15 Car Pranks That Might Have Gone Too Far

Many people find it funny to prank someone's car, but sometimes they take it too far.

While April Fool’s Day is certainly a prankster's paradise, any day is good to pull a fast one on someone, if you are in the mood for it or they deserve it. As long as the prank is not harmful to anything or anyone and does not cause anything but momentary anguish and palpitations to the prankee, things are good. Of course, there is no way to judge how the person on whom the prank is being pulled will react to the staged joke. While some may laugh and join in the fun, others may just turn to even greater lengths of pranking vengeance – so to all who love to pull a prank, be ready to have on pulled in return as well.

While it’s cool enough to put a whoopee cushion under someone’s chair or spike their tea with salt instead of sugar – car pranks fall into the epic category. Everyone loves their rides, be they swanky and pricey numbers or even hand-me-down beaters. And no one wants a scratch on their car! Prankers are pretty innovative when it comes to pulling a fast one on people who adore their cars, and harmless jokes on friends seem to go down well. Of course, when there is a parking lot buffoon involved, then pranking seems to get serious enough to cause the victim some delay and a ton of shame. Though in many cases, it doesn't go too far. So are these car pranks well within the hilarious category, or did they go too far?

15 Keep It Fresh

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At times in life, you come across these really snarky people with a holier-than-thou attitude chip on their shoulder. These people think of themselves as perfect creations, and of all others as major fixer-uppers. So they will keep pointing out mistakes in a snarky way and make enough sarcastic comments in a day that would be tough to swallow even in a lifetime.

This is the prank to pull on them – wrap up their favourite ride in miles of plastic wrap.

And be innovative enough to run it down both horizontally and vertically. Check out the message on this car “S’up shamer?” Hint, much?

14 A Rather Innovative Way To Break Up

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So this dude here decided to prank his girlfriend in a strange, non-romantic way. He filled her car with one million Orbeez. For those of you who do not know what Orbeez are, they are super-absorbent little balls of polymer which when put in water tend to swell up in size. The kind you put on the surface of indoor plants to retain moisture and look pretty. We are also not quite sure why the said girlfriend is still going ahead and opening the car – either she has not noticed the Orbeez, or thinks they are Orbeez-printed window shades. Or she knows the gargantuan cleaning task that’s up ahead for her and she’s just going to dive straight in!

13 The Peel Off Paint Job

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In case someone you know is thinking of turning their car into some sort of a monster using all the wrong kinds of paint and wraps – here’s something to shock them out of their car-destructive path. “Paint” their beater in the brightest and most color-coordinating sticky note theme you could think of. Go all out with buying all the rainbow colors of sticky notes and Post-it’s that you can and make your merry way, one car segment at a time. They will probably understand that turning their car into a colorful jigsaw is a bad idea. On the flipside, they could be so impressed with your handiwork that they would put their colorful plan into action with alacrity. Either way, you get a few laughs.

12 Taste The Rainbow

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If you really want to have some fun, try a windshield rainbow on someone. Imagine them driving down a road, tired of the traffic and the incessant honking with clouds looming large.

When the drops really begin to come down, the wipers will come on, and so will a swirling rainbow.

To do this, all you need to is insert some flat tablets of wet watercolour or chalk under the wiper, in the zaniest colours you can imagine. Make sure the colours you use are washable and not a permanent stain though. It’s a prank, not destruction.

11 Baked Potato Treatment

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So in the black and white movie days, every time they had to show something alien or space age, it used to be swathed in foil wrap. It had to be silvery, shiny and vaguely reflective – because obviously, aliens had to protect themselves from all that radiation in the cosmos and decided that foil was just the way to foil it all. So it only seems fair to prank someone at the NASA office by using yards of foil. And what best way to spend the lunch hour than to wrap a co-workers car in foil to protect it from the cosmic radiation and alien attacks?

10 Caught In A Web

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You don’t have to wait for Halloween to play a Halloween prank you know. It’s a prank, so feel free to indulge your arachnophobia-stricken friend whenever you feel like it. All you need is one giant creepy spider (preferably the plush toy variety lest you go rooting for giant tarantula!) and a few yards of white mesh or mosquito netting. Now all you have to do is wrap the car in the mesh, spinning your own rascally web. Once you are done, place the spider on top and go hide in the bushes. Your spider-scared friend is likely to go nuts.

9 Gas Near The Engine Doesn't Mix

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So this was a prank pulled and uploaded on Youtube where this girl is pranking her boyfriend by pouring gasoline on his car. Now the thing is, it’s actually only water filled inside a gas can, but if you suddenly come at your boyfriend waving around the gas can and screaming like a banshee – he will assume it is gas. And that’s what happened, she poured this fake gas all over his car when he drove home. She pretended to be fake angry because he fake-scratched his car – and the poor dude started rubbing the gas off his car with his tee. Better sense prevailed and he soon “smelled” the gas and realized he’d been had!

8 The Fake Driverless Google Car

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This is the kind of prank we think is taking it too far. Some dudes decided to vinyl print Google on a white car and drove around pretending the “no-hands ma” feat because of the driverless car they had. In actuality, Google is developing a driverless car, but this is not it. This is a prank liable to get these dudes sued because they are shown running over traffic cones and bumping into pedestrians while wearing strange masks and making rude hand gestures. People actually thought this was Google’s prototype and this prank did go viral as well. We don’t know how Google took it…

7 Not The Best Gift

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If you were out Christmas shopping leaving your car safely parked in the parking and come back to find it “gift-wrapped”, chances are you will be irked. And this is what happened to a few victims that Rob Anderson targeted at Christmas 2015. People were miffed, annoyed and plain irritated to have their car uselessly wrapped in yards of gifting paper and attacked the paper with gusto – only to find an envelope marked “open me” taped to the windscreens.

They did, only to find a Christmas card wishing them and their loved ones well, and some money to celebrate the joyfulness better.

The miracle was to see the frowns turn into smiles!

6 Do Not Mess With The Meter Maid

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In June 2015, a video clip went viral when an illegally and incorrectly parked New York cabbie got into an altercation with a parking officer. After some words were exchanged between the officer and the cabbie, the very angry meter maid turned into some sort of a She-Hulk and lifted the car to “move” it to its correct place. The onlookers who were merely watching with mild curiosity were awed and stunned. Later, the “officer” revealed herself and the cab driver and passenger to be actors – and the whole prank was pulled off to market a new auto sales website titled Car Lift!

5 Ball Pit, But Not The Fun Kind

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So when you prank your son repeatedly, beware because one day, the tables will turn. And this YouTuber did just that to his poor old dad – by filling his dad’s red Corvette Z06 to the brim with plastic balls, the kind that belongs in kiddie ball pools. Why do that? Because its fun to prank your dad and give him a mild heart attack by doing something to the love of his life, his supercar. And then it’s even funnier to upload the video on YouTube and watch other dads get pranked as well. Son goals, for sure, though dad must have got his own back!

4 Can't Ticket A Car That Isn't Real

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In Canada, it is prohibited to park a car in a snow removal zone when plowing is scheduled. So when officers took note of this car parked illegally in Montreal, they stopped to ticket it. It looked like a snow-covered DeLorean DMC-12, but in fact, it was a prank so made by Simon Laprise.

He made the car entirely out of snow, and officers realized it only after they had been tricked.

They appreciated the prank even on such a bitterly cold night and wrote a note on the car “you made our night! Hahahahaha". The next day they even visited Laprise, just to check out the mastermind behind this cool and cold prank!

3 Too Many Reminders

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So this one has been done plenty, but it still holds a certain charm. Enough for it to land on many people’s bucket lists. It’s a harmless prank, and all it involves is some time on your end to attach those sticky notes to someone’s car. And the victim of the prank then has to take off all the sticky notes and probably hose the car down. This one is an excellent prank to pull on a forgetful friend who did not make it to lunch. Or even a cool revenge prank in case your boyfriend forgot an important date or even day. Sticky notes come in handy when you need to jog your memory or prank someone into jogging theirs!

2 When Next Door Celebs Have A Long Prank Battle

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So when Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski became neighbours with Jimmy Kimmel, little did they know that this was the start of their epic prank wars, especially around Christmas. Why Christmas – well, it’s time to spread the cheer, right? One cool prank involved Krasinski and Blunt wrapping up Kimmel’s car with gifting paper and stashing in Christmas carolers inside his car. Because Kimmel thought people singing to him was the worst thing ever! Then Kimmel wrapped Blunt’s and Krasinski’s cars and the house as well with gifting wrap. In return Krasinski wrecked Kimmel’s car – and so on and so forth!

1 The Feather-Wrapped McLaren GT

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So in 2017, Mclaren came out with a wrap they called biomimicry – so inspired by the birds to give the car some flights of fancy. Apparently, the prototype took some 300 man-hours to complete and is replete with 10,000 pearlescent-lacquer coated artificial feathers.

The science behind this herculean task was that the feathers would act as grooves and reduce drag, thereby giving this car foolhardy speed.

Plus as the car's speed increases, the feathers would “vibrate” and further reduce drag by “delaying the transition from a laminar to a turbulent boundary of air”. The car could be booked by fools beginning April 1, 2017!

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