Car Microwaves & 9 Other Crazy Products You Can Actually Buy For Your Vehicle

Some people like to have accessories in their car, but some of them go way too far. Why would you ever need a microwave in your front seat?

There are plenty of strange products out there that you can buy for your vehicle and one of them is a microwave. These items are small and large and make us question the logic behind their creation. They usually rub us the wrong way, but at the same time, we want to buy one for ourselves to see if it lives up to the hype.

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This list was created to showcase some of the craziest car products on the market. They will blow your mind as you see a horde of things you never thought you would find in a vehicle. Keep reading to learn about car microwaves and nine other products you can actually buy for your vehicle!

10 Microwave

If you ever find yourself stuck out in the wild or trapped in the middle of a snowstorm, then this car microwave is the perfect thing to keep you alive. You will never die of starvation because this amazing machine will heat up your food in a jiffy.

It might seem a bit crazy if you actually see one of these odd machines sitting in someone's car, but for them, the pros must outweigh the cons of not having one. This product may have opened your eyes to a whole new world of on-the-go cooking, or maybe it left you shaking your head in disbelief, but all we know is that this product does exist.

9 Samurai Shift Knob

If your gear shifter is as plain as your Aunt Jane, then you should consider buying a samurai shift knob. It will help you be the ninja you always wanted to be, but instead of slaying enemies, you just tear up the roadways.

They come in three different sizes depending on how extra you want to be and it is guaranteed to leave your friends talking. If you are not a fan of the samurai sword, then there are other options as well like light bulbs, death stars, or even a Pokeball.

8 Vehicle Teeth

There are some cars that always seem to have on a grumpy face, and it doesn't seem to fit your friendly demeanor. Well, you can change that by adding some teeth to the front of your vehicle.

It will never frown again or give you that undeniable loathing stare, and everyone around you will love it too. You won't be stuck giving excuses for your vehicle's behavior after a set of teeth is put onto it, because it will wear its smile proudly everywhere it goes.

7 Refrigerator

This is a crazy product, but it is one of the most useful ones to make it onto this list. These are able to keep your food and drinks cool in the car, when they otherwise might spoil. It negates the need to bring bags and bags of ice packs to ensure nothing ever gets too warm, and there are even some that double as freezers.

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This product comes in a variety of styles and sizes so there is something out there that everyone can use. Your friends might laugh and think it's stupid, but you can rub it in their face when your drinks are still cold hours later.

6 The Vroominator

Do you drive a lame car and dream of the purr of a sportscar engine? If you answered yes to this question then you need to add the Vroominator to your Christmas wishlist. You plug this bad boy into your AC adaptor and it will emit the sounds of a genuine V8 engine as you drive down the road.

It syncs up with your radio and the signals it receives from your alternator to determine the intensity of its noises. You will feel like a king among men on the roadways as the sound of a master driver enters your ears as you fly down the roadway.

5 Rotating License Plate

If you already have quite a few speeding tickets and don't care if you earn yourself a felony, then you should consider buying a license plate flipper. This product flips front to back and switches out your license plate for another so you don't end up caught by police.

It might be easier to drive the speed limit or own up to your mistakes, but it doesn't look as cool as this gadget. It might be tempting to try it out to avoid a red light camera or the police, but it will probably send you straight to jail instead.

4 Espressgo

There are some of us who love freshly-brewed espressos, but don't wake up early enough in the morning to make a cup before heading off to work. Luckily, there is a product that will do it for you in your car.

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It plugs into the AC adaptor and all you have to do is add the correct amount of water and add the correct amount of coffee. You will have a fresh source of caffeine by the end of your commute despite your inability to wake up before the crack of dawn.

3 Faux Wool Covers

Covers for your steering wheel and gear shifter are cool, but not when they swallow your hands every time you try to drive. These faux wool covers come in a variety of styles, and they even come as seat covers as well. They take fluffy to the max as their sheer expanse seems to fill your entire field of vision.

We can only imagine some petite person trying to drive this car and causing an accident because their super fluffy steering wheel cover blocked their view of the road. It seems like a great way to prevent cold hands in the winter months, but we have to say it isn't worth the safety risk.

2 Seat Massager

This is another product we are able to get behind, but it is pretty crazy in terms of products for your car. Yes, who wouldn't want to have their body massaged and heated while driving down the roadway, but how would it affect your driving ability?

Would you fall asleep behind the wheel after a long night at work or would it have your foot fidgeting on the pedal? It is something every Uber and Lyft driver should consider adding for their passengers, but in terms of the driver's experience, we would have to pass.

1 Humidifier

This car humidifier is a great invention for anyone with allergies, but its necessity is questionable. They are usually small enough to fit in your cupholder and plug into your car's AC adaptor, but they still seem a bit overkill.

There are even some that have mood lighting, so after your date, you can set the tone for how you want the rest of the evening to turn out. There are some people who are rushing to order this right away, but others of us see through to the crazy side of this little invention.

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