Carlex Design Reveals Monstrous Mercedes-Benz X-Class Carbon 6x6

Carlex Design is making a huge 6x6 version of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class that's made completely out of carbon fiber.

Carlex Design Reveals Monstrous Mercedes-Benz X-Class Carbon 6x6

The Carlex Design X-Class Carbon 6x6 is the monstrous pickup that Mercedes-Benz would never build.

Last we heard from Carlex Design, the specialist Polish design studio that loves to turn luxury automobiles into carbon-covered status symbols, they were busy turning the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup into a Maybach-inspired super-luxury truck.

That pretty much rounded-off Carlex’s lineup of “Exy” X-Class upgrades. They had the sporty Exy GTX, the rugged Exy Extreme, and the classic Exy Carbon X. All that was left was to take a page out of Hennessey’s playbook and make a giant 6x6 X-Class and call it a day.

So that’s exactly what Carlex is doing.

via Carlex Design

Introducing the Exy Carbon 6x6. Besides the extra set of wheels in the back, the first thing you’re probably noticing is the abundance of carbon fiber. That’s because the entire body is made out of it, along with most of the interior. This naturally keeps the weight of the truck down, but let’s be honest, when you’re lugging around an extra axle and a pair of monster tires, no amount of carbon fiber will make this thing “light.”

While what we see appears to be bare carbon fiber, Carlex states that the entire truck is coated in a protective enamel to keep that carbon finish safe.


Other than that, the Carbon 6x6 follows the same design cues as the other Exy pickups, including a similar front fascia and front wheel fenders. The carbon fiber hood comes from the Exy Extreme off-road pickup, but the roof lights, rear chase rack, and winches are all unique to the Carbon 6x6.

Carlex Design Reveals Monstrous Mercedes-Benz X-Class Carbon 6x6
via Carlex Design

Also unique are the rear wheel fenders, which are squared instead of rounded. This helps to give the pickup a distinct tow-truck vibe, although Carlex says the winches will be used to help pull out wrecked sports cars rather than vehicles stuck in the mud.

Carlex hasn’t said when this pickup will go on sale, nor have they mentioned a price, but they promise the Carbon 6x6 is heading into production. They also didn’t mention anything about engine upgrades, so we’re not sure if the X-Class will get a few more ponies to help with the extra axle.

(Source: Autoblog)


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