impressive views. The road itself runs through both New Mexico and Colorado, offering a litany of different environments and surroundings to view while driving the whole 305 miles. Some portions even resemble motorways in the Alps.

This route is perfect for car photoshoots, drag races (legal ones, of course), and just enjoying your car in general.

3 The A93

The A93, upon first inspection, doesn't seem to have the qualities of a good driving road. After all, it is just another bumpy two-lane path in Scotland, right? Wrong. Although parts of the road may be bumpy and old looking, make no mistake: the A93 is an ideal place to experience real driving.

Apparently, the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) thought the same and sent Top Gear's then host Jeremy Clarkson there to test the Ferrari F12 in season 20 of the show. That episode allows viewers to see what makes the A93 so perfect; long quiet roads with minimal traffic mixed in with slow-speed corners and even potential jumps along the way.

Although the views aren't quite as nice as the South of France, there's still plenty to look at and enjoy on the road and in the nearby towns like Pitlochry.

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2 Pikes Peak

Motor sports enthusiast don't need much of an introduction for the legendary Pikes Peak, as it's been the home of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event for over one-hundred years. On these public roads, cars from around the globe face off on time trial events, working tirelessly to put in the best time. At the same time, drivers must also focus on not falling off the edge of the mountaintop during runs.

The road itself is perilous, even being closed off during certain times of the year for weather concerns. That being said, be careful when driving on the road itself, as some portions feel as if you are pointed upwards at a fifty degree angle. This also provides a huge rush of adrenaline too, making it that much more difficult to not try what the race car drivers do for a living.

1 The Stelvio Pass

This road is equally famous among cyclists and car enthusiasts. Every year, excluding winter months, sightseers and car lovers come out to Northern Italy to see the Stelvio Pass and it's spaghetti-like pathway down the mountain.

Seen by many to be the most beautiful and fun road to drive in the entire world, the Stelvio Pass has been a fan favorite for owners of luxury supercars that want to experience what true Italian roads have to offer. The view is unbeatable. However, with a Ferrari to boot, it's almost like heaven on Earth.

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