16 Rides In Dana White's Personal Collection

When one thinks of mixed martial arts, they immediately refer to three letters, UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s an understandable mistake to make, UFC was the frontier and premiere brand in bringing mixed martial arts to the front of a global audience. UFC, much like WWE has become the company all fighters strive to compete for.

It took three young men to purchase a failing business; Dana White, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and turn it into a global phenomenon. Dana White originally a manager for multiple UFC fighters, turned the leader of UFC in 2001. To this day he remains an active member of UFC’s head office. His presence within the company has helped grow the business to new and incredible heights.

Like the sport of mixed martial arts, Dana White holds a muscular preference when making a purchase for a new automobile. He is a muscle car aficionado and primarily interested in vehicles that go fast. Why not, if you like to go fast, you want to own a fast car. His car collection is an interesting mix of speed and muscle.

When you’re constantly traveling the world at all times, it is highly likely you’ll find yourself riding around in many different vehicles of all shapes and sizes. This article will explore 15 rides Dana White has ridden in over the course of his life. Some will surprise you, while others will seem like no brainers.

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16 Smart Car

Via: ZombieDrive

Most will remember those night out with friends, where they’ll find themselves having a little too much fun. A fun night out with friends can sometimes cost you more than you bargained for. In Dana White’s case, it cost him up to $12,000. The very next morning he was surprised to find a Smart Car parked in his driveway.

The small and mini-sized vehicle is fuel efficient and useful when trying to park into those tight corners. The only issue is when you’re a muscle car aficionado, it seems strange to own such a tiny vehicle. The starting price of $12,490 will get you started with the economic and not overly fast vehicle. An 84 mph top speed is counterproductive for a man who enjoys going fast. Let’s hope Dana is never in a hurry.

15 Datsun B210

Via: Curbside Classic

Your first car, now that’s something you’ll never forget. Whether it was a gift from your family or purchased with your hard earned money, the first car will always be a part of your memory. Its rusty body and old person smell; it drove us to want better.

“My first car was my worst car. It was rusted out Datsun B210”, Dana White (Dubmagazine.com). Dana recalls the muffler falling off and the sound penetrating the airwaves. The Datsun b210 was once used to describe a few various Nissan automobiles from 1959 till 1978. By today's standards, it is now considered a classic. For Dana White, it is a reminder of his worst nightmare. It came at a time when he had no money and was in a place of struggle. He was not the powerful man we have come to know today.

14 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

Via: Celebrity Carz

Before reality TV took off and Spike TV, now known as the Paramount Network, invested in multiple reality shows. It used to be the home to WWE’s Monday Night Raw, the Ultimate Fighter and various UFC events. The host and crew of the mechanic’s shop would rebuild vintage muscle cars. On one of its many episodes, they built a custom made 1971 Plymouth Barracuda for UFC’s Dana White.

Dana previously had been overly excited when seeing Joe Rogan’s Barracuda. At that moment, Dana knew it was something he wanted and a dream car he didn’t think was attainable. The fine folks at “Musclecar” went on to rebuild the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. This is the second of Dana’s most prized possessions. Its four-speed manual transmission contains a 486 Hemi enabled engine. Charged the Barracuda from 0 to 60 mph is only 5.8 seconds. Also holds a sprint from 0-100 mph at 13 seconds. Its top speed is an estimated 155mph.

13 Ducati & MV Agusta Bikes

Via: Dub Magazine

After the UFC signed a sponsorship deal with Harley Davidson, certain fighters would find themselves receiving gifts from the Harley Davidson company. The Ultimate Fighter winners will also find themselves receiving a custom Harley Davidson. This led to a fascination with motorbikes for the UFC leader. Apart from being a muscle car enthusiast, Dana has collected himself a couple of motorbikes. Whether he has the time to ride them or not is a different story. His collection none the less constitutes of two gorgeous Ducati bikes.

Dana White’s two bikes are purchase based on his love for speed and fascination with motorcycles. The average Ducati bike starts at $15,000, with the fancier model hovering around $65,000. The top speed of most Ducati rides can reach a whopping 285 km/h. With an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

12 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

via MMA Mania

Dana White is always looking to add to his collection of vehicles. Whether it be a new muscle car or maybe a Ferrari he always dreamt of. The decision to purchase a new car is not one he thinks twice one. One of Dana’s new toys and current vehicle of choice; BMW M6 Gran Coupe. It was almost under attack last October from UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. While he was standing by the car and taking the infamous photo, it inspired Khabib to purchase one of his own.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe offers one of the smoothest rides of any BMW. It has a starting price of $119,900 for its basic model. The M6 Gran Coupe rides to a cool 189 mph, filled by a superb 6-speed transmission. It can reach 0-60 mph in under 30 seconds.

11 Ferrari Testarossa

Via: Wikipedia.org

A dream car to some is often times just that, a dream car. In order to make it a reality, it takes more than money. It is about how much are you willing to sacrifice. Dana White is no stranger to making dreams into reality; from giving fighters the opportunity to fight in the UFC. As a car aficionado, Dana always had an idea of his dream rides he wanted to purchase if the opportunity ever presented itself.

In Dana White’s early years, he was always infatuated with Ferraris. They are considered his favorite sports vehicles. He’s a fan of going fast, So it’s an obvious no brainer he would find himself purchasing a Ferrari. Since becoming the leader of the UFC; Dana made that a reality by purchasing himself a red Ferrari Testarossa. Starting at $181,000 in 1989, it’s a 5-speed manual, 4.9 L engine with 390hp.

10 Ferrari F430

Via: Dub magazine

Unlike most avid car collectors, Dana White has never been one to purchase more than his needs. If there was something he wanted growing up, then there is a good chance he has purchased it. Dana is not your spontaneous millionaire, with a garage filled with over 20 vehicles. He’s also never home, constantly traveling around the world for the UFC.

As previously mentioned, Dana White is an avid fan of Ferrari. Aside from the Ferrari Testarossa he owns, we also found in Dana’s garage a black Ferrari Spider F430. Its original price tag was $217,300. Under the hood, the Ferrari F430 carries a 4.3 L V8 engine. The ride is a 6-speed manual transmission; from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. Its top speed reached 319km/h. Thus making it the perfect vehicle for someone on the go.

9 1969 Chevy Camaro

Via: Findlay Customs

It would be impossible to call yourself a car aficionado if at one point in time you didn’t want to own a muscle car. They may be loud and not too environmentally friendly, but they sure do present the perfect image as to what a macho vehicle is considered.

In the ’70s muscle cars were all the rage; Dana White born in 1969 and became a part of this phenomenon. He is a passionate muscle car aficionado. One of his two most prized vehicles is his metallic grey 1969 Chevy Camaro with all black rims. In 1969m the Chevy Camaro had a base price of $2,726. Today, the vehicle can be found going for over $60 000 on the used market. With a top speed of 196 mph, the Camaro can reach 0-60 within 3.5 seconds.

8 1969 Ford Bronco

Via: Classic cars from UK

Staying true to the classics, Dana White has filled his garage with an old school collection of cars and trucks. Updates are constantly made to today's new generation of vehicles. The technology within the cars is always being tinkered with. Now a car is capable of self-parking. It will also inform you of the distance between you and another vehicle behind you. An interesting note from Dana’s garage is that his vehicles predate the modern day innovations.

A 1969 Ford Bronco is a standout within the White garage. It’s big, bulky and stands tall against all the other vehicles. In 1969 it held a price tag of $2,194. Today this very same automobile can be found on the second-hand market for $69 000. It is a 6 cylinder V8 engine which carries this vehicle to a top speed of 160 km/h.

7 2012 Range Rover

Via: Dub Magazine

Dana White is always traveling, whether it be for his work with the UFC or taking the family out on vacation. As much as he loves his prized collection of muscle cars and Ferraris; neither of these is convenient for family matters. A proper car or SUV is necessary when getting the whole family around.

Behind the Barracuda, Ford Branco and Ferraris sits a 2012 Range Rover. Dana has considered this one of his most favorite and practical rides. It can hold up to five people, therefore making this his most convenient mode of transportation. The original price ranged at $60,045 but no price can ever be put on family.

6 Bentley

Via: autoweek.com

Average to non-average consumers alike there is always a vision of luxury. The idea of one day owning a Bentley is one that some can relate too. Dana has made it clear that his collection of vehicles is based off what he had always wanted during his younger days.

A 2014 Bentley, fits the bill when discussing his desires. In 2014 it held a moderate price tag of $198,600. This luxury vehicle holds a top speed of 192mph. Its 8-speed transmission and V8 engine allows for such great power from an extravagant machine.

5 Harley Davidson Custom Chopper

Via: Dana White Twitter

As previously mentioned, the UFC signed a sponsorship deal with Harley Davidson Motors. They’ve been a proud sponsor of the UFC for over several years. Harley Davidson has taken care of the athletes by hooking them up with custom bikes. The competitors have also gone on to win a brand new bike at the end of each season. As an avid motorbike rider and fan of the Harley Davidson brand; seen on Dana White’s, “Looking for a Fight,” he rides down the street in his Harley looking for a place to eat.

Dana received a custom made Harley Davidson; with UFC logo on the side. It was a gift given to him by the company. With a starting price of $23,999, it speeds to 200mph within an estimated 6 seconds. It exceeds 300mph top speed.

4 Land Rover Defender v8

Via: Carbuzz

A birthday is a time for celebration. It’s another year that has gone by, it’s a year of maturity and celebration. It’s a day parents will go all out to make their children happy. Some children receive big parties. Others lavish gifts, but when you are apart of the largest business sale in the sports world, a 4 billion dollar sale to be exact - Dana White may not be too concerned with how much money he spends on a loved one. Son Aiden received a brand new Land Rover Defender V8.

For his son’s sweet 16 birthday, Dana White purchased the safest vehicle any parent would want their child driving in. The Land Rover Defender V8, fully customized to suit Aidan’s taste and personality. It comes with a price tag, starting at $196,000. The Defender Works V8 70th Anniversary edition is one of 150 made.

3 Cadillac Escalade ESV

Via: Sid Dillon

Used primarily for the same purposes as the 2012 Range Rover, the Cadillac Escalade ESV is another go to ride. When traveling with the entire family; comfort and space are key to the trip. Also used to travel from and too UFC events and media obligations. A driver is sometimes present; chauffeuring Dana around.

The Cadillac Escalade ESV offers the best value in terms of putting it to use. It starts at a nice $90,996 price tag. Under the hood, its fuel intake of 14L/ 100 km combined (city and highway) is efficient for traveling long distances.

2 BMW M6

Via: UPI.com

Dana White is the father of two boys. He bought son Aidan a Land Rover Defender V8 for his sixteen birthday. So it would only be fitting when his second son turned sixteen, he too would receive a gift of the same nature. Hire Kendrick Lamar to perform a live concert at the party. Well, that was one of the gifts. Aside from the concert, Dana White purchased his baby boy a lavish gift. A brand new BMW M6. Most will remember getting a cake and a toy or two for their sweet sixteen...

The BMW M6 was gifted and presented to his youngest son. It comes with a price tag of $132,300. As a wise man once said, “You can’t put a price on love.” At least he won’t be jealous of Aidan’s ride anymore. When racing to the finish line against Aidan, the BMW M6 accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Its top speed reaches 250 km/h, thus making it a powerhouse for anyone to ride.

1 Bombardier Private Plane

Via: Dana White Twitter

When traveling around the world, it can get tedious being on the road constantly. Often times riding from town to town is simply not possible. It requires more than a car or truck. This is why Dana White purchased himself a company/personal plane. The plane was developed in Canada, at Bombardier. Bombardier is the primary developer for private planes.

Dana White has made use of his plane over the years. He traveled from country to country and continent to continent for business deals. A private plane can range between $3 million to $90 million depending on size and customizability. It’s the best form of travel for someone as important as Dana.

Sources: Dub Magazine, YouTube & Instagram

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