10 Unsettling Images Of Cars Covered In Disgusting Bugs

Insects are beautiful and fascinating creatures. Unless your car is swarmed with bugs, then the admiration quickly turns into disgust.

We can all remember a time when a bug came crashing into our windshield, splattering a gooey paste across the vehicle's pristine surface. This is not a new phenomenon, but you should consider yourself lucky not to have your entire vehicle obliterated by a massive horde of bugs. It is disgusting when you only have a few, but the thought of having to scrub thousands from a vehicle would make anyone want to vomit.

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We have found images of cars that are covered in these horrifying creatures. These images may make your stomach turn and are not for the faint of heart. Keep reading to see ten images of cars covered in disgusting bugs!

10 It should be renamed the "Bughound"

This Greyhound, or should I say Bughound, was pelted with thousands of bugs as it made its way down to Fort Myers, Florida. This seems surreal and undeniably disgusting as we look upon it with mortified eyes.

The lady in the background is smiling, but we can tell that she is actually frozen with disgust. The man beside her has his hand over his heart as he stares perplexed at the disturbing sight before him. These people expected a ride and not the horror show they encountered.

9 Lovebugs Are a Misnomer

Lovebugs may love our cars, but we sure hate them. One look at this van covered in their guts and the remnants of their bodies has us holding back the bile. This poor man is trying to use a window squeegee to remove their remnants, but his attempt is futile.

They have chosen his van to be their victim and he will never defeat them when their numbers are this large. We continue to hold onto the hope that one day they will find something else to smash themselves upon instead of our cars.

8 A Halloween Disaster

These spiders may not be real, but the thought that one day this could occur to someone's precious car should be able to make anyone cringe. We can only imagine giant spiders wrapping in sticky silk a hapless driver inside their own car, as they work to devour us between their vicious maws.

It is the image of our nightmares and no matter how hard we try to banish it from our memories, we can never erase the vision that has permanently imprinted itself upon our brains.

7 The Mayflies have begun to Attack us

These cars in this parking lot were brutally attacked by buckets of mayflies, which is not a one-time thing. It is unclear why they picked these two cars in particular, but it may have been a personal vendetta against their owners.

Mayflies can be a nuisance, and now they have begun a war and we are not sure it is winnable. These cars can be scrubbed and sanitized, but everyone knows the mayflies have won this round fair and square.

6 Trucks Are Not Even Safe From Their Wrath

You shouldn't show your grandfather this image because his heart may just stop after one look at this disgusting sight. We hope the owner of this truck is on his way with the hose and some sponges to wash off this mess.

These bugs have created mayhem atop a beautiful frame and there is nothing we can do besides stare at our screens with our own cleaning supplies in hand. It is not uncommon for someone to feel the need to clean their own vehicle after catching a glimpse of this image.

5 Yes, That is a Hornet's Nest

Our brains had a hard time processing that this image was actually real, but sometimes reality can be hard to swallow. This hornet's nest is humongous and had to be removed by a specialist because no one else in their right mind would touch that thing with a hundred-foot pole.

You can already see them crawling around on the outside with their stingers poised and ready to pierce our flesh. The thought of them skittering along with our bodies as they work to subdue their target is as frightening as it is disgusting.

4 Why would anyone put fake bugs on their car?

It is unclear why someone would ever wish to purposely cover their car in fake bugs, but it is definitely not something we would consider doing. It looks kind of tasteful until you see the bugs crawling all over its grassy, green surface.

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Presumably, such a vehicle may be somewhat of a risk on the road. This truck might inadvertently distract other drivers, causing them to avert their eyes from the roadway ahead of them.

3 Even Public Work Vehicles Are Not Safe

This ambulance ran right into a storm of bugs as it rushed to get a patient to the hospital, and now they are left with this disgusting mess. Ambulance workers are trained to work with human guts, but bug guts are on a whole other level of disgusting.

They now will have to waste precious moments of their day scrubbing these icky creatures off of the front of their ambulance. It is a task some poor employee will have to undergo and we all feel sorry for whoever picks the short end of the stick.

2 The Dreaded Spider

This car only needed to have one bug on it to win this round. This spider is huge and its eyes are staring right at us, daring any weak human to touch the handle of the vehicle. We do not know what it wants. Money? Food? Our children?

It has laid claim to the vehicle and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We can only hope it will eventually move on to greener pastures, but we might never be able to erase the disgustingly large image of its multi-leg body out of our heads.

1 Bees Have claimed This Vehicle

It is impressively disgusting how fast these bees worked to overtake this parked Suzuki Alto. We hope the owner does not have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon. It is only a matter of time before the entire vehicle becomes engulfed by their tiny buzzing bodies, and it will become an even bigger sight to remember.

Regardless of their reasoning or way of life, bugs have no business interacting with cars. Most people should be able to at least agree on that much.

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