10 Cars Chef Gordon Ramsay Owns And 10 He Wishes He Had

Chef Ramsay definitely paid his dues on the line and when it comes to toys, the man turns his attention to cars in a big way.

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been entertaining audiences on television for the greater part of two decades and has wreaked wonderful havoc for the chefs that want to work for him. He started cooking in London when his junior soccer career ended because of injury and he made his way up the old culinary ladder, so to speak. But perhaps his aforementioned television success is what has garnered him most of his success and the millions upon millions of dollars that came with it all.

Hell’s Kitchen is perhaps the most successful of his TV shows and features a number of chefs that compete for a chance to work for the man himself. The show has been on for a whopping 18 seasons in the United States and has brought many of the country’s greatest chefs to the surface of the industry: Kevin Cottle, Robert Hesse, Rock Harper, Barbie Marshall, Andy Husbands, Ben Walanka, and Vinny Accardi, to name a few. And although a lot of them didn’t win the ultimate prize, they sure made great impressions as they competed.

As for Chef Ramsay himself, he definitely paid his dues on the line and helms a very tight ship in all of his restaurants, as well (the man currently owns a reported 27 locations, give or take). So, with all those restaurants, investments, cookbooks, and TV appearances, we’d say it’s safe to assume he can definitely afford a few toys or two.

And when it comes to toys, the man turns his attention to cars in a big way. But as many cars as he does have, we’d wager there are a few he only wishes he had. Join us as we take a look at his collection as well as the cars that he’s got on his wish list.

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VIA Irish Mirror

Now, for a gentleman who obviously loves food from Italy, it's safe to assume that his interests in the region don't nestle only in the cuisine. He is a massive fan of the automobiles from there, especially Ferraris. Now when we say he's a fan, trust us, as he has not one, not two, but three Ferrari California Ts, this grey one being the first. Stay tuned for the others and you'll be surprised that the Ferrari is a car he covets above all others—particularly this model. The California model went into production back in 2008 and ended in 2017. Of course, they can still be purchased, if Ramsay hasn't found them all, that is! The successor to this car was the Portofino.


VIA blog.dupontregistry.com

Well, here's another California T and in a beautiful blue shade that sits quite well under the shining sun. Sometimes, a person becomes such an all-out fan of something that they just have to compulsively posses more than one. Well, this is definitely the case for Chef Gordon Ramsay and this particular model. He's often seen driving his California T and he seems to have the broadest of smiles every time. Now, we don't have a doubt in our collective minds that he loves all of his Ferraris but we'd wager that this model has definitely got to be the most coveted in his garage. And why not? Just look at this thing. We can look at this model all day.


via Modena Cars

And here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: the last of the California Ts in Chef Gordon Ramsay's car collection. Have we saved the best for last? That depends on what your favorite color is, of course, and if red it is, then enjoy and feast your eyes on this one. The shot is rather interesting, as Chef is actually wearing his whites for this picture. We wonder what's going on back in the kitchen as he posed for this shot? Maybe pandemonium and if so, we're sure the photographer got an earful when he was packing up his gear. A person definitely has gotta love something in order to pay for three of them.


VIA autoevolution

Ah yes, another Ferrari, and we'll refrain from saying "I told you so." This one packs quite the punch and you can actually see videos online of Chef Ramsay riding in the car around the track. This incredible car made headlines at its debut in 2015 and Ramsay ordered himself a unit shortly afterward. He didn't get to actually drive the car in the multitude of videos out there but we're sure he gets his fair share of wheel time now. Maybe only his growing children will prevent problems in the future, continuously taking the keys to his rides, and if they all choose Ferraris, what'll be left for him to drive? Perhaps the cars of his dreams! And he's got quite a few kids, with one newly arrived. Congrats to the chef!


VIA Pinterest

Now, here's another of the Ferrari vehicles the man owns more than one of. The La Ferrari has got a pretty funny name, let's face it. Translated, it means "The Ferrari" and the word "duh" comes to mind here. I mean, obviously, it's a Ferrari! Couldn't they have given this one a series of numbers for a name?  It's worked so well in the past, why not go for it once again? But anyway, he's been seen riding this one around quite often, as well, and if you pay close attention to the image we've found for you, you'll see that patent Chef Ramsay smirk that's won over the hearts of many. Amazing how easy that smirk can inspire both intrigue and fear all at the same time.


VIA irishmirror.ie

And here's his other The Ferrari. Sorry, couldn't resist yet another dig at the unimaginative name. But rest assured, the name doesn't take away from the awesomeness of this car—and yes I mean awesomeness. Sometimes, there's no other way to describe an object of such class and power without inventing your own word. Kind of like WWE Superstar John Cena. He actually invented a word: scrumtrulescent, meaning amazing, impressive, succulent all thrown into one. It could be used for food, events, and hey, even cars. So it would be safe to assume that John Cena would think "The Ferrari" was, in fact, scrumtrulescent!


VIA youtube.com/TheTFJJ

Finally, now there's a generic name we've come to expect from the men and women at Ferrari. It seems Chef Ramsay doesn't mind the generic number names, either, as he collects these like most people collect stamps or even rare coins. He also seems to like the color white for his vehicles. If you look closely at the picture, you can actually see Ramsay at the wheel. He seems rather pensive to us and no, it's not the traffic he sees before him that he's thinking about. We can almost read his mind. He's thinking of one thing and one thing only: the service and will it go smoothly tonight or not? Ah, heavy lays the crown for a top chef.


VIA Namaste Car

In 2017, this model made its long-awaited debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Jaws definitely dropped when this one came onto the platform and you could clearly hear the oohs and ahs from onlookers. We're sure that even people at home watching online made their fair share of oohs and ahs as they looked on—Chef Gordon Ramsay among them because he ordered his own unit not too long after it premiered. It was delivered and yes, he was a giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. The two things that probably make him as giddy are an excellent service (without any problems) and, of course, a finely prepared dessert, as he has "a terrible sweet tooth," as he's fond of saying.



As a man who spends a lot of his time in the UK and, of course, is from there, what kind of dude would he be if he didn't support some of the local manufacturers and one with such a rich and storied past? But yes, he does have a Bentley and the car is one of the most expensive in its class but not one of the most expensive vehicles in the world, as we've seen in this article. The car is a definitive classic in the luxury car milieu, something the chef understands quite clearly. The company was founded in 1919. Now, talk about a storied past indeed.


VIA Robb Report

What kind of collection would Ramsay's be without a Porsche? The car is primarily reserved for men approaching their mid-life crises, as popular culture and opinion would have you believe. But we'd imagine that crisis to be something that this man has avoided altogether. He's in great shape, is happily married with five children, and has traveled the world over. Usually, such crises are reserved for people with a few more unaccomplished items on the old to-do list. Ramsay seems to have all that covered. And yet he still has a Porsche! How could this be? We'd like to venture a thought: perhaps he owns one because it actually is quite a good vehicle and not just a toy for unhappy men.


VIA CarBuzz

Well, make sure your jaws are nice and loose because they're about to drop—if they didn't already when you saw the image of this incredible machine. And if your jaws didn't come unhinged and drop to your chest, then they will when you see what this vehicle is valued at. You ready? 2.1 million dollars is what this incredibly built car goes for, and not a penny less. The vehicle supports a 6.0-liter V12 engine and is miraculously light in weight, which makes it incredibly fast. And further than the specs, the car has a style that just calls your eyes to it, mesmerizing onlookers and even non-car folks. We're sure Ramsay has heard of the car and wonders if he'll ever get his hands on one.


VIA Green Car Reports

Now, we all know that Ferrari and all their cars are based on the old-school combustion engine that most vehicles still operate with. Tons of cars still do, especially our favorite ones, and the thought of them one day being electric can definitely cause a shudder to work its way up our backs. Imagine an electric Dodge Charger!? I don't think so, my friend. But, as gearheads, we can more than appreciate the fact that Elon Musk and Tesla have made leaps and bounds into the future, especially with their Roadster. We wonder if Ramsay has thought about adding one to his collection. If so, it would look great next to all those Cali-Ts he's got!


VIA Wikipedia

Now, he does own one Aston Martin but it definitely isn't this one, as this one can set you back about $2.4 million. It seems to be the most perfect ride we've ever seen, and although looks can be deceiving, we don't think that's the case here and with this car. Just look at that thing! It calls to mind the Tumbler from the Batman films starring Christian Bale. In fact, we see Batman riding around in it—or perhaps James Bond! Yeah, and seeing that Daniel Craig will soon be filming his last Bond film, the spot's open for Chef Ramsay! The new Bond, however, has got a flair for searing and sauteing, so forget the martini and bring on the skewered lamb.


VIA en.wikipedia.org

Now, this one's got a name out of some sci-fi drama starring Vin Diesel but no, the name belongs to this awe-inspiring vehicle you see before you. This one, too, goes for a pretty hefty price (a reported $2.6 million) and if Chef Ramsay's willing to pay that price, he too can ride around in a car that many call "the most extravagant in the world!" Why extravagant? Because the headlights shining brightly at the front there are actually made from over 200 15 carat diamonds. The headlights are actual diamonds! It has a rear mounted 3.7-liter engine and goes from 0 to 62 in 2.8 seconds!


VIA Top Speed

There are quite a few celebrities that own a Bugatti Veyron, and we're more than sure that if Chef Ramsay set his sights on it, he could get his hands on one quite easily. But this particular model might not be so easy. It was customized by Mansory Vivere and is the most expensive models under the Veyron name. Interestingly enough, nothing was done to the engine, as it comes complete with the same engine as the original Veyron that was launched back in 2005. Additions include a new body kit and interior panels. You'd think much more was done to it, seeing the increase in price, but not really.


VIA Munikko chakma

What car aficionado wouldn't want a McLaren on his list of collectibles—or rather, wish list of collectibles? Also priced at $2.7 million and worth every penny we're afraid, the engine is only a twin-turbo V8. Still good, just not as impressive as some of the others on this list. But what brings the price so much higher is that the engine casing is gold-plated! You read that right. We wonder what gold looks like all covered in engine grease, though? This actually brings to mind the general wonderment that maybe these cars wouldn't be so expensive without all these frills like gold and diamonds thrown into the mix. Just saying.


VIA The19Tommy85

When people think of Italy and the place's incredible cars, usually a few names come to mind: the top two definitely belong to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Now, it surprised us and may surprise you, too, that Ramsay doesn't have a Lambo. Any Lambo would do but for some reason, he hasn't gotten around to the brand yet. But if he were to start a Lamborghini collection to go along with his Ferrari collection, we would think he'd start with this bad boy pictured here. This one takes the cake as one of the most expensive on our list and comes in at $3.4 million! This one's got a 6.5-liter V12 and has huge air ducts that flank the body.


VIA motorauthority.com

You wouldn't think it but this one is actually one of the more expensive cars, coming in at a whopping $3.7 million. For that amount, you can get yourself many of the other cars on this list and some of the cars Chef Ramsay actually owns, perhaps a few more California Ts and LaFerraris. But there are those that would purchase this car instead and yes the term "throwing away your money" comes to mind. But still, there are those that covet such vehicles and would pay any price for them. We'd say it's safe to assume that this would be a tad steep, even for Chef Ramsay—but of course, you never know.


VIA Motor1.com

Here's another vehicle everyone who's serious about collecting should try to get and once again, especially if that collector is from the UK. But this one, dear readers, is actually the most expensive vehicle on our list today and when you read the price, you'll more than understand why this chef, even the richest chef in the world that he is, doesn't own one. The car comes in at a whopping $9.9 million! That is an incredible amount of dough—and we don't mean pizza dough! He could buy more than a few more restaurants with that kind of money!


VIA RM Sotheby's

And to finish off the festivities, yet another Ferrari! But pay close attention to the section title above the photo we've provided. And no, you're not wrong. Chef Gordon Ramsay doesn't have this one. Could it be a Ferrari he doesn't own? It's true, he doesn't have this particular model and to be honest, a few other models under the brand name, but this one's a little more difficult to acquire, as it's set at $2.3 million. And you knew we'd say that it isn't a California T, so the price tag is definitely astronomically different in range and scope. Let's also pay close attention at the shape of this one, as it really looks different from anything the company has put forth.

Sources: Lookers, Wikipedia, Top Speed, and Mirror Online.

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