Carlex Design Makes Mercedes X-Class Better At Off-Roading

The new Maybach-inspired X-Class from Carlex Designs brings an element of class to the Mercedes pickup.

Ah, the X-Class. The luxury pickup truck from Mercedes that seems to be at odds with the image of what a pickup truck is for. You typically picture a pickup carrying a load of bricks or some other kind of dirty cargo while trying to drive over a rugged road heading up into a mountain pass. The X-Class doesn’t seem to want to leave the comforts of the urban jungle.

It seems purpose-built for the redneck that struck it big but just can’t seem to give up their love of pickup trucks.

Carlex Design understands this. The design house already has a version of the X-Class that tries to appeal more to the off-road enthusiast, taking the Mercedes pickup and providing it with a custom interior and a few off-road upgrades that make the truck into something with a little more presence.


They call their creation the X-Class Exy and give it the unimaginative trim names of Off-Road and Off-Road extreme. There’s also an Urban version for those that can’t be bothered to leave the city.

And now, they’re making a new version for those that can’t be bothered to tow anything other than a yacht. It’s called the Exy Yachting Edition, and as the name implies, it goes in the complete opposite direction as Carlex Design’s previous offerings.

This pickup gets the Maybach treatment.

It’s not officially sanctioned by Maybach, but it might as well bear their name. The grille comes straight off the S650 Cabriolet, as do the rims and the Nappa Porzellan leather upholstery.

The carbon fiber body kit is different from the previous Exys. A new mold was made since the previous versions were all of a design that spoke to off-roadyness rather than luxury. This Exy is more about soft lines and chrome rather than rugged looks.

In all, the exterior comes with 15 new components. The interior comes with a completely redesigned steering wheel and is covered in wood and Alcantara for that extreme luxury feel.

To take home an Exy Yachting Edition will cost $122,330, which includes the price of the X-Class it’s born from. Not a bad price considering Maybach’s typically run twice as expensive.


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