10 Car Manufacturers Most People Never Knew Existed

Thanks to the ever-evolving state of technology, trade, and markets, the world has become full of businesses and organizations all over the globe.

Thanks to the ever-evolving state of technology, trade, and markets, the world has become full of businesses and organizations all over the globe. Some specialize in particular categories, while others consider themselves a 'jack of all trades.' However, due to the vast number of corporations similar to one another, some just get lost in the mix.

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Not every business gets to the same heights as Apple, Amazon, Ford, or Intel. As a result, there are countless brands/businesses that fly under the radar, including those in the automotive industry. To showcase some of these forgotten or unknown carmakers, here are ten car manufacturers most people probably don't know about...

10 Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Although Koenigsegg has been in the news a lot for having broken the world speed record, millions of people still have no idea what Koenigsegg is, or even how to pronounce its Swedish name!

Koenigseggs are known for a few things in particular: Crazy top speeds, great looks, expensive price tags, and rarity. As such, it makes sense why not many people have heard of them. You'd need to be either a serious car enthusiast or madly rich to have an understanding of the brand and how to say it. Nevertheless, Koenigsegg continues to increase their market share and push the boundaries of what's possible.

9 W Motors

If you've ever looked at a Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, or any other sort of high-end hypercar and thought, "This isn't expensive/flashy enough!" take a look at W Motors. After beginning in Dubai, they've had a lot of success in a short time span.

Perhaps their most notable characteristic is the level of opulence seen in each of their cars. From their Lykan Hypersport to their Fenyr, each vehicle has been fitted with luxury materials, quality design and engineering, and freaking gems/diamonds in the headlights.

They don't make many cars, though. Along with that, the ones they do make cost millions a piece. However, due to their cameo in Fast and Furious 7, W Motors likely experienced an uptick in notoriety.


Once a well known British automotive manufacturer, TVR slowly deteriorated into poorer and poorer quality cars before, eventually, being sold off and ending in the early 2000's. Although, they had their fair share of successes.

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One of their coolest cars is the old TVR Sagaris, a light-weight sports car that looked and acted more uniquely than anything else. The Sagaris, unfortunately, wasn't enough to save the company. Luckily, though, TVR is making a triumphant return. As a matter of fact, they've already produced their first car under new management: The Griffith.

7 Eagle (U.S.)

As the American powerhouse called A.M.C. began to die in the late '80s, a new company was born out of the ashes. Its name would be "Eagle," and its rebirth would be an abysmal failure.

Not to be confused with the European tuning company, Eagle, the American-based Eagle didn't have cars anywhere near as valuable. Like TVR, they had a few good models, but not enough to make them last. Eventually, Eagle would also fall to financial ruin; joining the fate of its predecessor.

6 Zenvo Automotive

A lot of great things come out of Denmark: The famous Lurpak butter, fuel, and bacon. Yet, what about cars? Well, they don't produce many, besides the curious case of Zenvo Automotive.

When Zenvo first came onto the automotive scene, few people were very excited about them. After a Zenvo ST1 caught fire on Top Gear, even more enthusiasts lost interest. Regardless of this, Zenvo still pushes forward. They've improved their ST1, increased their lineup, and set themselves up for good things in the future.

5 Reliant Motor Company

Thanks to evolutions in technology, cars have become safer, more comfortable, faster, and (arguably) better looking. With all of these materials at a carmakers fingertips, it's a surprise when they fail so spectacularly like how Reliant did.

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Perhaps most famous for the Reliant Robin, Reliant had been associated with poor build quality, dangerous crashes, and overall weird designs. Obviously, making a three-wheeled car didn't help matters and they were eventually shut down.

Believe it or not, though, Reliant still has a few customers who are reliable fans of their work and often go to meet-ups (to this day).

4 Apollo

After being disappointed by the then-current selection of sports cars, Robert Gumpert decided to take matters into his own hands. His creation would be called Apollo, with the sole intention of making street-legal race cars.

His first car, named after himself (Apollo Gumpert), saw some popularity, but nothing absolutely ground-breaking. Nevertheless, the Gumpert was still a great car that would be followed up by an even better one: The Apollo IE. Most fans who have heard of Apollo is probably thanks to the IE, as their newest model seems to have drawn a lot of attention.

3 Great Wall Motors

China: One of the biggest countries and economies in the entire world. Some of the world's most brutal wars have been waged there; and you probably haven't heard of those, either. It's so big that entire brands exist only there and are never realized outside the communist state. For example, Great Wall Motors.

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Great Wall Motors is one of the most successful and highly-valued carmakers in all of China, but nowhere else. Like a lot of other Chinese businesses, they have a nasty habit of copying more popular brands, but still manage to sell cars. As a result of their limited location and illegality overseas, most westerners have never heard of G.W.M.

2 Vector Motors

If you know what Vector Motors is, consider yourself amongst a rare group of automotive enthusiasts. Nowadays, the Vector name has been forgotten by all but a select few.

In the '70s, Vector exploded onto the car scene with a few crazily designed supercars. Their looks were very divisive, since you'd either love it or hate it with most going to the latter choice. Clearly, this isn't great for business and, later, they too would go out of business. However, they still left us a few great cars like the WX-8 and M12.

1 Rimac

With a growing environmental awareness, desire to move away from fossil fuel, and potential for greater technological growth, several carmakers have been moving towards hybrids and all-electric models. Another company to follow this trend comes from Croatia, of all places, under the name of "Rimac."

So far, Rimac only has two cars: The Concept_One and the C_Two. Obviously, this isn't going to help with brand recognition, however, they've still be featured on shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Their most recent car, the C_Two, claims to have over 1500 horsepower and a faster top speed and 0 to 60 than modern hypercars. If this claim is true, then Rimac may very well see themselves at the top of the sports car ladder.

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