20 Cars From The Early 2010s No One Should Still Be Driving

There are several reasons to avoid buying used cars but most people’s ideal used car would typically be within ten years old. Consumers consider it safe to trust a used car that is within ten years old—but which of the cars from the early 2010s should be avoided?

The lousiest cars from the early 2010s include big-name vehicles that have had an off year, with the addition of models that have been tainted since their production. Discontinued vehicles consistently appear on this list, a fact which justifies their cessation. Repair Pal reports numerous issues with vehicles to help gauge the number of problems associated with each vehicle.

Another of the most popular rating system for cars is done by websites such as Motor Trend, Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds, who judge the overall ineffectiveness of each car is exposed. When purchasing a used car, it is important to avoid discontinued cars. This list proves that discontinued cars from the early 2010s are vehicles that no one should be driving. The inadequate models of even the best motor companies are hard to predict during their production days but buying a used car that is discontinued would be a foolish decision.

Aside from discontinued cars, this list is also comprised of bad car models by major car companies which have been produced for an extended period of time, like the useless and poorly designed mid-sized pickup, which offers no benefit in comparison to a regular sized pickup truck.

Here are 20 cars from the early 2010s that no one should still be driving.

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20 2011 Chevy Aveo

via media.chrevolet.com

The Chevy Aveo is one of Chevrolet’s discontinued cars that made a comeback as the Chevy Sonic—but neither car did very well, on the market or on the road. The 2011 Aveo was the worst of the pack and the car received horrible ratings from both consumers and automotive websites. The problems with the 2011 Aveo ranged from turn signals failing, keys getting stuck in the ignition, speedometers not working, and an unbearable noise coming from the rear wheel bearings. The forgettable Chevy product was named “10 Top 2011 Cars With Problems” by The Street. Consumers have since shifted away from the Aveo and the Sonic.

19 2012 Jeep Liberty

via motortrend.com

The Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Compass have always been a questionable part of the company’s history. Although the small-sized SUVs offer flexibility for Jeep consumers, these cars have not always been manufactured with the highest quality. The 2012 Jeep Liberty was an especially bad version of Jeep’s small-sized models and it was given a sad one-star rating by Motor Trend. The car had hundreds of reports of a failed intake valve lock, which led to misfires, and a wireless control module fault that causes the engine not to start. It may be wise to avert buying a early 2010s Jeep Liberty or Jeep Compass, especially the 2012 Liberty.

18 2012 Chevy Spark

via insideevs.com

The Chevy Spark may sound like a domestic-made car by a classic company, but the car was actually created in Korea by GM Korea. It was originally introduced as the Daewoo Matiz and the conversion between US-built cars and engineering in Korea didn’t bode well with the 2012 Chevy Spark. Consumer Reports labeled the car as “one of the worst cars of 2012” and Motor Trend gave it three out of five stars. Problems with the Spark could cause serious injury, as reports by Car Complaints state the brakes may lock up or the power steering may fail. Consumers should likely steer away from GM Korea cars.

17 2012 Dodge Avenger

via mototrend.com

The Dodge Avenger was discontinued twice, and for good reason. The car simply delivers the worst that Dodge has to offer and the 2012 model is perhaps the most commonly failing example of an ineffective model from Dodge that was expelled from production in 2014. The 2012 Avenger was given two out of five stars by Motor trend and had 429 reports of engines not starting by Repair Pal. The car is problematic all around and holds no resale value. At times, drivers may be annoyed by knocking noises and check engine lights. The Avenger probably won’t make a comeback anytime soon.

16 2011 Dodge Nitro

via miamilakesautomall.com

The Dodge Nitro had a brief stint with the long-standing car company and was produced from 2007 to 2012. The car has a one-star rating on Consumer Affairs, which measures the lifetime complaints of a car model, and the 2011 Nitro model was the worst of all the models. US News, which is usually lenient on car ratings, gave the 2011 Nitro a 6.9 out of 10, which is negatively complimented by 209 reports of “engine failed to start” by Repair Pal. The Nitro, much like the Avenger, was a failure by Dodge that should not be revived ever again.

15 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander

via autohouseusa.com

Mitsubishi has struggled to keep up with the rest of the world's car companies for some time and the Outlander is one of the disappointing vehicles they are pushing out. The 2013 Outlander received a 7.2 out of 10 rating by US News, mainly because of its malfunctioning exterior qualities and lack of interior features. Even for under $15,000, it was ranked #96 for an SUV in the price range, which sets the mark for major disappointment. It has a dismal 168 horsepower, which could barely drag its not-so-appealing SUV frame. The 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander is, simply put, an outdated vehicle.

14 2012 GMC Yukon

via blog.strongauto.net

The GMC Yukon has always been a second option to its Chevy sibling simply because people trust Chevy more than its sister company GMC, although the Yukon still delivers as a decent good car. The 2012 model, however, is one that is not built to last. All of the Yukons from the early 2010s got three out of five stars from Motor Trend and the car is rated bad as an overall model by Consumer Affairs. There were 423 reports of the upper dash falling apart on Repair Pal and the internet is filled with videos of How-To’s for fixing the GMC product.

13 2010 Chrysler Sebring

via conceptcarz.com

The Chrysler Sebring was respected as a car for business purposes and acted like a domestic Mercedes-Benz for quite some time. But the car hasn’t always been in tip-top shape and the 2010 model was perhaps the most questionable one. The car was given a dismal one out of five stars rating on Motor Trend and could not even break seven stars from the generous raters at The Car Connection. The automatic transmission may have problems, according to Repair Pal, who reported 334 separate reports of transmission failure. Transmissions, as you may well know, are very expensive and difficult to fix.

12 2012 Chevy Colorado

via iboardauto.com

The Chevy Colorado is a great pick for a domestic small-sized pickup truck but the 2012 model was riddled with issues. A detailed one-star rating by Motor Trend pointed out that 2012 was the last of an unproductive model and that it would soon be replaced. The last version of this did model had brake problems and an automatic transmission that suffered from an “inherent vibration” that was described by Motor Trend. The car seems a little redundant considering it gets the same gas mileage as a Silverado but provides half the size. It’s an unappealing choice to truck guys, to buy a smaller truck just to park in tighter places.

11 2011 Dodge Caliber

via mototrend.com

The Dodge Caliber is a confusing vehicle that is shaped between a minivan and a station wagon. The car did not sell well and was in only in production for five years, from 2007-2012. Overall, the model has a 1.7 out of 5 star rating on Consumer Affairs, which points out its many issues. As a result, the 2011 Caliber is the final model of an overcomplicated vehicle which no one should be driving. Out of all the vehicles we analyzed, the Caliber had the most amount of issues on Repair Pal, with 17. The website reported that there were 187 reports of the Calibur failing to start.

10 2012 GMC Canyon

via trucktrend.com

The GMC Canyon may be the very last choice for domestic truck buyers that are looking for a mid-sized SUV due to there being so many excellent available options by Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. But the GMC company just doesn’t stop trying to push the terrible Canyon on consumers. The 2012 model was about as bad as it got, mainly because its air conditioner and fuel sensor level earned it a one-star rating by Motor Trend. The Canyon, much like the Colorado, is a bad pick simply for the fact that it gets the same gas mileage as a regular-sized truck while providing much less utility.

9 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

via conceptcarz.com

The Dodge Grand Caravan is against a large market of minivans from numerous companies and falls in the second or third tier—and the company produced a crummy model in 2010. The SUV got a 3.8-star rating on Kelley Blue Book and a 3.9-star rating on Edmunds, failing to register a decent score out of five with companies which are both which are extremely generous on ratings. There were a whopping 667 reports of shifting hardness and a shuttering issue reported at Repair Pal, which also included over 800 combined reports of problems with the power windows, ignition, and coolant.

8 2012 Mitsubishi iMIEV

via groovecar.com

The Mitsubishi iMIEV—ever heard of it? That’s because it doesn’t do very well and the 2012 model may be an example of that. Motor Trend asks us to “lower our expectation of automotive ability” while driving this car, which is beyond a hurtful comment and they ended their evaluation with a rating of two out of five stars. Several complaints of brake problems were reported to Car Complaints and fans all over the internet are asking why this car has not improved after nearly nine years in production. There are much better options for a small car than the 2012 Mitsubishi iMIEV.

7 2011 Dodge Dakota

via tuning-cars-news.blogspot.com

The Dodge Dakota is a very unappealing version of the mid-sized pick-up truck and the 2011 model seriously underperformed expectations. The Dakota model has a bad reputation overall, as it received 2.3 stars from Consumer Affairs and problems with the drive train were reported to Car Complaints. The main issue with mid-sized pickups is their lack of ability to produce more miles per gallon despite coming with a smaller body. The Dodge Ram is a full-sized version of the mid-sized Dakota and it gets about the same amount of miles per gallon. It makes more financial sense to purchase a full-sized truck than a mid-sized one.

6 2013 Chevy Spark

via autoblog.com

The Chevy Spark made an unsuccessful attempt at entering the super-small-car market and has since bounced back to provide 30 MPG as an average car for consumers. It could be considered a joke by domestic car enthusiasts because it was actually made in Korea by Daewoo. The 2013 Spark was the low point for the struggling model, and it received below four stars on both Edmunds and Motor Trend. Several reports of engine problems emerged on Repair Pal and many consumers also complained about air conditioner problems. For the same price, buyers could get a used Corolla, which provides the same MPG rating with much better quality.

5 2011 Smart Fortwo

via autoevolution.com

The Smart Fortwo is a new type of car that is yet to be trusted fully by the public because of its small size, and the 2011 Fortwo model was one car that consumers should steer away from. A two-star rating by Motor Trend pointed out how the Smart Fortwo is disappointing, for getting 33 MPG with its 70-horsepower engine. The Corolla, which is a full-sized car, gets 30 MPG in comparison. Buyers pointed out how the Smart Fortwo is no different than any other car and its small size and cute demeanor shouldn’t deter us from the fact that it has mechanical problems.

4 2012 Jeep Compass

via momentcar.com

The Jeep Compass is much like the Jeep Liberty in that it is the smallest and lowest quality SUV offered by the Jeep company. The 2012 Jeep Compass failed to register at least four stars with Kelley Blue Book, which gives out four stars to nearly ever car. And the small-sized SUV also received a two-star rating from Motor Trend. There were 118 reports of the engine failing to start, according to Repair Pal, and water leaks plague the car, causing water to pour from the rear roof area. The software in the computer of the car constantly needs upgrades for many sectors, as well.

3 2011 Nissan Titan

via pinterest.com

The Nissan Titan has survived as the last option after domestic full-sized pickup trucks have conquered the market since the beginning of automobiles. The Titan is not necessarily a bad car, but consumers trust domestic pickup trucks because of their rugged V8 muscle-car engines. The 2011 Titan, however, was a poorly made vehicle that had a lot of issues and the model overall has a 1.8 rating on Consumer Affairs. Car Complaints points out the suspension as the main problem for the 2011 Titan. With so many options to choose from, a 2011 Titan should be the last truck anyone is still driving.

2 2010 Ford Ranger

via zombdrive.com

The Ford Ranger is one of the last of the domestic small trucks to deliver the counterproductive capabilities of mid-sized pickups to unsuspecting consumers. The 2010 Ford Ranger was one of the last Rangers to be made before its discontinuation, and the car received two out of five stars from Motor Trend. Repair Pal reports that engine idling problems plague the 2010 Ranger, along with reports that the car starts “bogging down when accelerating too much." Good luck keeping the check engine light off because several reports state that the light comes on way too frequently. All signs point to avoiding the 2010 Ranger.

1 2011 Chevy Cruz

via thecarconnection.com

The Chevy Cruz has succeeded as a small-sized sedan for Chevy but the car wasn’t that great when it first came out in 2008. The 2011 model was the worst of the worst for the Cruz, although things would improve later. The 2011 Cruz failed to register a minimum four-star rating from either Motor Trend or Edmunds and the reviews pointed out that Chevy continuous failed attempts to make a successful small-sized sedan. The 2011 Cruz hits deep into the pockets because of its transmission problems, which require thousands of dollars to rebuild. Though newer models are acceptable, steer away from the 2011 Cruz.

Sources: Repair Pal, Motor Trend, The Car Connection, US News, and Edmunds.

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