This Car Mod Turns Any Vehicle Into An RV

This car mod turns any car or truck with a trailer hitch into a portable motel room.

Trailers are hard and motorhomes are expensive. If only there was something that could fit on the back of my Mini Cooper so that I can reasonably expect to survive in the woods if I decide to go camping in a car that has no reasonable off-road capability.

There now exists a product that is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s called the Hitch Hotel, and the campy name hides a truly ingenious feat of engineering. Rather than towing a cumbersome and dangerous trailer in your vastly under-powered car, you can add the Hitch Hotel to the back and get the exact same features as a mobile home.

The beauty of the Hitch Hotel is its telescoping design. In storage form, it compacts down to 60 cubic feet of space, which is perfect for carrying around a pair of bikes or a set of oversized luggage. In its full glory, the Hitch Hotel becomes 7 feet long with 135 cubic feet of storage. That’s big enough for sleeping space for two full-size adults, three children, or one small farm animal.


Hitch Hotel is watertight, comes with a roof vent, three windows, and even a 12V outlet and a USB charging slot. It’s made from T6 aluminum and lightweight fiberglass, so it can even be towed by an under-powered city car.

So long as it has a class III trailer hitch. Class II attachments are possible, but it depends on the gross weight of the vehicle.

As much as the Hitch Hotel would love to be towed by a Mini Cooper, it probably makes more sense to place it on the back of an SUV with a little more power. Then you’ll have a sleeping area no matter where life takes.

The Hitch Hotel can be had at an introductory price of $3,499 thanks to its successful Kickstarter campaign. There are a few units still left from the original manufacturing run, and if you order now you can even get it delivered with free shipping. Then the world is your oyster as you travel the globe while sleeping in your own portable bedroom.


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This Car Mod Turns Any Vehicle Into An RV