10 Cars That Look Way Faster Than They Actually Are

When looking to purchase a new car, the abundance of choices may overwhelm some consumers. After all, there is a litany of options: SUVs, sedans, convertibles, sports cars, and so on. Many manufacturers, actually, work hard to specialize in a certain category.

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For those who, occasionally, specialize in speed, they often create good-looking and powerful cars. However, they aren't always that fast. Sometimes, they manage to make attractive cars, but they lack the speed and power required to match their appearances. To showcase some of these models, here are ten cars that look fast, but are actually pretty slow...

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10 Mitsubishi Lancer

In recent years, Mitsubishi has been very clear on their stance towards sports cars. So far, they seem to be working towards producing more family-friendly, comfortable, and economic vehicles. This wasn't always the case, though, as evidenced by their last Lancer Evo, the Evo X.

Although the Lancer Evo X is a fast and impressive sports car, the base model (The Lancer) is much less so. You may think that buying the same type of car would yield some of its noteworthy characteristics, but you would be, sadly, mistaken. On the positive side, it still retains a similar look as the Evo, just none of the neck-breaking acceleration.

9 Scion TC

During the early months of 2016, Toyota announced the defunding of Scion, another one of their automotive manufacturers/brands. For those who were paying attention, this decision wasn't exactly a shocking one. Not only had they failed to live up to standards, but they had also made below-average vehicles for a long time.

One such vehicle that didn't impress much was the Scion tC. It was different than the usual Scion: It had a sporty profile, two-doors, and a focus on performance. All of this sounded good on paper and looked interesting in person, but slouched when it came to putting its money where its mouth was.

8 Pontiac Fiero

The '80s were quite a time. Not just for fans of music and history enthusiasts, but for car lovers as well, since some of the boldest and most daring vehicles were made during that time period. Of all the innovations in the automotive industry, probably the most interesting was the Pontiac Fiero.

With some design queues from supercar manufacturers in Europe, Pontiac decided to make a mid-engine sports car of their own: The Fiero. Although it looked (kind of) like a Ferrari and a well-balanced mid-engine layout, the Fiero would deliver nowhere near the level of performance as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others. With all this in mind, it's no wonder why the Fiero didn't last long, yet, still has a significant following.

7 Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata sits in a strange place in the minds of car lovers. For some time, the Miata had a reputation of femininity for its small frame and low power, however, it is also beloved by budget racing drivers. So what exactly is the Miata's deal?

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The best description of a Miata (Or MX-5) would be a compact sports car. It's a four-door, convertible, and sometimes spry. From the factory, the Miata looks like it could be a weekend sports car, but is not very quick with its small 4-cylinder.

On the other hand, though, the Miata is one of the best platforms to build a cheap racecar on. The model's low weight, weight ratios, and mod potential have made the Miata beloved among the racing community. Just don't expect a stock version to be taking on time attacks or S.C.C.A. events anytime soon.

6 Honda Civic

Of all the cars on the road today, the Honda Civic has to be one of the most common. This is for several reasons: Affordable price, good gas mileage, and decent looks. More recently, particularly starting from 2016, the Honda Civic has developed an aggressive and sharp exterior.

Both the Sedan and Hatchback versions offer a well-built car for a good rate, but they still lack one thing: Speed. Even though they look good, their 1.5-liter 4-cylinder isn't enough to get the new models anywhere impressive (Along with the CVT transmission in the automatics). There are exceptions, however, as evidenced by the Civic Type R, one of the fastest front-wheel-drive hatchbacks on the market.

5 Mazda RX-8

After the success of the RX-7 and history with rotary engines, Mazda, once again, unveiled a new rotary-powered sports car. It would be called the RX-8, a direct predecessor to the well-known and beloved RX-7.

While the engines were similar (2 Rotors), the RX-8 didn't come anywhere close to the RX-7 in terms of speed. To add to this, many enthusiasts believe that the RX-8 is ugly compared to its older counterpart. With all those factors combined, along with maintenance issues, the RX-8 became a story of 'what if.'

4 Fiat 500 Abarth

To put themselves back in contention, Fiat re-released one of their most beloved cars: The 500. This time around, the 500 would have a slightly larger body, yet maintaining features from the classic. What makes it even better, though, is a tune from the tuning company Abarth.

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The 500 Abarth is a sportier version of the standard 500, except, it's actually not. In terms of performance, it does not do anything extraordinary. With a top speed of just over 130 M.P.H. and a 0-to-60 in 7 seconds, all the Abarth seems to be is a special paint job, loud exhaust, and exterior parts. One thing on its side, though, is the Abarth's aesthetic and angry engine-note.

3 Corvette C3

When you think of Corvette, 'nice, yet slow' shouldn't be the first thought that comes to mind. Unfortunately for Chevrolet, though, the third-generation Corvette would be on of their worst to date.

Even though the C3s were heavy and sluggish (Even with a huge V8), they still had their looks going for them. Obviously, the C3 is not as nice as the C2 but still functions as a good replacement for appearances. The C3 would be the last Stingray until the C7 later on. As such, the C3 will remain historic, regardless of its divisive reputation.

2 Subaru BRZ

A few years ago, companies like Subaru, Toyota, and Scion came together to produce a car. What they came up with was a sporty two-door car that came with a manual transmission, body options, and a variety of choices between the three manufacturers. This car, of course, was the Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S.

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With all of these automotive giants joining forces, you would be forgiven if you thought that the BRZ would be a modern classic. Sadly, though, the BRZ was no such car. The stock 4-cylinder is underpowered, even for the BRZ's lightweight. However, like the Miata, the BRZ is a great template for modification and racing.

If you have a BRZ, FR-S, or GT86, then don't be too dismayed. If nothing else, the stock car is attractive.

1 DMC DeLorean

When talking about cars that look quick, but are actually slow as sin, there are a few that deserve mentioning. Nonetheless, some stand out. Particularly, the '80s flop of DeLorean Motor Company and their famous DMC-12.

With its appearance in the blockbuster series Back To The Future, the Delorean had become something of a cult classic. The car's gull-wing doors, wedge shape, and ties to the big screen made it the car just about everyone wanted at the time.

Where the DeLorean falters, however, is in its outright speed and acceleration. The cars are also prone to frequent break-downs and need lots of tender love and care. With this knowledge and re-watching Back To The Future, its surprising that a DeLorean even got to 88 miles-per-hour in such a short time.

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