20 Cars Driven By The Cast Of Duck Dynasty On And Off The Set

Here's what the cast of Duck Dynasty drive off and on the set.

What’s the big deal about Duck Dynasty? How did a bunch of bearded bush ninjas manage to capture the attention of a nation so wholly and completely? The Season 2 finale became the most-watched A&E episode in the network’s history. (Entertainment Weekly.) The momentum behind the Duck Commander powerhouse would continue to grow, and the nation fell in love with the duck wranglers almost instantly.

They offended some people, while others rallied by their side for taking a positive stand on “sensitive” issues. Whether they were right or wrong in the eyes of the public, they stood by their beliefs in a refreshing show of transparency. They didn’t modify their behavior to pander to the network, they didn’t backtrack like a politician when someone pointed a finger in their direction; they were just a bunch of folks that had a calling (get it?), and ran a business. We loved them because they were about as genuine as a reality TV show could let them be.

Given their geographic location, they didn’t drive Ferraris and Maseratis. Lifted trucks, lifted trucks, and lifted trucks were what was on the menu. If it had a transfer case, a locking rear end, and a bull bar, it was fleet material. The Duck Commander fleet has many notable editions to its lineup. Some of them classics, while others – very contemporary. They even had their name on trucks they’ve never seen before! Apparently, when you reach a certain level of fame, people just end up using your name to sell trucks!

So what do the Duck Commanders really drive? Would you believe Willie started out in a Foxbody Mustang, with a sound system that occupied the entirety of his back seat?

20 Foxbody No Trade-Backs

via My Classic Garage

Willie’s had more than his fair share of cars in his name over the years; some of them would even make NFL superstars look homely. But life wasn’t always filled with Skyjackers and heavy-duty bull bars on $60,000 trucks.

Robertson started out his driving career in a beat-up Foxbody Mustang with, in his words, “about 200,000 miles on it.” (Motor Trend.) It was paid for by his baseball card collection, which he traded to a girlfriend’s dad at the time for the cash to buy the car. As luck would have it, they would break up before he ever got the chance to buy them back.

19 Jeep Comanche

via McNeil Racing Inc

Willie had many good memories in his Foxbody Mustang, but for the future heir of the Duck Commander empire, a rear-wheel drive, road-going car could only suffice so long before he needed something else – something more capable. Willie isn’t really the straight-line dominator kind of guy – and no matter how many speakers he filled the back seat of his Mustang with, something was always missing.

“I was proud of it, but I was glad to get rid of it, and finally get a truck,” he says (Motor Trend). What many don’t know is that Willie’s idea of a truck was an incredibly rare Jeep Comanche. Straight from the ‘80s, and abused far more than any Jeep probably should have been!

18 Big Boy Ford

via MotorTrend

For the commander in chief of the company that sponsored the Texas Motor Speedway’s Duck Commander 500, Jeeps and Mustangs from the 1980s are just two things you can’t be seen in.

It’s okay to own a few of these jalopies (if you must), but you need a big boy truck when you’re face is in front of the nation (because who’s going to want to buy a duck call from a guy that looks like his business is on the brink of failure?). Willie’s custom 2014 F-150 was built by one of his partners that used it as a traveling display before passing it off to Willie.

17 Line-X Silverado

via Dub Magazine

Willie Robertson became a legend almost overnight. The Duck Commander subjects captured the nation’s heart with candor and clever one-liners, firing back and forth on a continual basis (usually during working hours). Being a country boy doesn’t lock you into one type of truck, Willie is loyal, but he’s not that loyal.

For Robertson, a truck is a truck; for the Duck Commander boss, two trucks are always better than one. The Line-X Special Edition Silverado steps up the heavy with an overhead rack stout enough for any buck that is unfortunate enough to get detected by Willie, before detecting him first.

16 Duck Commander 500

via Gregg Elkin

Although not a major proponent of downforce and road tires, Robertson knows his audience – and his audience loves their NASCAR! (Surprised?) The Texas Motor Speedway is located in the greater Fort Worth area of Denton County, Texas. 1.5 miles long and 24° in the banks – it was one of the faster tracks on the NASCAR circuit – the perfect racing event for a Duck Commander sponsorship. (Let’s be honest here, Duck Commander is probably the perfect sponsor for a NASCAR event, as well!)

The three and a half hour race went yellow seven times for a total of 41 laps because NASCAR isn’t NASCAR without a bunch of wrecks!

15 12-Wheel Drive

via Dub Magazine

Maybe nothing Robertson has is a twelve-wheel drive, but if he has three four-wheeled vehicles parked in a line, you can bet there are twelve wheels of tractive force between the lot of them. Being a Duck Commander isn’t about looking the part, it’s about being the part.

That means, way down in the West Monroe commons, there ain’t nothing gonna stop him from getting where he needs to go. Whether he’s quad-running or trudging through no-man’s-land, he needs every wheel underneath him to be pulling their weight. Most of everything he owns is some type of all-wheel drive (but not everything).

14 Line-X Dynasty

via Dub Magazine

Willie’s Limited Edition Commander Series pickup is one of the toughest trucks you’ll find on the road. Why? Not because it’s “Like a Rock,” although Chevy would like you to believe it to be true.

The Line-X Silverado features some of the toughest factory add-ons you can get it with; then they add some custom peripherals of their own, and it looks like something you’d use to hunt dinosaurs with in the movie The Lost World, it’s treated with a full-body Line-X spray to stiffen the sides. The Four Wheeler Network claims that the entire spray job only adds 85lbs of weight to the pickup truck.

13 Road Commanders

via Dub Magazine

Willie’s pickup trucks look formidable enough just sitting there on their own. When you get them out on the open road amongst other less-domineering four-wheelers, the contrast between their beefy pickups and everything else is readily apparent. These aren’t bro trucks; something about their flashy nature somehow still conveys their trail-ready persona, whether they’re squeaky clean, or covered in mud.

Despite all the ruggedness, we’d almost feel bad about scratching such pretty trucks in the rough. If your name is Willie Robertson, you don’t have to worry about; no Duck Dynasty fleet would be complete without a few beaters to kick around.

12 Camo Quad

via Dub Magazine

The camo look wasn’t a thing very long ago. Sure “real” outdoorsmen had camo-clad hardware because they used it! But a few episodes of shows like Duck Dynasty blew the trend into the stratosphere! Now, it’s actually “cool” to rock a camo wrap in the dead-center of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, miles and miles away from anything remotely resembling a bush big enough to hide out in.

It’s not unimaginable – after all, the camo wrap looks awesome. But we just can’t figure out what it’s doing cruising down Crenshaw Boulevard on a stock Silverado! New Rule: You can rock camo if you USE camo! All other camo privileges are revoked in the Los Angeles Basin.

11 Commander Post

via Dub Magazine

Willie is seen here posing in front of his stately mansion, in front of his F-150, on a beautifully manicured lawn. The only problem is, this isn’t Willie’s house! People are actually perturbed to learn that elements of the show are actually not real. Maybe nobody ever gave them the memo that reality TV is, in fact, not reality!

Nonetheless, doing some research will find many houses claimed to be theirs (on Google maps and otherwise), while many properties from the show are claimed to be debunked. Whatever house he lives in, it’s pretty safe to say he probably doesn’t want millions of people knowing where he lives.

10 The Commander

via Dub Magazine

Why is Willie so laid back here? Maybe it’s because he’s a baller, with a multi-million-dollar net worth? But we have another theory, one that we like better. You see money or not, Willie just doesn’t care. He’s a good-ol’ boy from the good-ol’ woods. He didn’t grow up in a cave; he’s college-educated, but he’s still a self-proclaimed redneck – and proud of it.

Jeans, tee-shirts, big beards, and bandannas are the uniform of life. He likes the fame, but he’s not about to show-pony up and turn into a puppet for a few views. Like him or not, he’s the Duck Commander, and he’d be gangster-leaning in his Comanche if he had it still.

9 Wrangler Robertson

via Four Wheeler

When you’re the Duck Dynasty heir to the throne (if he’s lucky) you get stuff like this to drive around in, despite not being well-established in life. Well-established is a relative term though when you’re a young reality TV star. He may very well not have to work another day in his life – not very hard anyway.

This Jeep Wrangler may not be the gnarliest of Wranglers you’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty nice for a college kid, freshly married, whose number one thing he wants his fans to know is “I’m not as dumb as I look.” We’d have thought of something a little bit better to say to that question, but maybe he IS as dumb as he looks?

8 Doppelgangers And Copy Cats

via McKaig Chevrolet

When you have a hit TV show, the eyes of the world are upon you; they fixate on your every move, monitor your every motion – you’re a test specimen for their own desires, a validation platform, and an inspiration. When they see you with something, they want it. You don’t even need to own it for them to want it – it just has to look like something you’d like.

McKaig, among other dealerships, realized this irrefutable fact and decided to capitalize on it. As you can tell by the branding on the side of the bed, McKaig wants everyone to know it’s the “Offical Truck of Phil Robertson.” Is it? Who cares! It looks like something he’d drive, and it has camo on it!

7 Duck Avenger

via Argo Adventure

What’s the best part about being a reality TV star? Arguably the free stuff on the side! Sure, the money is usually great, and you can practically buy anything you want (within reason, of course), but when you sign deals with Argo to promote their Avenger series amphibious XTVs, you get free hardware to trudge around the swamps in!

All you have to do is say scripted lines on camera (basically what you’re already doing for the show), and they shower you with more money and free toys! Oh, the things we wouldn’t say on camera for a free Argo Avenger!

6 Duck Truck

via A&E Network

“One of the last undiscovered territories…is Si’s brain,” those that know him best. When the Dynasty is in a bind and needs to get an order out fast, veteran, Si, may be their only glimmering hope. The only problem is Si hardly glimmers. At best, it’s a dull reflection (on a good day).

Si will purport to have driven just about everything on the face of the planet, but you’d never know it by watching the way he viciously attacks each shift gate on the Eaton 10-speed. Si does more grinding to get the truck up to speed than you’ll see in a Snoop Dog video. We’re not even going to mention the fact that his pre-trip consists of absolutely NOT checking the cargo doors.

5 Banner Tow

via Lundy 5

Anybody that’s anybody is going to have to make sure to be seen. They may not have airplanes dragging banners across the sky, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a huge wrap sliding around town with their faces all over it. It’s not like we didn’t already know they were there; but in case anyone did happen to forget, backup rig number two is on duty to spread the word.

The trucks in their fleet are actually a local hot spot, of sorts. People come from miles around, or stop by on family vacations, just to take pictures with their equipment.

4 Duck Commander Furniture

via Car From U.K.

What’s a true Duck Commander without a little pizzazz in their whip? Wraps on the outside make your message clear to other road-going motorists, but what about the Commander’s view? Camo on the outside only does you so much good when you can’t appreciate it while you’re in it!

To make Willie feel more at home, his truck is pimped out with some camo accents on the dash, console, and seats. We’d venture to say the whole truck should have been camoed out, but then they’d lose everything they didn’t keep on their person during the ride. It’s just enough to remind them that they’re a Duck Commander, everywhere they go!

3 Chevrolegs

via Duck Dynasty

The family sometimes have to make do with what they got! They work hard, and they play harder – unless their name is Willie; then they sit in the cab of their Duck Destroyer and race friends from the comfort of a climate controlled cab. Willie isn’t about to run anywhere he doesn’t have to, but if you challenge him to a race, this is likely what you’re going to get – four cones, two lanes, and one winner.

If you haven’t been following the show, we aren’t about to spoil it for you – but this redneck race isn’t something you should underestimate! Willie is the Duck Master, but is he a Drag Master?

2 Sadie Robertson

via People

She’s the cutest Duck Commander of the whole bunch, and of her five siblings, the only one anybody really cares about. Is that just because she’s cute? Based on math, yes. Sadie has plenty more to offer the world than a gorgeous smile; but if we know people, we know that the superficial infatuation with a pretty face is proven reality show gold, and Sadie packs enough of it to fill a gold mine.

Just ask this guy! Who’s he? Nobody cares. He ran around with Sadie for a bit, and the world made assumptions; but to his dismay, Sadie would deny rumors that they were ever a “thing.” (Seriously though, just look at her – she could do better than that…no offense Brett.)

1 Sadie Blazin

via Wild Blue Denim

Sadie is a passionate Duck Commander, tried and true. No Ford Focuses for this champ, no sir. She’s all about burning up the ozone with a big V-8 in a big orange Blazer. You can see her coming from miles away, and you’d better hope she sees you too! It's no secret that Sadie drives about as well as a cinderblock.

Actually, the cinderblock doesn't back up into trashcans; so maybe she stands to learn a thing or two from a slab of brick and mortar. Everybody has to learn sometime, however, and we can't judge her too harshly - but we do hope she sticks to quads and side-by-sides a little bit more until she gets the hang of things!

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