10 Secrets That Car Rental Employees Don't Want You To Know

Renting a car is a process that most people have to go through in their lives, and anyone who has rented one in the past will know how frustrating the entire process can be at times.

With plenty of hidden charges and additional information seemingly being added at the final hurdle, it is often an annoying process that is nowhere near as simple and easy as it should be.

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The staff who work for the companies are always around to answer questions and help people, but more often than not they keep things to themselves and don't always reveal some of the hidden elements that come with the process.

As annoying as that may seem, there are plenty of things that car rental employees simply do not want you to know, and in this article, we will be looking at 10 of them.

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10 There Are Great Discounts Available

A lot of the time when it comes to renting a car, people just want to get it over and done with, paid and sorted so they can comfortably relax knowing that the car will be ready whenever it is they have ordered it.

This often leads to people paying over the odds for something that they don't need to. Most times a person will ring the company up and simply take them at the first price they offer to them, thinking that is the cheapest.

But the truth behind it is, that most of the time there are discounts that can be used in order to get the car for a much cheaper price, yet no staff member is going to push a cheaper offer.

9 Older Cards Can Be Cheaper

Speaking of secrets that car rental companies keep in order to make a customer spend more money, a little known fact is that older cars can often be cheaper for a person to rent than a more modern vehicle.

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Obviously, a vintage classic will potentially be expensive, but car rental companies do offer older cars that will be cheaper for people on budgets to rent, yet they are not pushed when a first decision is being made.

Staff will always speak about the new cars available and the more expensive upgrades that can be rented if someone desires, but the older, cheaper cars remain unknown apart from those in the know.

8 They Overbook

Much like many flights do, car rental companies often overbook the number of rentals they actually have cars for precisely the same reason, on the chance that people do not turn up then they aren't losing out on business.

However, the situation with that is that if everyone does turn up, the company could easily find themselves in a position where they have more people than they do cars, which would lead to some being without a vehicle.

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This means that a customer might have to hang around at the airport for extra time waiting for someone to drop off a car, but a staff member isn't going to admit that possibility ahead of time.

7 Hiding Age Restrictions

For some reason in certain locations, some car rental companies will actually put a restriction on how old a person has to be in order to be allowed to drive the vehicle, and that isn't just for young drivers.

Whilst for young drivers the main reason is the risk factor and the insurance prices, many places actually put a ban on drivers over the age of 70, likely for the same reason. But the real problem is that the information is normally hidden from the public.

This issue seems to be mainly a European one, with companies not revealing the information until the driver turns up at the check-in desk, leaving them with very little options.

6 Non-Airport Locations Are Often Cheaper

For most people, the main reason for using a car rental service is because of travel, whether that be for leisure or business when people travel to another country they often want to hire a car in order to have the freedom to explore.

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Because of that need, many people end up hiring their cars from the airport rental services immediately after hopping off the plane, as that is the most convenient thing to do. However, it might not always be the cheapest. But an employee isn't going to tell you to go use a non-airport location, as that wouldn't benefit the business.

5 Weekends Are The Best Pick-Up Time

This is a secret that might surprise a lot of people, but car rentals are actually quietest, on average, at a weekend. The busiest days for renting a car happen to be a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with these being the peak times.

To ensure you get the best possible rates, picking a car up from late on a Thursday evening onwards is always going to be quieter because companies focus on corporate clients during the week, which increases the rates for a retail customer.

However, given that most staff would like an early finish on a weekend or a quieter shift, that is a top secret they are unlikely to tell you when you first enquire about a rental.

4 Early Return Fees

As we have explained throughout this list, car rentals often focus on making as much money as possible and this secret little charge is another way that many companies earn an extra dollar or two.

Whilst it makes total sense for a driver to be fined if they return the vehicle late, as the company will likely have other clients waiting for vehicles, some actually charge drivers for returning the car too early.

Even though that seems ridiculous, it is a hidden rule that some companies have in place. However, because most drivers don't bring their cars back overly early, staff simply gloss over that situation.

3 Frequent Flyer-Fee

Something that a lot of people who fly frequently like to do is collect frequent flyer miles in order to make their future flights much cheaper in price. Nowadays, most car companies also offer a way for people to get extra miles with the car they hire.

However, because that element has started becoming so popular, the companies have now started adding charges to that, of course. Without telling people, many customers can actually end up spending more to get the miles on their account than they are actually worth in reality.

What this means is that people are often actually losing money when they think they're saving for the future, which is a secret that is kept fairly quiet.

2 You Do Not Need Extra Insurance

Most rental car companies will do everything in their power to make a customer spend as much money as possible. That is how all of the businesses operate and they will do everything in their power to make a little bit more money.

From pushing the idea of a sat-nav or adding additional gadgets, they always want more. However, the biggest thing that rental cars try to get is for a driver to get out more insurance, specifically from them to cover a range of things.

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Most of the time it is sold in a way that makes the customer feel like they must purchase it, however, that simply isn't the case. The fact is, most people's insurances already cover them for every possible incident, and this is just a money-making tactic.

1 Better Rates Can Be Given After An Initial Rent

For a lot of people, once the initial payment for a car rental has been paid, they wash their hands with it and forget about the situation until it comes time to actually go and pick up the vehicle.

But that is a major mistake that can lead people to spend far more money than they need to do. A lot of the time, someone can actually get a better deal than they originally paid, even after it has happened.

Certain online sites will track the prices from what a customer paid, and then will notify them if it drops, allowing them to ring and ask for a slight refund. Of course, a staff member would never do that in order to save the company having to pay money back.

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