10 Cars Which Can Give You At Least 40 MPG On Highways

In the modern world, fossil fuels are a diminishing resource. Owning an efficient vehicle will not only save you loads of gas money in the long run but help the environment in a multitude of ways as well! Car manufacturers have all noticed the increasing focus on energy conservation, and we see that through recent car developments from all major car brands. However, some companies are making their cars way more efficient than others. Keep reading for a list of 10 cars that will give you at least 40 miles per gallon on highways, which will hopefully help you reduce your energy bill and help save the planet!

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10 2019 Hyundai Elantra Eco

The first car to cover on the list is the Hyundai Elantra Eco. The South Korean car company has been focusing more and more on conservation and efficiency lately, especially with their 2019 model. Owners not only love the Elantra Eco for its comfort and reliability but for its fuel efficiency as well.

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With 14 gallons going 40 mpg on the highways, owners will have an energy bill of about a thousand dollars per year with a daily commute, which is less than the national average by several hundred dollars. Furthermore, the car is also relatively affordable at about $20,000. Eco-friendly, relatively high-tech, sleek, and affordable? What a deal!

9 2017 Jaguar XE

This luxury sedan holds a powerful four-cylinder engine that can run up to 42-miles per gallon! The famous sports car/luxury brand folded what everyone loves about sports cars into a highly efficient driving machine! Owners love the car for its amazing handling and speed, but they love it all the more for all the money it saves them!

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Although it goes up to 380 horsepower, it still maintains its energy efficiency. Furthermore, it has a high-tech touchscreen information system for all your navigation and entertainment needs. The one downside is that at $40,000, it isn’t exactly as affordable as the Hyundai Elantra Eco, though it definitely has more flash.

8 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan

Impressively, this little car can reach up to a whopping 52 mpg, and it’s EPA highway estimate is 47! Owners have also said great things about the Cruze Sedan’s large trunk size, comfortable seating, as well as multiple tech luxury features.

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While it isn’t as powerful or as fast as other cars on this list, the Chevrolet sedan’s extremely high mpg and comfort far outweigh its lack of fun. It’s available in both automatic and manual, although everyone recommends the automatic for a smoother experience. Lastly, it could be yours for about $19,000, making it an extremely affordable, eco-friendly car!

7 2015 Toyota Prius

At about 48 mpg on highways, the Toyota Prius is an excellent choice for fuel conservation. Unlike the previous cars on this list, this hybrid offers a little more space for luggage as well as possibly extra passengers, depending on the model. No matter what you choose, they all have at least 40 mpg on highways, making the entire model series great for energy conservation. Furthermore, the Prius has proved itself as a used car, maintaining the same fuel conservation even after years of battering. Lastly, at around $20 to $30 thousand dollars, the Prius is relatively affordable, making this a great option for families.

6 2019 Honda Civic

Not only is the newest Honda Civic compact and slick, but it also runs at 42 mpg on highways, further boosting its popularity. With a touchscreen dashboard, comfortable seats, and a turbo 4-cylinder engine option, there’s little to complain about the car overall.

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Drivers have said it is a great balance between luxury and comfort, and great for smaller families as well. Even if you opt for the base engine, it will still go for 40-miles per gallon on highways. With the price ranging from $15 to $25 thousand, it’s easily one of the most affordable and well rounded eco-friendly cars. You just can’t go wrong with the Honda Civic.

5 2016 Ford Fiesta SFE

Although the exterior of the Ford Fiesta SFE is nothing special, it packs a punch on the inside!

With a nice 41-mpg on highways, the Fiesta’s eco-friendly engine is becoming more and more popular. This subcompact is praised for its relative comfort, style, and great handling. It also has high-tech options for easy navigation and entertainment. One complaint that owners have had is that the trunk is particularly tiny.

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However, what it lacks in trunk size it more than makes up for in price. Although the 2016 Ford Fiesta can be found in perfect condition, you only have to spend between $7 to $15 thousand to get your hands on one of these babies!

4 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid

At a whopping 53-mpg on highways, this Camry Hybrid is topping the charts in fuel efficiency. Additionally, this model received several other important upgrades that put it near the top of the list in terms of great hybrids to drive. Accompanying the more stylish exterior is a brand new touchscreen system with faster response times and more accurate navigation.

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Furthermore, the 2018 Camry received a new suspension system, making this great car even more city-friendly. Owners are sure to save loads of cash on gas for this car and will enjoy its smooth performance as well. At about $30,000 on the current market, the car’s a pretty sweet deal overall.

3 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

The hatchback version isn’t all that’s new with the Toyota Corolla! The improved fuel efficiency sits at 42-miles per gallon on highways! Owners also love the relatively larger cargo space, nice ride quality, advanced technology, as well as the new exterior style and colors offered.

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Reviewers have also recommended the car for new drivers, due to the fact that it has extremely high visibility. The one drawback is not quite enough legroom for rear passengers, but it’s great for families with young children. Furthermore, the hatchback is relatively affordable too, at around $20 to $25 thousand.

2 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage

With a solid 43-miles per gallon on highways and lots of storage space, the Mirage is another good option for families. Although many users complain of excessive engine noise and a basic interior, the Mitsubishi Mirage is an extremely affordable and relatively reliable car.

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The average owner spends only $950 on gas, so this car’s great for those of you out there on a budget. You can get one of these for about $13,000 listed price, but many dealerships will have discounts that bring it down to about $8 or $9 thousand. With this new model, Mitsubishi added a touchscreen dash and cruise control, eliminating some of the previous complaints.

1 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid

At a nice 45-miles per gallon on highways, the Kia Optima Hybrid is a highly favored energy-efficient car. This new version also features wireless device charging, options to increase cargo space, as well as a quieter engine for a smoother ride on the highway as well as on city streets. Owners also love its simple yet sleek style and high-performance rates. Reviewers have said that this car is everything they’ve loved about previous models mixed with high-tech upgrades. At roughly $30,000, the 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid is pretty affordable, making it a great option for those of you interested in fuel efficiency.

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