19 Cars And Trucks Lady Gaga Owns And Loves

Here are 19 things most people may not have known about Lady Gaga’s enviable garage.

When we talk about car collections, it's mostly the dudes we mention. And somehow there’s that gender disparity in all our heads about boys and their toys. But what about the girls, and all their rides? Most of the divas, actresses and rock icons of today also have enviable garages and car collections and they definitely love to show off their new wheels just like anyone else.

Frankly, who doesn’t like good, expensive cars? Anyone who can drive and who knows a thing or two about what lies under the hood would obviously love smooth and cool rides, be they the latest in engineering and technology or the classiest of the classics.

Enter the enviable and covetable garage of Lady Gaga, which houses the best of both ends of the automotive world. She obviously loves classics and has all the big names of many eras stacked in her garage. She is often seen driving those beauties and loves to show them off on social media to the rest of her fans as well.

She also loves her expensive modern rides like the Rolls, the kind that can cost as much as a decent piece of land! She even has a few of the latest cars which are not only technological marvels but also feature in the lifestyles of the rich and famous! So here are 19 things most people may not have known about Lady Gaga’s enviable garage.

19 A Smooth Ride In Elvis’s Pink Coupe DeVille

Via EntityMag

The Dive Bar Tour was a highly-acclaimed gig tour by Lady Gaga to help promote her fifth studio album 'Joanne' that was released back in 2016. And one of the high points of the event was the appearance of Elvis Presley’s coupe Cadillac De Ville.

Lady Gag arrived in this 1955 Caddy for her Dive Bar Tour stops.

This Caddy in pink with a white hardtop found an admirer in Lady Gaga, particularly as it once belonged to Elvis Presley. She really wanted to add this one to her envious collection of classic cars. However, things didn't come through and this pink ride finally ended up for bidding on eBay.

18 When You Love Luxury Enough To Get A Rolls-Royce Phantom

Via CelebMafia

Lady Gaga is not just fond of classic vintage cars but loves to drive and ride in modern, luxurious machines too. The gorgeous Rolls Royce Phantom is one of them. In fact, she has two of them.

This upper-crust brand offers incredible opulence and is armed with of one of the most powerful mills in the car bazaar.

Clearly, she adores this topnotch brand for its size, comfort, and sheer luxury. She prefers to drive her Rolls herself—unlike most of the owners of Phantom. She’s barely visible when she’s behind the wheel but manages to grab a lot of eyeballs. It certainly is like a jewel in her crown.

17 The Lamborghini Huracán Is Perfect For This Star

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Lady Gaga is easily one of the most sought-after celebrities in the music scene today. With a huge fandom behind her, she manages to be in the limelight for a lot of reasons. Be it her musical styles, themes, videos, tours, philanthropy work or just car collection. She never misses a single chance to please her fans and is the inspiration and star of the present-day generation. She owns a black Lamborghini Huracán that she drove to the stadium to perform for the Super Bowl Half Time event in Houston last year. The Huracán is referred to as the God of wind, storm, and fire in Maya mythology. So obviously, it found a place in her garage.

16 Porsche Boxster? Because Who Cares About The Cost!

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This multi-platinum recording artist’s net worth is in the tens of millions and with that ever-increasing wealth, she could possibly even buy a planet in the future. Another car on her list is an upscale dream machine offering almost astral driving pleasure – a Porsche Boxster. She was spotted driving this convertible Boxster in Montreal, Canada last year and they both looked like stars. It may not be the most expensive one in her garage but it certainly looks amazing when she is behind the wheel. Unlike other mammoth sized cars, the Boxster is small and compact with superlative performance. Perhaps that’s why it found a devotee like Gaga in it.

15 A Mint Blue Chevy Nova SS For The Classic Fans

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Lady Gaga is a true vintage car buff. One of the best examples out of her gorgeous classic cars collection is an electric blue Chevy Nova SS. The world-famous pop diva loves to show off her choice of chariots to the world on every social media platforms imaginable. Indeed, this Chevy Super Sport’s light blue tone looks stunning and priceless. And it makes a perfect fit for her as she is known for her unusual and visually-provocative work. She is dubbed as the heiress of Madonna so it was no tough job for her to shell out a decent amount to add this Chevy to her fleet of cars.

14 That Yellow Tarantino Chevy Silverado

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Everyone knows about the treasured P-Wagon in the classic Kill Bill flicks by Quentin Tarantino. In the movie, Uma Thurman drives the bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado when she wakes up from a coma, though it was a car she stole from a man she offed. In Lady Gaga’s rather risque single "Telephone" that features a cameo from fellow pop queen Beyonce, the latter gets to drive this cult car with Lady Gaga riding shotgun… It is said that Lady Gaga fell for this car and even offered to purchase it from Tarantino, but Tarantino was too much in love with this Chevy to sell it, so it went back to him.

13 Too Hot? She Goes Top-Down Driving

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What a lovely name for a car – Bronco, a wild or a half-tamed horse of the wild, wild West. And the feeling of driving a Ford Bronco is exactly like riding a wild bronco in the unpeopled wastelands.

It is immensely awe-inspiringly.

The car has uniqueness and creativeness attached to it and is like the mood or taste of an artist. Perhaps this is the reason why it found a place in the heart of Lady Gaga. She owns one, a semi-restored blue-colored vintage truck that carries an all-new avatar. And she took it out in the desert in her popular music video for the hit single “Perfect Illusion”.

12 Those 10-Inches On A Beauty Of A Lincoln Continental

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The Lincoln Continental in Lady Gaga’s stable is dubbed as her most renowned set of wheels. This '65 model has a vintage off-white drop top over a stunning burgundy interior. Plus, this luxury car’s wire-spoke wheels, stately lines, and iconic rear-hinged doors give it a cult status—one of the reasons why several celebrities want to own one of them. This convertible can easily seat four in its mind-boggling long body and is the ultimate choice for cruising along on the highway with best pals. It may attract paparazzi cameras when the top is rolled back but that’s what Gaga loves, right!

11 Going Gaga Over Muscle: Chevrolet El Camino

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Lady Gaga is fond of classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, and luxury cars. In this case, she fell for the classic lines of the El Camino. The one from her garage is a resto-mod that is done up in a slightly different way. This modded muscly truck loses its badge and door handles, while it gets a bigger set of wheels and wears a new charming black appearance. In her album Joanne, she drove her ride in a style that was in perfect harmony with the themes and tunes of the entire album. At times there are things you do for fun and they become an inspiration for bigger things to come in future.

10 A Classic Ford Mustang To Make Others Green With Envy

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This is one of Lady Gaga’s prized possessions, an early Ford Mustang convertible in ivy green. Frankly, the legacy of the Ford Mustang is immense. This is a car everyone loves and has a memory associated with, and it went through its pony and muscle car phase with ease—having never faded from consumer memories, clearly, because the marque is still alive and well. Gaga loves to drive hers with the top down, probably with her seat all the way forward because it’s a big car for a petite sized person to drive. This is just about the perfect car to drive on the highway with the top down, the wind in your hair, and the pedal pressed all the way to the metal.

9 Taking A Driving Test In A Mercedes-Benz E350

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This is where all it started. Lady Gaga wanted to earn her driving license and she picked a Mercedes-Benz E350 to learn the pedals and take a driving test. The E350 is armed with almost every possible luxury of the modern age and is definitely a perfect car to choose for this purpose. And she passed with flying colors, luckily, so that she could enjoy the rides she has amassed over the years. Of course, while many of her cars are like her dresses and don’t hide much – this classy ride has a near limousine-like tint for the days she needs some privacy.

8 That Sleek White RR Phantom She Looks Dwarfed In

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This one is her second Rolls-Royce. And it is in white over tan leather and stunning black wheels. With her exquisite collection of sunhats and glasses, we suspect she manages quite well with the gargantuan size of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, though she does look a tad dwarfed in it. Now the thing with rolling in a Rolls is you have innumerable color and interior options to choose from and we are not kidding. Some 44,000 shades of paint, just about any leather in the world and strange amenities like umbrellas (or should we call them parasols) make it an ultimate rich girl’s toy…

7 When You Just Want To Get Away In An Audi R8

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The Audi R8 gets special treatment from Audi’s high-performance division, Audi Sport, in terms of its design, development, and manufacturing. And it’s a tad similar to Lamborghini Huracán. It is a perfect blend of beauty and brains which we are sure Lady Gaga considers herself to be.

In fact, she herself is a transient being.

She started off with aggressive lyrics and outfits and now seems to be toning down towards country and blues—who know what she might do next! This is where the Audi R8 fits right in. The R8’s Quattro all-wheel drive sits upon a drivetrain shared by the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracán and offers comfort and speed in a scintillating design.

6 Borrowing A Pontiac GTO To Blow Off Smoke

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Okay so technically, she doesn’t own this one. But in one music video, she drove a Pontiac GTO doing donuts and billowing gusts of smoke. But it’s Gaga we're talking about, so even the smoke has to be pink and riveting, right?

Of course, the whole visual was spellbinding, and we are thinking that the GTO convertible might just be something she is on the lookout for.

Considering she has plenty another classic already and has proven to be a classic car aficionado, a Pontiac GTO would fit right into her classic car garage. This is the time in her career when a classic seems to be a long-lasting phase of hers.

5 When You Got The Rock Solid Mercedes-Benz W123

Via MamaMia

So why the W123? These cars were hefty classics built from 1976 to 1985 and were one of the strongest and the most long-lasting cars to come out of the Mercedes-Benz stables. The diesel-powered W123 often ran smoothly for 300,000 miles or more on the odometer and basically, needed minimum maintenance. So even a well ridden refurbished W123 can clock many more miles, and it’s a bit of an incognito choice amidst the supercars of today. Now, no one but the most hardcore car buffs knows them too well, but this is a car that can take her just about anywhere, any time, and not attract any attention at all.

4 Getting Pulled Over In A Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

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The media was agog sometime back when Lady Gaga was pulled over by the cops while driving her quintessential Ford-150 SVT Lightning truck, which is done up in scarlet. The rumor mills starting overtime.

Was she caught for a DUI? Was she speeding? Or, gasp, was it both?

Well, hardly – there seemed to be a small issue with the license plates of the truck, perhaps small enough to not even warrant a cop check. But if Gaga's driving, which cop wouldn’t want to pull her over if just to check out her ride and have a little conversation with the megastar? And she does look good driving all that muscle…

3 For A Darker Pose, Try The Pontiac Firebird TransAm

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When Gaga has to go full Gaga, she does it dressed in an all-leather ensemble atop a black-as-night Pontiac Firebird TransAm. This is yet another car she doesn’t have in her garage but she totally owns it sitting astride the beast in her “Marry the Night” music video. The video is pretty “dark” in all meanings of the word, with flames of fire casting spine-tingling shadows everywhere. Of course, she looks amazing on the TransAm and in the TransAm, and the TransAm looks even more amazing with her as a rider. Considering her penchant for classic cars, this could be another addition to her collection, if it isn’t already part of it…

2 Another Convertible? Try The Rolls-Royce Corniche III

Via PicsR

A Rolls-Royce Corniche III was once owned by Lady Gaga. She used to travel to the Guggenheim Museum in New York in this convertible red Rolls like a true diva enjoying her Rolls's cool looks and expensive luxuries.

The Corniche was powered by an immense 6.75-liter V8 paired to a three-speed automatic and despite being only a two-door car weighed a massive 5,000 pounds.

So, basically, it was indestructible. Was it its strength that appealed to this singer, or its indestructibility? She auctioned it off for charity so we may never know what was it she liked about this car, other than that perhaps it lacked the huge V10s and V12s put in the powerful cars of today.

1 Come On Baby Light My Fire: Mario Andretti’s Race Car

Via GagaSSIP

This one is a Mario Andretti’s two-seat race car. Mario Andretti is one of the most accomplished racing champions in the history of motorsports. And Lady Gaga had this once in a lifetime opportunity to ride with him thanks to Keith Urban who was supposed to be there for the pre-race celebrations but had to cancel his plans because of a back injury. This was an extraordinary experience for the pop diva and something to remember all her life. Perhaps, her well-known fascination for collecting cars got this Grammy-winning artist a memorable ride with the living legend of motorsports.

Sources: Gagassip.fr, caranddriver.com, and entitymag.com.

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