Carlex Mercedes X-Class 6x6 Will Be An Offroad Monster

Carlex Design is getting in on the 6x6 action by making their own version of the Mercedes X-Class with three axles instead of two.

Carlex Mercedes X-Class 6x6 Will Be An Offroad Monster

Carlex Design is coming out with their own massive 6x6 pickup based on the Mercedes X-Class.

It seems like 6x6 trucks are the new rage. We’ve seen a few 6x6 designs from Hennessey Performance, a 6x6 Wrangler pickup from Monster Customs, and now we see that German design house Carlex Design is getting in on the action, turning one of their popular Exy luxury pickups into a monstrous 6x6.

If you don’t recall our earlier look at the Exy, it was like an X-Class that was given the Carlex treatment--that being your choice of a completely redesigned interior made out of wood, leather, carbon fiber, or a combination of all three, as well as a completely revised exterior that tosses the restrained Mercedes fascia for something a bit more… fun.

They’ve covered the full range of pickup designs, from sporty off-roader Exy to ultra-luxury Exy, and now the final frontier is to add another axle and make it into a 6x6. Because why not?

via Carlex Design

Carlex calls it the X-Class Exy 6x6 Concept, most likely because they haven’t decided whether or not to actually build it. Not every truck deserves to be a 6x6, although we think the X-Class (at least, the way Carlex sees the X-Class) is a worthy addition to the 6x6 ranks.


The 6x6 Concept is based on Carlex’s most extreme model, the Exy Extreme. It sports the same revised hood with hood scoop, redesigned front fascia with additionally enlarged air intakes, a front winch, ludicrously larger fenders, and exposed rivets to make the whole thing look as tough as it seems.

In the back, there’s the obviously enlarged bed with an extra axle and set of off-road tires, as well as the Exy Extreme’s revised rear bumper with integrated exhausts. The rear tailgate also has a big X on it, presumably to denote Extreme, although even the Exy Extreme doesn’t have an X on the tailgate.

Carlex Mercedes X-Class 6x6 Will Be An Offroad Monster
via Carlex Design

We have no power specs to provide, but we do know the X-Class comes with your choice of a 2.3-L inline 4-cylinder with 188 hp and 332 lb-ft, or a 3.0-L V6 turbodiesel with 255 hp, 406 lb-ft. There’s a slightly detuned version of the 2.3-L that gets even less power, but frankly, even the V6 turbodiesel seems a little underwhelming for a massive 6x6. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the 6x6 Concept appear with a totally new engine.


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