The 25 Craziest Cars Built For The Fast And Furious Movies

Here, we are going to take a look into some of the best and wildest cars that have ever come from the Fast and Furious franchise.

The Fast and The Furious franchise has been one that has brought many different styles of cars into the light. We have seen more cars that we can even begin to explain, and each of them has been equally unique. However, this showcase of automotive customization has evolved over the 10+ years that the movies have been out.

Today we are going to take a look into some of the best and wildest cars that have ever come from the Fast and Furious franchise over its course of existence. We have seen cars from Honda Civics to Lykan Hypersports and even tanks, but we always know what to expect when we are watching a Fast and Furious movie; over the top builds.

These are all cars that have undergone an immense amount of work. Even if they don’t look like the body panels have been modified, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t engine modifications, chassis reinforcement, and other custom jobs done. The Fast and Furious car builders have been some of the most talented people when it comes to making works of art that both function as a cool and fast car and a movie set car that works for filming.

Fortunately, we did all of the work and broke down 25 of the craziest builds from the Fast and Furious movies. Each has a different aspect of a unique build, but no two are exactly the same. We chose each of these cars for their unique aspects.

25 The Flip Car

Via Car magazine

The flip car is one that we saw in the 6th installment of the Fast and Furious films, and it blew our minds. This was a car that was meant to be nearly indestructible and mixed with the aspects of an F1 car. Where this car is completely custom, the skeleton frame actually acts as the body panels as well as its unique nose and hood, which we know flips cars.

Even the characters in the movie were completely blown away by this one, which definitely says something.

24 Veilside RX7

Via Wallpaper Cave

One of the most over the top builds in the movies ended up coming from Tokyo Drift. This is Han’s RX7 that we were introduced to after the first actual race in Tokyo with the DK and Shaun. However, this isn’t just a normal FD RX7, this is a Veilside RX7.

Veilside is an aftermarket body kit maker that specializes in JDM cars, and they are based in Japan. This RX7 has the complete kit, widebody plus all of the bumpers to transform this one completely.

23 1970 Dodge Charger

Via NY Daily News

This was one of the first hero cars that we were given in the movies. The 1970 Dodge Charger driven by Dom was a car that we quickly came to love. However, this one isn’t quite the same as any other Dodge Charger of the time.

The movie car actually was modified. However, there were quite a few duplicates for the stunt scenes. The car did come equipped with a functional supercharger that pokes through the hood as we can see.

22 R34 Skyline

Via Motor Trend

Another hero car that we quickly saw in the second Fast and Furious film was the R34 Skyline driven by Brian. Not only was this one of the very few Skylines that came into the states during the time, but it was also actually completely legal, which was rare during the time.

However, this one wasn’t a true GTR. It was, in fact, a GTS-T which had a modified RB25 engine to really hold its own against the competition, and let it drift a bit as well.

21 Honda S2000

Via NY Daily news

During the first Fast and Furious movie, we actually were introduced to the first true villain car as well. This one was Johnny Tran’s Honda S2000. Where this car in the movie claimed to have over $100,000 under the hood of it, it didn’t actually have that but it was significantly modified.

This S2000 actually had quite a few upgrades to the engine which gave it that signature sound from the high revving VTEC engine that came in these.

20 RB26 Ford Mustang

Via NY Daily news

Another car that we were given in Tokyo Drift was the Ford Mustang, which was RB26 swapped. This car we saw was one that didn’t run at all, and there happened to be a spare RB26 engine laying around, so what better transplant?

This gave us one of the most heavily modified, custom cars that the franchise had seen yet. Since this swap didn’t exist, everything was custom.

19 Toyota Supra

Via YouTube

Another iconic hero car of the films was the original Toyota Supra that was driven by Brian O’Conner. This car we saw took a drastic change when it came to the looks as well as the engine. However, during the time there were quite a few stunt cars.

This one was indeed a turbo car. However, most of the other ones during stunts were equipped with a naturally aspirated 2JZGE versus the 2JZGTE that would have been the turbo version.

18 The Ice Charger

Via Superfly Autos

In the most recent installations of the franchise, we were given another extremely unique and custom car. This was the Ice Charger that was showcased in the Fast and Furious 8. This did take on the shape of the Dodge Charger hero car that we know and love, however, this one was extensively modified.

Where you can see it is extremely wide, this comes from a custom body kit. A custom wheel setup as well gives this a mean stance as well as mean looks.

17 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Via Pinterest

Stepping back again to the first Fast and Furious film we are taking a look at the Mitsubishi Eclipse that was the original car driven by Brian O’Conner (before it blew up). This car was the first car that we were given during the films and it gave us more than enough hope.

This car was the original eye catcher, plus it was heavily modified as well. From engine upgrades to body kit, nitrous and more, this car truly is iconic.

16 Widebody C2 Corvette

Via Inside Line

We are accustomed to seeing many different muscle cars in the Fast and Furious movies, which is why it isn’t too surprising to see another one hit the set. However, this one isn’t just any car, it is a C2 Chevrolet Corvette. This car is completely custom as well. From the custom widebody fenders to the wheel setup and even a better powerplant under the hood.

This car was meant to show the expertise of the builders of these cars, and boy it sure did just that.

15 VW Jetta

Via WhichCar

Another car from the first Fast and Furious film that we all know and love is the Jetta that was driven by Jesse. This car actually ended up making its way to different TV shows as well, so it ended up being even more iconic than the movie already made it.

However, this car completely stretched what was possible with a Volkswagen Jetta during the time, and ended up creating a true aftermarket for the platform.

14 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Via Hemmings Motor News

The first hero car that we were introduced in Tokyo Drift was the 1971 Monte Carlo that Shaun drove in the states. Not only was this his baby, but it was completely a sleeper. This car didn’t quite look the part that many people would want, but the performance would be completely over the top.

That is why this car made our list today. Being a sleeper in the Fast and Furious franchise is something that is more of a feat than anything.

13 Dodge Daytona

Via Pinterest

During the 6th Fast and Furious where we were reintroduced to Letty along with a number of new characters, we also saw Dom driving something a bit different. He ended up driving a Dodge Daytona while they were in the UK.

This car wasn’t over the top looks-wise, however, it made a bold statement just being a perfect piece of classic muscle car. With a custom paint job, bigger wheels, a lower stance, this Daytona truly was one of a kind.

12 International MTX

Via The Business Times

Another car that came along in the 7th and 8th movies was this custom International MTX. This one was a truck driven by Hobbs. This has been the trend that we have seen from the newest member of the Fast and Furious franchise.

This truck actually is based on a production truck. However, it has undergone quite a few changes, giving us bigger wheels and aggressive tires, a completely custom wrap specifically for the movie, and quite a bit more as well.

11 R33 Nissan Skyline

Via YouTube

The last car from the first film that we will go over is the R33 Skyline that is driven by Leon. This car is a rare gem, even during this time where the import laws were a bit different than they are now. However, this car was one that we never had seen before.

Not only was this a genuine R33 Nissan Skyline, this was a car that played quite a big role in working through the street races that we started to be exposed to during the film.

10 Ford Escort MK1


One of the most often overlooked cars during the Fast and Furious films is the iconic Ford Escort MK1. This was a car driven by Brian during the 6th film while they were chasing the tank. However, this isn’t just a normal Escort.

It is equipped much more like the classic rally cars that Ford raced during the production period of this Escort, which makes it even more unique and over the top.

9 Subaru WRX STI

Via Car Throttle

Another car that is often overlooked is the Subaru STI that we saw during the 4th film in Mexico. This car is actually significantly modified, especially handling-wise. This one we did end up seeing doing what a Subaru does best, going off-road.

Which gave it an even more unique build quality. It had to handle the trail. So with that, the car was reinforced, equipped with a roll cage and rally spec suspension to let this Subaru get the job done.

8 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Via Universal Orlando

Another extremely unique car that we’ve seen during the Fast and the Furious movies is the Local Motors Rally Fighter. This car actually was made to be an off-road car that would absolutely be a blast to drive.

We ended up seeing this one during a scene in the 7th movie where they were working on securing the character, Ramsey. That gave this an even bigger appeal as it was a crucial part of this sequence.

7 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline

Via Autoblog.com

When we took a brief visit to Cuba during the filming of the 8th Fast and Furious film, we were given a look at the unique car scene that Cuba has to offer. During the opening race, Dom ended up driving one of the most unique cars in the series, this 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline.

This car was missing, well, nearly every body panel. Not only this, but this car was a turbo diesel which made it extremely unique even from a movie standpoint.

6 Drift Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

Via Topsimages

Heading back to Tokyo Drift, we are looking at the rear wheel drive drift Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. This car was one of the most unique cars that could be seen drifting in the first place. Luckily, there is a system in place so you can send the power strictly to the rear wheels, but it's still unique.

This car with the equipped 4G63 engine and the suspension modifications that were added is actually a good drift car.

5 Nissan Silvia S15

Via 3DExport

Rounding off our Tokyo Drift cars, we are going to go into the RB26 swapped Nissan Silvia S15. This car, for us, is an extremely sought-after car since we haven’t been able to have it in the states at all. However, it being heavily modified makes it even crazier.

Having a modified RB26 engine, better turbo setup, plus every other modification on this car truly made it one of the best cars in the films.

4 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Via Wallimpex

A car that we briefly saw between the 5th and 6th films was this custom Dodge Challenger SRT8 that Dom drove. This car was seen when the crew was finished with their heist and on to a better life, where we saw the Challenger meet with the Nissan GTR driven by Brian.

This car is slightly modified, yet it is still an awesome build. This is a custom body kit that is equipped to make this already wide car even wider and more aggressive.

3 Chevrolet Corvette C3

Via For the Win

A car that made a huge scene was actually this Corvette which we saw during the beginning of Fast Five. This one is actually a classic car with nothing over the top done, but it sure did make a statement with its short appearance during the movie.

This is the car that ended up jumping out of a moving train, then proceeding to jump off a cliff into a river. Now if that isn’t something that is crazy, I don’t know what is. With as little screen time as it got, this car certainly made a big statement.

2 Bentley Continental GT

Via Inside Line

Changing it up a bit is the Bentley Continental GT that we saw during the latest Fast and Furious film. This one was driven by Roman and it screams his style. From the custom paint job to the wheels, this is a car that we always see Roman driving during the films.

However, even at that, finding a Bentley Continental GT that is somewhat modified isn’t something that we see very often. Still, this one ended up doing just the right job for the film.

1 Subaru BRZ

Via Inside Line

Rounding off our list is this completely bonkers Subaru BRZ that we saw in the 7th film. This one is completely customized inside and out. Where we have seen very few Subaru cars in the films, it was only natural that a BRZ was going to make itself known at some point.

This one has a completely custom widebody kit, bigger wheels, suspension, custom paint, and quite a few more upgrades to make it film worthy. This is another car that ended up making a huge statement.

Sources: Inside Line, Motor Trend, NY Daily News, Universal Orlando, Car Throttle, MSN

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