10 Storage Finds Barry Weiss Can Make A Profit On (And 5 He’s Stuck With)

Barry Weiss has been known to be loud and proud, and you'll certainly always know when he has arrived. With a flair for everything eccentric and unique, and as an authentic car collector at heart, Barry is sure to entertain and make his presence a memorable one -everywhere he goes.

There's nothing subtle about his persona, and similarly, his taste in cars is unique and off-beat, to say the least. He has quite an extensive personal collection of vehicles, and of course, many incredible "finds" have been located as he journeys through his reality TV Show, "Storage Wars."

Barry has some pretty outstanding, jaw-dropping finds that will leave you in awe, with a tinge of jealousy. Others, well, maybe not-so-much. Either way no matter how you dice it, stumbling across a storage unit which houses a car is sure to be a pick-me-up to anyone's day.  When the car-find is a valuable one, it's an absolutely unreal experience.  However, some of the cars he finds... well, they're so off-beat and invaluable that it ends up costing him money to try to fix them, market them, and try to unload them - and in some cases, he just can't find a new home for these beaters.

Let's take a look at the top ten scores that can turn him a profit, compared to the five cars that he's quite frankly just stuck with.

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15 Profit: Zephyr

via Hemmings

No words needed. Look at this beauty! Released prior to 1940, this stunner belonging to Weiss is highly aesthetically modified, leading us all to assume this is a rare, showcase feature. Think again.

Barry is known to drive his ever-so-rare Purple Zephyr here, there, and everywhere. You wouldn't be able to tell, based on its pristine condition though! This badass ride is treated like a prize. Driven and enjoyed, yet maintained with the highest level of up-keep - it's clear to see he appreciates the car itself, the attention it nets him, and of course - the actual ride.

14 Profit: 1940 Ford COE

via Pinterest

Admit it. You want one too. Understandable. There's nothing "average" about this ride at all. This gorgeous and very rare cab-over was one of Barry's near-overhaul projects. With most of its components completely customized, it's essentially Barry's signature on wheels.

It boasts a 95 Chevy Small block, with custom-fitted Zephyr headlights and of course - a diamond-plated bed. Why did you ask? Because he can. And he did. Barry loved this ride so much he ended up selling it to his best friend Bob. Apparently he didn't want to let it too far out of his sight!

13 Profit: Legacy Hot Rod

via TrendingCar

This car is unreal. It is among the few "untouchables" - this hot rod is recognized and highly sought after by everyone who knows anything about this classic breed. It's no surprise that one of the most renowned collectors, Barry himself, is the proud owner of this priceless car.

This is one of the rare 1932 classics that is so perfectly designed that the focus remains on restoration and not modification. It's out of everyone's reach, but well within the grasp of Barry Weiss.  He's proud of this one, and we can see why.

12 Profit: Lotus Esprit S1

via Hairpin Company

Move over James Bond, Barry Weiss is taking over! It's almost incomprehensible to think that the origin of this car was traced back to a measly $100 storage locker somewhere in New York. Talk about an epic find, huh?

Why it was left and never re-claimed is yet to be established, but we're pretty sure the person who bought this ride isn't looking back with this jackpot car-find! Well worth over a million dollars in today's market, we feel sorry for the poor fellow that walked away from this storage locker.

11 Profit: Tim Burton Batmobile

via fastboompro

Yes, that's right. The Batmobile! Not "just" the Batmobile, either - this is arguably the best, most widely recognized and highly esteemed Batmobile that we've seen in our days.

Originally owned by Tim Burton, the director of the 1989 Batman flick, and now owned by Barry Weiss, the valuation of this car is an easy one to recognize. While Tim lays nostalgic and creative claim to the success of this car, Barry has certainly launched its popularity via his ownership of the car. That's not tough to do, considering it is built on a Chevy Impala chassis and is fully armored, yet still pushes out 530kmph when you hit the petal!

10 Profit: 1972 Harley FHA 8 Valve V-Twin

via Pinterest

Unchallenged as a distinct Harley Davidson collectible, this bike will turn a profit for Barry a hundred times over. Valued at over $600,000, and cited by Vintagent as one of the "10 most expensive motorcycles sold at auction," this vintage beast is a cherished item in Barry's collection.

Aside from the obvious appeal, this is among the last of the 8-valves ever produced by Harley Davidson's factories. With a distinct twin-camshaft timing chest and easily recognizable branding, he may never want to let this one go, but if he does, he will definitely make his money back, and then some!

9 Profit: Tesla Roadster

via Inisideevs

Who leaves a Tesla Roadster in a storage unit, and then forgets about it and never returns? This is a burning question that we would all love to have answered. What are people thinking, or are they?

This is an obvious stunner, and it's as wild to think that someone would leave this behind, as it is to think that someone would stumble across it and get to add it to his collection.  While we're sure Barry doesn't need any additional vehicles to add to his fleet, this is a pretty sweet one to throw into the mix if he was the one to find this ride! There's no doubt there's value in this vehicle that will far surpass the petty cash spent on the storage locker!

8 Profit: '66 Shelby Mustang

via Youtube

Hands down, the most recognizable champions of the Mustang world, the highly respected 1966 Shelby 'stang is always a fan-favorite. Across the board, with wide appeal to both those who are young, and those who are young-at-heart, this car packs so much raw power and holds its value in any market.

This car has such appeal that even those who shun Ford, seem to still respect the history of this vehicle. This high-performance, dual exhaust Cobra is definitely a high-valued asset within Barry's fleet and he's unlikely to let it slip from his hands for any amount of money!

7 Profit: 1927 Bugatti 57S

via RMSothebys

If you've ever raised an eyebrow at Barry Weiss for driving around in vehicles that we'd barely want to see dust accumulate on, we can shed some light on a possible justification for this. Simply put, if you don't enjoy the cars you have now, you may never have the chance to!

Risking scratches, damages, and normal wear-and-tear is a small sacrifice compared to leaving this car on display and never having the opportunity to enjoy it! This ride was found this stowed away in storage and it is now worth well over $3 million! Previously owned by a doctor who stored it for the sake of preservation, Barry likely wishes he got his hands on this one - the resale value would be next level.

6 Profit: 2004 Rolls Royce

via drivingemotions

Owning a Rolls Royce is a privilege for a few of the lucky ones among us and a pipe dream for most of us. It goes without saying that finding one in an abandoned storage unit is a pretty good deal!

Originally purchased at what seemed to be a significant price tag, the $7,000 bid for a storage unit in Florida unveiled a stunning 2004 Rolls Royce. From where we're standing, paying that dollar value and acquiring this ride, seems like a pretty good deal. All in a day's work, we'd say this is a pretty good turnover rate for profitability.

5 Stuck: Chicken Coop

via Reddit

As much as we envy the collectibles in Barry's possession, we also reserve the right to shake our heads at a few of his misses. This is definitely one of them. He drives around in this eccentric, tacky, yellow eyesore, and seems proud of his ride, but we're not of the same opinion.

Sure, it's unique, and understandably a rare-car, but for all the wrong reasons. While some of Barry's over-the-top purchases and custom builds are admirable and make us downright envious, this is one we can do without. Nobody is going to pay anything for this, it's a definite loss on the money-scale.

4 Stuck: Beatnik Bubble Top

via Reddit

This ultra-rare 1950s bubble-top is hands down a unique and head-turning machine, but for all the wrong reasons. It isn't practical in any way and it is so rare that parts and repairs are really not simple. The retractable bubble roof is a cool concept, but it's also a bit of a put-off and doesn't seem practical in any way.

The initial onset of excitement subsides with this ride. It may have taken three years to build, but it will take way longer to sell if anyone even wants it. It's really not a car we imagine as being a drivable experience - it's more of a showroom beauty, so it loses its fun-factor. We'll pass on this one, Barry.

3 Stuck: DeLorean DMC 12

via Hemmings

The DeLorean DMC was one of the first cars with futuristic appeal in its aesthetic features.  We'll give it that- but that's all we can give it. This car has no actual driver-based features to boast, and no sustainable value exists in the experience of the ride.  This is a boring, flat-lining car to drive and leaves us in need of a greater thrill.

If this car is up for sale, Barry may find that most people would come to check it out and snap a few photos, but it would be tough to get someone to crack open a wallet and leap to ownership.

2 Stuck: Triumph Renegade

via caferacers

This is another one of Barry's collectibles that looks initially impressive, but then really doesn't boost its value with a comparable driving experience. At first glance, this looks like an absolute score. The vintage look of this bike sets it apart from most and impresses the average onlooker, but when it comes down to it, there is just nothing highly-valued or sought-after about this bike.

It's actually just an old bike with no ride-appeal to feature or brag about. We know Barry is all about the aesthetics, but the sheer mundane engineering of this bike is going to put-off buyers in search of an elevated driving experience or valuable bike purchase.

1 Stuck: BMW Isetta

via Wikipedia

This little micro-car is as cute as a button, so if you're looking to own a little bubble car that is worth less than $20,000 in today's market, knock yourself out!

We think Barry Weiss can do better than this, though! Compared to the rest of his prized possessions, this is one that will not net him a profit if he's looking to sell. It's oddly shaped and impractical. The Isetta opens from the front and has a great fuel-consumption rate, but that's also due to the fact that it barely putt-putts around town. If Barry wants to customize this ride, it will undoubtedly cost him more than it's worth.

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