10 Car Paint Jobs That Are So Bad They're Good

A paint job on nice car can it the flashiest piece of metal on the block, but an actual nice design is required. These cars blur between art and rot.

Whether you drive an old clunker or a modern masterpiece of technology, the first thing anyone's going to notice is the paint job. This is also why a great paint job can go a long way in making your average car look like a million bucks. However, the owners of these should have probably left the paint jobs to the professionals.

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As a direct contrast to our latest list of the 10 custom paint jobs that will get your motor running, today we bring you the list that will do anything but that (depending on your taste). From exotic supercars to classic muscle cars to compact city commuters, this list has it all, but they all have one thing in common - a paint job that's so bad it's almost good.

10 Overtuned Toyota Celica

They also call it the Godzilla. Just look at those mean pipes on the hood and those diffuser shark fins on the roof. This thing's got to have at least a thousand horsepower - that's probably what the owner wanted you to think when he opted for this eye-watering paint job. We're not even sure that's paint on the car, and we're not brave enough to venture into any speculations. What we do see is that the guy's adopted the most modern rear sensor technology - a Storm Trooper helm taped to the bumper. What hides under all these 'upgrades' is a 1999 Toyota Celica packing a respectable 192-horsepower 1.8L inline four-cylinder. This once solid sports coupe obviously got more than it bargained for.

9 There's Something fishy about this truck

If someone told this guy he should get a nice bass for his truck, this is not what they meant! The truck that got the 'fish treatment' is actually a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro - great off-roader and one of the best pickup trucks out there. Believe it or not, this ruined vehicle houses a powerful 5.7L V8 sending 381 horsepower to all four wheels. It's also a great performance-for-the-price model, and one of the most reliable heavy-duty pickups out there. If only the owner had as much taste in color as he had in trucks.

8 Iron Man Lamborghini Grafitti Aventador

How to ruin a half a million dollar car. We're not sure what this Aventador did to deserve such fate. Jokes aside, like it or not, this custom paint job is completely unique. And apart from the German grafitti artist Rene Turrek doing an interesting job on the design itself, the paint job also has a secret feature: it changes depending on the outside temperature. In a cold environment, this Aventador will assume a cool, pitch-black matte finish, no complaints here. It's only when the body heats up that it turns into what you see in the picture. Art or a ruined supercar? We'll leave it up to you to decide

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7 Grandma's Mercedes-Benz SLK

The car equivalent of your grandma's couch, this 2004 Mercedes SLK is really a sight to behold. Admittedly, the wrap job itself is pristine, but the choice of garment less so. The gold-and-red color combination we see in the front makes a transition to gold-and-black in the rear, that no longer looks like grandma's couch as much as her baroque wallpaper. A questionable paint choice to say the least.

6 Pepperoni Corvette

Feast your eyes on one of the most desirable man-made creations - the pepperoni pizza. Jokes aside, the car under this delicious wrap really is incredible in itself. It's a 1972 Chevrolet Corvette C3 featuring a beastly 7.4L V8 churning out 270 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque that will really glue you to your seat (for your gearheads out there). We're not sure why someone would ruin a classic like that, unless their sole purpose was to make everyone hungry.

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5 Rusted M4

At number 5 on this list is this custom rust-wrapped BMW M4. The beauty of this competent sportster is contrasted by the painful choice of paint job. It takes someone with a special outlook and taste to appreciate this 'artistic' feature of the car. As you can see, it's not just the hood that's been covered in fake rust, it's the entire surface area of the body. And though we can appreciate a good wrap job, there's little sense in buying a beautiful new sports coupe and purposely making it seems less so. It's pure provocation!

4 Bathroom Accident PT Cruiser

"Sir? There's something on your car." This paint job embodies what happens when you're too late to the toilet after a massive cup of Starbucks. Chrysler PT Cruisers are one of the more common cars that fall victim to bad paint jobs and aftermarket upgrades. And many buyers buy it specifically for its quirky exterior that draws inspiration from 1930s car models. The "PT" in the name actually stands for "Plymouth Truck," as the car was originally intended to be sold as a truck under the Plymouth brand. And in fact, under the NHTSA standards, this small family car is considered a truck - the most disappointing truck ever produced.

3 Biker at heart

"So bad it's actually good" is the perfect way to describe this paint job. This poor gentleman is probably a die-hard biker in heart, but with an overbearing wife. So, he had to get creative... Remember, it's never too late to chase your dreams. And this paint job clearly tells everyone what this man is all about. Besides, there are some cars that can tolerate bad paint jobs more than other, and an 8-foot Smart ForTwo is definitely one of them. Not to mention that this is also clever. Hats off to you, sir.

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2 Botched PT Cruiser

Oh boy, here we go... You know you were eventually going to stumble across one of these when you clicked the list - a car version of a botched tattoo. This owner probably tried to use their car as a canvas to express themselves artistically, and failed miserably. Nothing is left out: there's fire, darkness, unicorns, grass (even creepy faces?) ...but they forgot to put some rims on it. Makes sense. The least surprising of all is that the canvas for this particular "masterpiece" is a Chrysler PT Cruiser.

1 Jaguar E-type overkill

We get it, it's a Jaguar. But, if we ignore all the unbearable cheesiness of this vehicle, and the fact that someone ruined a beautiful, iconic 1963 E-Type, the paint job's not even that bad - if you're Catman that is. Seriously though, wrapping a classic that frequently fetches over $300,000 at auction just to make sure everyone knows you're driving a 'Jag' is a huge overkill. As for the car, it was among the fastest and most prestigious cars in the world fifty years ago; equipped with a 4.2 six-cylinder it would reach over 150 mph.

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