15 Sick Cars Tim Allen Has Owned Over The Years

Starring as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, Tim Allen catapulted to fame and earned enough dough to seriously satisfy his car cravings.

Tim Allen got his big-time start as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s. It wasn't until 1991 that Tim began the most important role of his life, starring as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in the TV show Home Improvement. Shortly after the premiere of his show, he starred in The Santa Clause, which only further launched Allen to fame and notoriety. He now stars in his own TV show, Last Man Standing, and has done continuous voice-over work for Pixar-Disney.

Tim Allen's personal life has stayed out of the papers, for the most part, but the part of him that he doesn't shy from is his enthusiasm for automobiles. Tim is well-known for his car collection, one that consists of more older cars than newer. This is because, as Tim puts it, “I'm old!” Tim has also had big corporations build cars for him, a couple of which come to mind as the Cadillac Deville DTSi and the Saleen Windstar, both of which we'll go over shortly. Tim is also currently building a custom hot rod named Viktor which you can check out the build status of on his online video streaming channel.

We hope you enjoy this short list of 15 cars that the famous Home Improvement star Tim Allen has owned throughout the course of his long career.

15 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

via Hellcat.org

Why wouldn't the man who loves power, muscle cars, and has the money to buy one of the most powerful muscle cars of the decade go ahead and do so? Tim took the keys to the very first Demon back in May of 2018 and we're sure he's enjoyed every minute of it afterward. Though we couldn't find much in the way of information or pictures of Tim with the Demon after receiving it, the 2.3 second 0-60 is certainly the fastest accelerating car he owns, even above that of the custom COPO Camaro that he built himself with a little help from a crew. The Demon is a very welcoming addition to his collection of classic cars as the Demon itself is bound to become a classic for future generations.

14 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 427 COPO

via GenerationHighOutput

This car was inspired by a mix of Tim Allen's friend's 327 Camaro, Smokey Yunick's Trans-Am Camaro, and his interest of the 427 COPO Camaros that came out at the time. With this amount of old-school inspiration and a few modern-day amenities to ensure ease of maintenance and enjoyment for many years to come, the motor is a modern day 427 from a 2013 Corvette rather than being the carburated 427 that has become so sought-after by builders and collectors. This custom Camaro looks almost as if it rolled off of the showroom floor yesterday, with all the muscle intact. You can learn more about this Camaro on Jay Leno's Garage.

13 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 409

via GQ on Youtube

Does anyone else have The Beach Boys ringing in their ears? Just me? Well, either way, Tim swears by this car. The 409 Bel Air is a beautiful example of early muscle and stands out among the crowd with its bright red paint. Not only loved by Allen, the 409s were also some of the fastest cars of the time before muscle cars really took hold, often finding their home on a drag strip with the likes of Dave Strickler and “Grumpy” Jenkins behind the wheel. Tim's Bel Air may not be as fast as those race-prepped stars, but with a four-speed hooked up to the truck motor, it's bound to be two tons of fun.

12 1932 Ford Moal Roadster "Licorice Streak Special"

via Autoblog

Starting off as a 1932 Ford, Allen got Moal Coachbuilders to build this project of his and the outcome is nothing short of awesome. He owned the car for a while before it was sold on eBay back in 2010. The listing stated that not one penny was spared creating this car and that it would easily cost over half-a-million dollars to replicate. The Licorice Streak carries a 351 SVO motor with heads from a GT40 giving the car about 400 horsepower, all getting put to the ground through a T-5 five-speed transmission. The car has been in various magazines and was owned by Tim for a long while before he sold it.

11 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS "Binford 6100"

via NinjaJournalist

One of the cars that was built for Tim, this late-model Impala SS looked mean off of the showroom floor. Tim's Impala is a little meaner, though, as it comes with a 6.3-liter, 32-valve LT5 out of a ZR1 Corvette. With over 450 horsepower on tap, the car isn't short coming off the line and never misses a shift with a custom automatic transmission installed. Tim states the car was fast in its day and is still very powerful in today's power-hungry automotive world. It was presented to Tim after being shown at SEMA and Tim did a short video displaying the cars interior and engine bay. Also, he did a little show of the Impala's substantial power output, which is something any musclehead could get a smile from watching.

10 1986 Ford RS200

via RMSothebys (Alike Tim's)

The Ford RS200 is a spectacle of engineering from the company and although it fits Tim Allen's US-built collection, it stands apart from the rest being the only model that was made for racing offroad. A story he tells with the car is that one day he was driving it to the set of Home Improvement and got pulled over by a cop. The cop stated he could just take it since it wasn't DOT certified. We can presume he didn't but Tim hasn't driven the car in public for a while after this—which is a real shame since it's one of the most awesome cars ever made.

9 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

via Forums.AACA (Alike Tim's)

One of the little deviations from Tim Allen's all-US image is this beautiful Karmann Ghia. Tim explains that this Karmann Ghia is something you get when you mix a 1957 Porsche with a 1971 Volkswagen. The little Ghia coupe isn't much different on the surface but instead, has its Porsche features tastefully hidden throughout the interior, as well as under the hood, I'm sure. This sleek piece of Volkswagon history sits nicely in a garage full of classics which also includes an equally beautiful Volkswagen Beetle that looks as cool as it must sound (with 200 horsepower motor snugged in behind the seats).

8 1996 Saleen Windstar

via iCollector

Saleen has done some strange Fords, especially in the 1990s. Where today they mostly stick to F-150s and Mustangs, in the 1990s, Saleen was turning out Explorers, Rangers, and apparently, at least one Windstar minivan. This is the only one and it served only as a prototype to a plan that fell through. Since they couldn't build it, they gave the only one to Tim who had helped in the development. He has since gotten rid of this one-of-a-kind minivan, which was last sold in 2011 at the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee. Since it was sold, it seems the Saleen has fallen out of the public eye, which is probably how it will stay given how out-of-place the van is—that's until it comes up for sale again, anyway.

7 1946 Ford Convertible

via Blog.MyClassicGarage

Anyone who has seen Home Improvement knows about this Ford because it was seen throughout the show while Tim Taylor restored it. In the show, Taylor had bought it off of a friend (who was played by another famous car buff, Jay Leno) and proceeded to work on the car in the garage opposite the kitchen for the next few seasons until it was done. Allen really owns this car and had put it together and taken it apart a bunch of times while filming the show. The car now sits among the others in the garage and I'm sure he takes it out from time to time to go to events surrounding the 20-year-old TV show.

6 1955 Chevrolet Nomad

via StreetsideClassic on Youtube

This is another car that you'd easily recognize if you were a fan of Home Improvement, though in the show this beautiful Nomad was crushed by a steel beam. In real life, however, the Nomad survives and has changed hands a couple of times since Tim sold it back in 2001 on eBay. The Nomad is mostly original, with a traditional 350 motor under the hood and a 350 Turbo automatic transmission. You can find a video of the car on the MyHotRodTV channel, which shows the car in its current state, as perfect as it was when it was filmed on the famous TV show.

5 Jaguar XKE

via E-TypeCenter (Alike Tim's)

The Jaguar XKE is one of (if not the) most beautiful cars ever made, and it takes a nice spot in Tim's garage, which is otherwise mostly filled with US-made steel. Though catching some flak with the car for simply being seen in it while he was the spokesperson for Chevrolet, no one can deny that Tim's little deviation away from form is in any way a bad one. The Jaguar still stands as a cornerstone in any collection, so it only makes sense to be a part of Tim's collection that has very little in the way of foreign automobiles.

4 1955 Ford "Triple Nickel"

via Pinterest

Another car that was commissioned by Moal Coachbuilders, this 1955 Ford was built for more than just show. The supercharged 5.4-liter from a Ford GT tucked under the hood is definitely giving the car plenty of go for the show. To help with airflow, a custom Thunderbird-inspired hood scoop was added alongside air vents that replaced the old turn signals. The secrets are in the details with this car, as the overall look is very unassuming, especially for something that can dish out 850 horsepower when set up right. This 1955 coupe serves as another great example of the types of cars Tim's carries in his collection—tastefully done on the outside with loads of power on the inside.

3 1956 Ford F100

via EngineeredAutomotive on Youtube

Tasteful in a different sense of the word is this insane Hemi-powered 1956 Ford F100. According to Hot Rod Magazine, this truck breaks Tim's own restrictions on his hot rods but he loves it all the same. Tim had bought the truck when it rolled onto the auction floor at Barrett-Jackson. He ended up buying the truck for $78,300, a steal that even Tim couldn't turn down. It has not been seeing much drive time by Tim—with the exception of pulling it out of the garage and blipping the throttle a few times, subsequently setting off every car alarm in the vicinity—we'd say he's not going to be able to drive this one very much without the police poking around.

2 2004 Porsche Carrera GT

via Pinterest (Alike Tim's)

One of only 604 cars delivered to the US, this Carrera GT stands as one of the only supercars he's ever owned. With 605 horsepower on tap and almost no assists, the Carrera GT is often proclaimed to be the last of the true supercars and the best since, perhaps, the Ferrari F40. Though the car may be pretty extreme, it served as Tim Allen's daily driver for about a year after he bought it. He states that the car is “unmistakably the hardest car to drive” in his whole collection! He bought the car new in 2004 and owned it right up until last year, when he sold it for $715,000—most likely to buy the Ford GT we mentioned earlier.

1 2016 Ford GT

via effspot on Youtube

One of the few new cars that Tim Allen owns, the GT stands as Ford's newest and most advanced car to date. Of course, such a great car comes in limited production numbers and Ford is only producing 250 of these a year. So, of course, Tim Allen has a beautiful silver example of the rare beast, which he gladly goes through in a video he posted up onto his channel. In another video we discovered, a car full of guys spotted Tim Allen in his GT, and though you couldn't see it, you could hear the twin-turbo V6 stretch its legs a bit going down the road.

Sources: Hot Rod Magazine, Mustang Cars, and Hellcat.

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