16 Cars Found In The Duggar's Family Garage

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar loved each other so much that they gave birth to 19 children. Television network TLC thought that the family would provide entertaining reality television, so the network propositioned the family to star in a program. Considering that Jim Bob and Michelle needed to support 19 kids, they agreed, in exchange for a good paycheck.

Although the show started as 17 Kids and Counting, it grew to 19 Kids and Counting. The show premiered in 2008 and ended in 2015. The show documented the lives of Jim Bob and Michelle raising their 19 children. The family was a hit with viewers, as the show was the most popular program on TLC, averaging around 2.3 million viewers per episode. A spin-off show premiered on February 11, 2019. Considering Jim Bob and Michelle had 19 kids, they needed to have various forms of transportation. Sometimes, having a pickup didn't suffice, so the parents had to get a bus to accommodate the entire family.

We wanted to see how the Duggars got around, so we delved into their history of car purchases. We were surprised to see some odd cars and some incredible pickups that the family had chosen. Considering one of the members owned a car dealership, we expected the car collection to be vast.

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16 Family Bus

via Garden City Realty

When a caravan or an SUV is unsuitable for transporting a family, one has to look for vehicles that will accommodate the entire clan. Jim Bob and Michelle had to raise 19 children, so they couldn't fit all of them in a van. The next best option was to get a bus to transport the entire family.

Having one child puts a tremendous amount of financial pressure on the parents but having 19 kids forces them to buy a bus. The bus has allowed the kids to roam around a vehicle while in transit and gives mom time to relax while the kids play. Not many families can say they own a bus.

15 Chevrolet Suburban

via OK! Magazine

Since the market has veered toward SUVs, manufacturers had to step up their game to ensure that they remain ahead of the competition. Every year, manufacturers have improved their models to avoid losing their market share. That is good news for consumers, as they are spoilt for choice in the SUV market. One of the models that maintained its high standards is the Suburban.

Considering the car has been in production since 1935, Chevrolet must've done numerous things right with the car's specs. The Suburban is the longest continuous used automobile nameplate in production.

14 GMC Yukon

via 4 BP Blogspot

It seems that the family is adamant on driving a GMC or a Chevrolet. When choosing an SUV or a pickup, the two brands that the Duggars prefer are a perfect choice. While Chevrolet has produced a great pickup (the Silverado), GMC has done its best to compete with the Suburban by manufacturing the Yukon.

Although the Yukon isn't as good as the Suburban, it contains features that can compete with the more popular Suburban. Consumers who want to own a Yukon should be prepared to pay $57,000 for a 2019 model.

13 Jaguar XJ

via Images Production

One of the car manufacturers that deserves more credit than its gotten over the years is Jaguar. The British automaker has produced (for decades) elegant vehicles that have a plush cabin and provide plenty of space. The car has caught the attention of movie producers for films such as James Bond. A Jaguar appeared in the movie Spectre but deserves more attention.

Jaguar has produced the XJ since 1968. The car is luxurious, spacious and provides a comfortable drive. Considering the car has been around for more than half a century, Jaguar has done numerous things right with the vehicle.

12 Ford Mustang

via Pinterest

If one looks into the collection of the Duggars' cars, one thing that will become apparent is that the family likes vehicles from U.S. manufacturers. Besides owning several GMCs and Chevrolets, the Duggars also like muscle cars. One of the most obvious choices that a muscle car enthusiast will purchase is the Mustang.

The car is one of the best muscle cars produced. Not only does the bonnet boast a magnificent engine that propels the car to high speeds, but the exterior matches the aggression of the engine. The car is a perfect combination of looks and power.

11 Chevrolet Silverado

via In Touch Weekly

While the F-series has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for several decades, one automaker who hasn't given up the fight to the top is Chevrolet. The manufacturer has produced the Silverado for more than twenty years, and celebrities (such as many country singers) love the car.

What's there not to love about a pickup that has dashing looks and hauls heavy loads? Chevrolet ensured that the cabin is attractive like the exterior. Considering the automaker has manufactured a great pickup, the market has taken notice of its efforts and hasn't hesitated to chose it over the F-series.

10 Volkswagen Beetle

via 3 BP Blogspot

Regardless of what consumers might feel about the Beetle, it remains one of the most successful cars in history. The car has been in production since 1938. Since the production commenced, the manufacturer has made more than 21 million units, making it the most manufactured car of a single platform in history.

The Beetle's performance has improved throughout the generations, but VW manufactured the first model to produce 25 horsepower and to reach a top speed of 62 mph. The design and the performance of the Beetle have changed since the first generation.

9 Magnolia Market Van

via Christian Post

Being part of a large family means that mom and dad can't generate a sufficient income to support the entire household. Once the Duggar teenagers reached a legal working age, they had to get jobs to help with the family expenses. Many businesses have used their cars to promote their business. The family traveled from Arkansas to Magnolia in Waco to visit Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Compound, according to the Daily Mail.

Josh Duggar joined the family for the trip, and it looked like they had a lot of fun. The Duggars were all smiles while posing in front of the Magnolia Market Van.

8 Nissan Pathfinder

via GT Car Lot

A pickup manufacturer from Japan who has strived to give Ford a run for its money is Nissan. The automaker has tried to upgrade the Pathfinder so that consumers will make it their daily driver instead of the F-series. Since Nissan produced the Pathfinder from 1986, the manufacturer has spawned four generations.

Although the sales of the Pathfinder might not match the F-150's, Nissan had improved the figures since 2010 when it sold just over 21,000 to more than 60,000 units in 2018. Those figures prove that Nissan is doing several things right with the Pathfinder.

7 Dodge Grand Caravan

via Concept Carz

Having a big family meant that Jim Bob and Michelle had to find big cars to accommodate numerous kids. One of the cars that mom had to have to transport the kids was the Grand Caravan. A model that Dodge should be proud of is the Grand Caravan. The automaker has kept the car in production since 1984.

Although the manufacturer marketed the car predominantly in North America, sales for the car have exceeded 11 million units worldwide. The car is perfect for a mom who has to drive several kids to school and soccer games.

6 Hyundai Sonata

via Top Speed

Consumers who purchase from Asian manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and Hyundai expect to get a reliable vehicle. As those manufacturers have proven, with numerous vehicles, they know how to make mechanical parts that are durable.

Hyundai's engine is capable of taking a tremendous amount of punishment, and that is the reason that the car can last for many miles. Hyundai has manufactured the Sonata since 1985. The second generation proved to be so successful that Hyundai had to export it to most countries.

5 GMC Savana

via Copart

Having a big family means that dad needs to have a vehicle that will accommodate several kids. One of the bigger vehicles that the Duggars bought to transport some of their kids was the GMC Savana. The Chevrolet Express is a mechanical twin of the GMC Savana, a full-size van. Although the Savana provides plenty of space of cargo and passengers, one of the drawbacks of the van is the fuel consumption.

If Jim Bob doesn't mind filling up gas often, then the Savana is the perfect car for his family. The van boasts a big engine to push the bulky frame.

4 Ford

via Facebook

Although Ford has manufactured the best selling pickup in the U.S., it has performed a subpar job with its sedans. Most of the sedans that Ford manufactured didn't meet the market's expectation. Ford has stated that it will discontinue the production of most of its sedans but will keep the Mustang, the F-series and a few other models.

Considering that the Fiesta and Focus have been on Consumer Reports' list of least reliable vehicles for several years, it doesn't surprise me that Ford's sedans sales have dwindled. Their strategy is to stick to what they know.

3 Duggar Automotive

via Still on my way

After TLC canceled the show, members of the Duggar family had to find alternative sources of income. Josh Duggar thought that a good way to make a living was by selling cars. Although Duggar Automotive is no longer in business, establishing a company from the ground up has brought joy to many entrepreneurs.

Duggar Automotive sold pickups, caravans, and sedans but failed to stay in business. Although the business didn't succeed, Josh has bragging rights about starting a business. That is a great achievement and one that he should be proud to have accomplished.

2 GMC Yukon

via GT Carlot

The Duggars seem to love vehicles from GMC. They have several in their collection. One of the Duggars who owned a GMC was Ashley. Consumers who want comfort from an SUV won't be disappointed with the Yukon, as USA News has given the car a high rating for comfort and performance.

Due to the upgraded suspension, the GMC provides a comfortable ride. GMC ensured that the cabin is plush and provides decent space for cargo and passengers. In the city, drivers can expect to get 15 mpg and 23 mpg on the highway.

1 Chevrolet Camaro

via Classic Cars

Considering the Duggars have a large family, they need lots of cars to transport their kids. No car collection would be complete without a muscle car. What better car to add to the collection than a Camaro?

Many Camaro enthusiasts believe that the car is better than a Mustang. Whether it is or not better than the Mustang is debatable, but what is certain is that the Camaro gives the Mustang a run for its money. The best part about the Camaro is that Chevrolet has improved with every generation. The Camaro is one of the best muscle cars on the road.

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