9 Cars For Marvel Fans (And 11 DC Cars That Have Them Beat)

People love to customize their cars, and one way they do that is by making them look like their favourite Marvel and DC superheroes.

There aren't many movies that are going to come out on any given year that are going to be able to compete with the juggernauts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But when you consider the movies tend to make over $1 billion, perhaps other movies are okay realizing that they'll probably never reach the heights that Iron Man (and company) have gotten to.

And while movies coming from the DC Universe may not be quite as popular as the ones coming from their counterpart, there are also still many iconic characters that you can hopefully appreciate from them. Because honestly, how are you going to be hating on Batman? The success of the Wonder Woman film may also have some fanboys for DC feeling optimistic as to what the future may look like.

But it doesn't matter what comic book company you love more, if you have even a slight interest in the world of superheroes then you have come to the perfect list. Because both Marvel and DC are going to get some seriously cool representations below. And all you need to do to enjoy the list is to love getting to look at some amazing examples as to what happens when comic book fans let the world know just how much they love the medium through the customizations on their car. Though I apologize if after looking at these cars that you find yourself tempted to go out and do the same thing to your car!

These are the 10 cars for Marvel fans (10 DC cars that have them beat).

20 Marvel: Captain America

via autoevolution.com

Captain America and the gang often isn't in need of a supercar to help get them around. Though Chris Evans, who plays the lead character, definitely would be able to afford at least a few really nice cars when you consider the very lucrative payday that he has taken home for his role as the First Avenger. Though it's hard to argue that he doesn't earn it!

This Lamborghini owner clearly put the money necessary into making sure that this Captain America inspired car still managed to leave people amazed.

They spared no expense to make sure the wrap was applied perfectly.

19 Marvel: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

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There are millions of people who are going to be going to the theater every year with the intention of checking out the latest superhero movie. But if you don't want to have to deal with the annoying high prices of the theater, not to mention having to interact with many different people, you may much prefer watching things that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Which means that no show on television may appear to you more than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While some people may have been skeptical of the show at first, it's currently been renewed for its 6th season and has aired 110 episodes.

18 Marvel: Iron Man

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There are many different actors who are responsible for the Marvel Universe getting to the insane level of success that it has. But if you had to ask most people as to what actor in the entire Universe does the best job with their role, the answer may more often than not be Robert Downey Jr.

He re-invented his career when he stepped into the shoes of Tony Stark.

And if there is someone out there who loves superheroes enough to do this to their car, then they may also be one of the many people who can't stop singing Downey Jr.'s praises.

17 Marvel: The Hulk

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You definitely don't want to get on the bad side of other drivers on the road. As a silly mistake by either of you has the chance of turning that trip around the block into the last thing you do in your life. And while I don't know if the owner of this Hulk themed car would also be an aggressive driver, The Hulk isn't exactly the most mild-mannered person in the world. Which also means that even if they are driving around in this car that their driving persona is a lot more similar to that of Bruce Banner.

16 Marvel: Wolverine

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There is another entry on our list that talks about one of the perhaps, less popular, members of the X-Men in Mystique. But to be fair in comparison to Wolverine, there really isn't anyone who holds a candle in comparison. And while another entry also talks about the amazing job that Robert Downey Jr. has done with Iron Man, it also perhaps pales in comparison to what Hugh Jackman did with the role of Wolverine. While it seems like as of now Jackman has put down his claws for good, his swan song in the form of the film Logan earned over $600 million at the box office and a critical reception of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

15 Marvel: Groot

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One of the biggest franchises for Marvel is the Guardians of the Galaxy. Which has already had two movies that were incredibly successful with critics and at the box office, as well as having some fantastic moments in the Avengers franchise. But the person that you may love the most from the Guardians gang may be the person who says the least, Groot!

The character is a fan favourite, and this motorcycle would likely also be.

At the very least, you would hope the person who was put in charge of creating this fantastic customized motorcycle that pays homage to the character had plenty of love for the character.

14 Marvel: Mystique

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There are many different superpowers out there that you may wish you had. But one of the coolest has to be the powers exhibited by the X-Men character (and often antagonist), Mystique who can transform her appearance. Mystique has appeared in several different films and has been played in the past by Rebecca Romijn before the role was recast and given to Jennifer Lawrence for the newest rendition of the superheroes. And while Romijn may no longer play the character, she may still find herself pretty tempted to "embrace her past" if she was ever given the chance to do some driving around in this amazing looking car.

13 Marvel: Spider-Man

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Every year there are many different video games coming out that people are excited to go out and buy. One of the biggest games of 2018 comes from Insomniac Games as they got the opportunity to create a new Spider-Man game that is set to come out on the PS4 in September. Which means that there may soon be millions of people who are going to gain a whole new level of appreciation for the web-slinger once they get to be the ones zipping him around the city. And while you may not go as fast as Spider-Man, I imagine you'd also not hesitate to zip around in quick speeds on this motorcycle.

12 Marvel: The Punisher

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If you only judged The Punisher based on the live-action movies that have been made of him, you may not have the strongest opinion on the character. But Jon Bernthal has done an amazing job of helping breath new life into the character with his portrayal that you can see on the Netflix original programming, Daredevil. Jon's performance was so impressive in the character that they ended up making a standalone The Punisher series. The people at Netflix also seem to be a huge fan of Jon as they have already agreed to a 2nd season of the show.

11 Marvel: Ghost Rider

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I could try and convince you that the Ghost Rider movies that starred Nicolas Cage are well worth your time. But why would I take the time out of my day to lie to you? Because while Cage has had some performances in his career where he's been fantastic on the screen, he definitely seemed to flame out in the role. Though at least he got to play the character on multiple occasions? Though you don't have to have any appreciation for the movie series (or character, for that matter) to agree with me that this motorcycle looks awesome!

10 DC: Wonder Woman

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While she is no longer burning rubber on the track, there was a time when Danica Patrick was one of the most talked about racers in the entire world and has surely been an inspiration for many women out there who have wanted to pursue their dreams.

Patrick used her big name for a good cause back in 2017 when she teamed up with the company, One Cure, to create an awesome Wonder Woman themed car.

The company focuses on trying to help people who are suffering from cancer by using treatments that have been found to help pets with cancer. (Source: USAToday).

9 DC: The Joker

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There are many different renditions of The Joker, but if the comics weren't as well written as they were, he never would have become as popular as he is. One of the best stories for The Joker comes from the graphic novel, The Killing Joke, which came out in 1988 and was a rendition of the origin of The Joker.

The novel was written by Alan Moore who among other accomplishments also created Watchmen.

It's clear that this driver is a fan of The Killing Joke, as it is that novel where the image you see on the side of the car appears.

8 DC: Harvey Dent (Inspired By Two-Face)

via instahu.com

Harvey Dent might not be as iconic of a villain as The Joker when you are thinking about Batman's list of enemies, but there are many reasons as to why Harvey Dent - aka Two-Face - might still be your very favorite. Even if Tommy Lee Jones' take on the character in Batman Forever was enough to make you seriously wonder just how cool the character is. But thankfully the director Christopher Nolan, as well as a tremendous performance from Aaron Eckhart got their hands on the character. It's possible their great job was perhaps the final push for this owner to go and modify their car.

7 DC: Batman (Inspired By Batman Beyond)

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You can spend thousands of dollars on customizations and you would probably still never come away with a car that is even kind of as cool as to what the Batmobile is. But hey, if Batman is the coolest superhero (which in my opinion, he is) perhaps it only makes sense that he has an awesome car to get around in. Not to mention things like a plane when the situation calls for it! And while this owner may not have dropped thousands on their car, they still clearly put some time and attention into their efforts; coming away with a great truck that seems to be inspired in particular by Batman Beyond.

6 DC: The Joker (Graffiti On A Car)

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Can you imagine how tedious it would be to actually be a police officer in Gotham City? I mean, sure, you do have the luxury of having Batman who is occasionally going to swoop in and help save the day. But there are also probably many crimes that you would have to deal with that were perpetrated by The Joker - or perhaps even more annoyingly - his gang of followers that would be sure to have you contemplating an early retirement. Especially if you stepped out of the office to get into your police car and saw your car covered in graffiti like this! Thankfully, in real life, it's just an awesome customization.

5 DC: The Flash

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The Lamborghini Gallardo is an amazing car, but that must have just made it all the more important that this owner of the car get a wrap to their car that is fitting of such a supercar.

And while there is also a Lamborghini on the Marvel side of the list, this driver who is clearly enamoured with The Flash may have what is in our opinion an even nicer looking homage to superheroes.

Let's just hope that this owner is also a fan of Grant Gustin's take on the character for the very succesful show, The Flash, which airs on the CW.

4 DC: Superman

via autoevolution.com

It was in 2013 that Kia showed the world a variety of amazing superhero-themed cars that were part of a campaign with "We Can Be Heroes"; which sought to help people who were struggling with things like famine while living in the Horn of Africa. While it would have been awesome if this was just a car that one passionate fan had been so dedicated to the character to create purely out of love for the amazing character that is Superman, it is also fantastic to see the company use their platform for a positive cause and I'm sure whoever created it had a blast. (Source: AutoTrader).

3 DC: Aquaman

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There are many different actors who have had the opportunity to not only play a superhero but have other awesome roles under their belt as well. This includes Jason Momoa who is perhaps most famous for playing Khal Drogo on the first season of Game of Thrones. And while he may have been sad he wasn't around for the rest of the series, I'm sure he had to understand that death is a pretty common thing in the universe! Momoa's career could get a huge kick if his standalone Aquaman film - that also stars Amber Heard - ends up being a big success. And if not, maybe he'll go shopping for a new car to make himself feel better.

2 DC: The Joker (Jared Leto)

via dyler.com

I'm sure you might be in agreeance with me that while Jared Leto was definitely committed to the role of The Joker, that there were several things about Suicide Squad that ultimately fell flat. But that hopefully means that Leto does not blame himself too much for the downfalls of the film. Especially because some people still love it. Such as this owner of a 2016 BMW I8 who took some serious inspiration from Leto for their modifications. Not seen in this photo is a close-up on the laughter (depicted as Ha Ha Ha Ha all over) that also lights up. (Source: Dyler).

1 DC: The Justice League

via anykeen.net

If you were asked to give me only one answer, it may seem like an impossible task for you to sit down and give me an answer as to who your favourite superhero is. Which means that if you ever had aspirations of getting your car personalized to celebrate your favourite hero, you may find yourself also having a pretty hard time. But maybe you'd just take inspiration from this Kia which is paying homage to several different characters from the Justice League. Which also means there is sure to be someone out there who sees this car and decides to make one that is themed around the Avengers.

Sources: AutoEvolution.com, Reddit.com, CarScoops.com

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