10 Coolest Car Museums You Weren't Aware Existed

Car museums are filled with history and an expanse of technological advancements, their sole purpose being to educate the common citizen on how far motor vehicles have come through the ages. We have moved from a one-cylinder two-stroke unit to more horsepower than we know what to do with. The journey our best inventors have taken us on is nothing short of a miracle, and today we have the pleasure of using the products of their minds for our own enjoyment.

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Car Museums are not all created equal, and, in order for us to fully appreciate the magic, they have to offer it is important for us to know which ones we should frequent. We have compiled a list of all of the best museums worldwide so you know which future trips you should plan, as there are hundreds of car museums in the world. Keep reading to learn about the ten coolest car museums you probably didn't know existed!

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10 Autoworld: Brussels, Belgium

The Autoworld in Brussels, Belgium shows off the Mahy Collection, which is any car enthusiast's dream. It shows off over 300 cars of the thousand-car collection, guiding you through the extensive history of the car as it progressed through the years. They also have sections devoted to those owned by the Belgian Royal Family and bubble cars. The themes of certain areas rotate as the year passes, which means no experience will ever be the same. The cars you see will drive you wild and make you wish you could be back in Brussels again.

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9 Riga Motor Museum: Riga, Latvia

The Riga Motor Museum has on display one of the first cars ever made which automatically labels this as one of the coolest car museums. They have an exhibit devoted to the cars the leaders of the Kremlin in Soviet Russia drove, showing off the luxury of the capital. This museum even exhibits military trucks and other specialty vehicles, adding a special flair to the museum's collection. It should be known that Riga is an industrial city, producing all of the materials needed in automobile construction, which is why they also have a section devoted to this aspect of their society.

8 Cité de l'Automobile: Mulhouse, France

This museum in France is massive, with one of their rooms alone containing 800 streetlights. They have several different spaces, but the Bugatti Veyron is their most notable piece. The beautiful vehicle rotates on a platform while its prowess is shown on a screen directly behind it. One of the other top exhibits is the Hall of Engines where you can view the history of engines from the 1880s to the present day. This exhibit even provides animations to help casual onlookers understand, which makes it a must on any car person's list to see.

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7 Audi Museum Mobile: Ingolstadt, Bavaria

This museum lets you explore the history of the Audi company, taking you past a large variety of motorcycles and cars to help you understand their progress. The exhibits offer interactive hands-on features to keep you involved and entertained as you move through the halls. The top feature, and what makes it really cool, is the Le Mans Champions racing exhibit, which displays 14 of their racecars. It might not seem like the most amazing place you might go, but learning about the company's roots will fulfill any Audi lovers fantasies.

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6 The Henry Ford: Dearborn, Michigan

Henry Ford was the pioneer of the car industry, and this museum proves it by allowing us to reminisce on his intelligence. They have the first car he ever built back in 1896, which is called the Quadricycle Runabout. This museum not only includes cars but also helps you learn about Henry Ford as a person by showing you his expensive violin collection. You might also be interested in the presidential vehicles they have on display, showcasing what each president used when in office in the 20th century.

5 Peterson Automotive Museum: Los Angeles, California

You have probably heard of this museum, and for good reason. It is in constant flux with numerous short-term exhibits to bring back motorheads time and time again. Their notable alternative power exhibit takes you through the forms of fuel which companies played with to prevent having to use up all of our fossil fuels. This museum also has its own racecar experience machines to fully immerse you into what it feels like to drive a speed demon, making this the coolest museum on the planet.

4 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame: Indianapolis, Indiana

This museum is tailored to fan of the Indianapolis 500, providing them with a view of several of the winning race cars over the past hundred years. They also have a gallery for art lovers to enjoy, as it showcases pictures and artwork of the race and its participants. Many people want to know what it would be like to be behind the wheel, and you have the opportunity here with their photo car. You sit inside the car while your friend takes the picture for you with their camera, providing you with a lasting photo memory.

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3 National Corvette Museum: Bowling Green, KY

The National Corvette Museum in Kentucky features classics, prototypes, and modern day beauties. The interesting fact about this museum is that one of their exhibits now features a sink-hole. It appeared naturally one day and swallowed up eight of their prized corvettes, so now they keep it as a reminder of what happened. They also have corvettes on display from every production, leaving you with a clear mind about their progression through time. If you can't make it here for one of the short-term exhibits they do have live webcams to show you everything in each section of the museum, adding to its coolness factor.

2 BMW Welt and Museum: Munich, Germany

This is unique because it is actually two separate museums combined into one. The Welt side is used for portraying future innovations and marketing their new products. The Museum section is used to educate you on their history and showcase their older models.

A notable exhibit is the BMW Art Cars which is comprised of 17 vehicles decorated by various artists all over the world. It is also recommended you view the museum's 90 Years of BMW Automobiles exhibit as it provides you with information about their humble beginnings and indicates all of their biggest achievements.

1 Antique Automobile Club of America Museum: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Americans have always loved the freedom of the roadway, which is why it is so cool the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Pennsylvania decided to create an exhibit based on Route 66. It includes Native American artifacts as well as antique signs and mountains to portray what it was like to drive down this famous stretch of roadway.

It is also recommended you visit the Tucker Interactive Vehicle where you can see for yourself just how the cyclops headlight works. It is a unique spin on the history of American Industry, and car-lovers everywhere wouldn't be disappointed in their choice to visit this museum.

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