10 Cars In Shaq’s Garage Worth Every Dollar (9 That Aren’t)

Shaquille O'Neal is a basketball legend with an impressive (and sometimes unimpressive) car collection

Back in the day, Shaq’s first impulse when he made some serious money was to buy was a couple of Bentleys. He entered the Rolls-Royce dealership dressed up in flip-flops. The salesman asked O’Neal if he could afford the rides in the store and it led to buyer’s remorse as the big fellow purchased not one, not two but three Bentleys. In the blink of an eye he had spent a million dollars, but little did he know that was only the beginning. He would only add to the collection in the upcoming years. As you’ll see in this article not all of his buys are worth the hefty price tags.

O’Neal loves to customize his rides and we’ll provide examples of the good and bad. Stretching out a Lamborghini and Ferrari to fit his massive frame is something worth acknowledging and is in truth a justifiable purchase. However we can’t say the same for some horrific modifications, whether it be creating a Terminator themed truck or transforming a 2001 Chevrolet Van into something that a toddler might draw up in art class. We feature the ups and downs from Shaq’s extensive garage. We also include motorcycles, three-wheelers and Slingshots. Yes he is in fact a man that loves variety inside of the garage. Again, for better or worse, we’ll let you decide that.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are ten cars in Shaq’s garage worth every dollar and ten that just aren’t worth it. We begin with a stunning 1999 Ferrari that has a certain twist. Let’s get started!

19 Worth Every Dollar: Extended Ferrari 355 Spider

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A guy the size of Shaq has no business fitting into a sports car let alone the sleek and slender Ferrari. However this particular purchase of the 1999 355 Spider is one that is well worth the dollar bills. Shaq got the car customized to fit a big man. He still towers in the car but the fact that he can drive it with ease is truly something else. O’Neal talked about the car during an episode of MTV Cribs; “Most 7-footers can’t fit into sports cars. But I can. Over here you have the 355 convertible Spider. It’s a forever convertible because for me to fit, I had to cut the top off forever.” After Shaq sold the car, it led to some controversy as a part of a bust by authorities. The licence plate still read "Shaq F1." However he had no link to the situation.

18 Waste: Customized 2001 Chevrolet G1500

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A theme you’ll see quite often in this article is Shaq and his love for customizing cars. For the most part it doesn’t turn out well. Take this van for example. It has no business getting customized in the first place but hey, the guy has money to burn.

He likely showed buyer's regret in the purchase, putting the car up for sale shortly after.

A Louis Vuitton theme interior along with Superman logos throughout the van, it isn’t a car for everyone. The ride also features 20-inch wheels that have no business being on such a van. The air ride suspension makes the car look as though it is driving on the ground. For only $45,000 this van can be yours!

17 Worth Every Dollar: Customized Chopper Trike

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Along with fast cars and massive trucks, Shaq also loves his motorcycles. The crush began way back in 2001 when West Coast Choppers created a Laker themed bike for the NBA legend. It is known as "El Diablo." The bike was created to fit Shaq’s mammoth size. It was another item up for bid selling at just under $45,000. The ride wasn’t bad, but nothing compared to this 3-wheel beast purchased in 2014. Purchased at the Underground Garage Motorcycle Shop, the customized ride was extended from 10 feet to 14 feet! It might not be his fastest ride but man is it ever something to look at.

16 Waste: Cadillac Escalade With Modified Doors

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There is nothing wrong with Shaq buying an Escalade. It’s the customization job on the car that really hurt the value. From the Superman logo on the front grille to the bizarre Lamborghini inspired doors, such features make you forget that it’s an Escalade. Instead it looks like a toy designed by Shaq for his own personal fun.

The modifications didn’t come cheap either.

The Cadillac includes 26 inch chrome rims, a custom burgundy exterior (which looks awful), Lamborghini front doors, a suede headliner and top of the line sound system. With the mod money alone you can buy a much better ride... Sorry Shaq.

15 Worth Every Dollar: Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Nicknamed the “Shaqcat”, there is nothing to laugh about when looking at this magnificent ride. The car is an absolute beast on the inside with a V8 engine that produces 707 horsepower. Unlike Shaq’s other rides which are very expensive, this car starts at a relatively modest price tag of $63,000. Most would agree that the muscle car is worth every dollar both visually and in terms of the driving experience. The car initially launched back in 1959 with the unveiling of a sleek Coronet Silver Challenger. The first generation of the car would come out in the 1970s. It remains a popular muscle car option to this day.

14 Waste: Vanderhall Venice 3 Wheel Roadster

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With a net worth of $400 million and a passion for cars, Shaq isn’t afraid to open up his wallet and make a risky purchase, even if it means some of us laughing at his expense. We’re seeing lots of examples in this article and the 3-wheel Roadster is yet another one.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the small ride.

Just that for someone like O’Neal it seems to be a complete waste of a purchase. He confirmed the buy via Instagram, taking it for a ride around the block and parking it back in his garage next to his massive F-650. The car doesn’t have an absurd value starting at a little bit under $30,000. Despite the added legroom and 18 inch wheels, we still consider it a flop and a ride not worthy of Shaq's garage.

13 Worth Every Dollar: Customized Polaris Slingshot 4-Seater

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If you thought Shaq in a Roadster is hilarious he has also spent some serious money on Slingshots in the past. The purchase has gone two ways; this is the positive of the two. Customized by Underground Auto out of the Florida area the sick ride is customized to fit four. It is Shaq’s newest purchase, posting the Polaris to his Instagram account just days ago. It is a unique ride and one guaranteed to make you look twice. The red and black theme is truly something else especially with those sick customized rims. We applaud Shaq for this unique purchase however we can’t say the same for his other Polaris Slingshot buy from the past.

12 Waste: Super-Sized Polaris Slingshot

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A ride modified by West Coast Customs let’s just say Shaq would have been fine without the recent purchase. Nicknamed the “Slingshaq”, the ride is altered in order to fit his massive seven foot frame. The result makes the two-seater look a bit like a Roadster. The ride visually still looks too small. The return of those Superman themed seats really doesn’t help things along all that much either. To his credit Shaq was all smiles and shocked when the West Coast Customs team unveiled the sick new extended ride. That’s really all that counts right? He might have brushed it aside these days with his most recent purchase of the four seated Polaris.

11 Worth Every Dollar: Customized Tour Bus

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Shaq put his dream home up for sale most recently. As of the end of May his mansion was selling at a whopping $28 million. Seriously speaking O’Neal doesn’t even need to buy another home. He’ll be more than okay in this dream sized tour bus. Shaq posted a photo of the new ride a couple of months back writing in the caption, “Road trip time honk if you see me, I might pull over.” Oh we see you Shaq.

The ride is an absolute beast.

From a truck to a tour bus, the ride is stunning on the outside with the massive Shaq Superman sign along with an homage to his various NBA teams. The front reads “Big Hoffa”, a well suited name for the ride. Who needs a home when you have Big Hoffa by your side?

10 Waste: Terminator Themed F-650

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His agent calls him a mix of Bambi and the Terminator. Yes that’s truly odd, but perhaps this is the motive behind this beast of a truck. Have you ever bought something and said why did I just buy this? It’s called buyer’s remorse and to the casual person that happens with an impulse buy like a t-shirt or pair of pants. However for Shaq that takes place with expensive modified cars as you see in the photo above. The truck is truly a beast and one you can say also pays homage to his days with the Miami Heat. However after driving it a couple of times would it lose value? Yes. This truck is huge, but doesn't look like it's designed to do much heavy work.

9 Worth Every Dollar: Customized Sprinter Mercedes Van

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This is another jaw dropping ride Shaq can call home. The interior of the car is truly something else with customized wooden floors. The modifications came from a company called Sprinter Vans Of America. They specialize in modifying vans both inside and out. The breathtaking van was on full display during the NASCAR event at the Texas Motor Speedway. Again the true hero is the interior featuring a massive flat screen television, iPad, mini bar and of course top of the line sound system that meets the Shaq necessities. He loves to ride with music and this car is no slouch in that department.

8 Waste: Ford Bronco II

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Going back to his first ever ride, Shaq claims the Bronco II was his first truck. When asked why the car he stated that the Bronco song was the main reason for the buy. Although it seems odd for a guy to buy a car because of a song that’s Shaq for you. According to his interview with Rolling Stones his favorite part of getting a truck is just blasting some music and cruising down the street;

“When I’m stressed out, I get into my truck and pump up the volume,” Shaq says. “I get the boom going —1,900 watts — and I go riding around, just thinking, wondering what I want to do. When I get into a good beat,” he adds, “I get a smile, and then I get to laughing, and once I’m laughing, I’m OK. Rap and R&B are what saves me. It’s always been my stress reliever.”

7 Worth Every Dollar: Convertible Dodge Challenger

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Like Floyd Mayweather Shaq is another athlete that loves to spoil himself come bday time. Last April was no exception as he unveiled this beast of a ride, a customized Convertible Challenger. If you’re a fan of muscle cars clean up that drool rolling down the side of your mouth! Shaq thanked Jeff Moran for the ride via Instagram with this post; “Thanks to my main man Jeff Moran@droptop_customs for building my convertible challenger for my birthday#summertime is near.” We can safely say that both the Challengers in Shaq’s garage are well worth the affordable (compared to his other rides) price tags.

6 Waste: Mercedes Smart Car

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At the very least we can applaud Shaq for buying an environmentally friendly car and one he can save some gas money with. According to Ecorazzi, O’Neal spends a whopping price tag of $23,000 per month on fuel alone! That might sound outrageous but think about his massive trucks for a second and how much they cost to fill up. Yea such a cost is very possible. He could buy the Smart Car with the price of gas per month alone! Although a great car for the environment, Shaq has no business making such a purchase and the very thought of him in the car is ludicrous. It is unknown if he kept the ride though it seems unlikely.

5 Worth Every Dollar: Rolls Royce Phantom

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Shaq knows a thing or two about a Rolls Royce Phantom. Not only does he own one but he also bought the ride for both LeBron James and the President of the United States. Shaq is among a long list of athletes that have purchased the Rolls Royce. Floyd Mayweather has a garage filled with the luxury car.

It isn’t all positive when it comes to Rolls-Royce. Shaq recalls his first impulse buy at the dealership during an interview with Vanity Fair“I was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, and there’s a Rolls-Royce dealership in Beverly Hills. I always used to ride by it,” he began. “But one day I just went in. Mike Tyson was in there buying a couple of Bentleys. I had on some shorts and a tank top and flip-flops, and I said to the salesman, ‘Sir, how much does this one cost?’ He said, ‘Can you afford it, sonny boy?’ I was so upset that I bought three Bentleys right there on the spot. A million dollars gone in 10 minutes,” he added, quite disapprovingly.”

4 Waste: Buick LaCrosse

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Give Buick some credit for signing some major names in the sporting world. Shaq isn’t the only high profile athlete to appear in a commercial for the car. Tiger Woods is another popular face that served as an ambassador in the past. Looking for a new start, Shaq promoted the car trying to sell both luxury and well, plenty of moving space inside of the vehicle. The commercial had quite the impact and helped the new direction of the brand. However in comparison to his other rides the car just isn’t worth it, new direction or not. Most would agree that a Dodge Charger is a favourable choice compared to the Buick.

3 Worth Every Dollar: Stretched Lamborghini Gallardo

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Shaq being able to fit in a customized Lambo is just another reason as to why adding those types of doors to his past Escalades makes no sense at all but hey. Customized by Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, the Lambo was specifically modified to fit Shaq’s massive frame. It’s a stretched out Lambo but that takes nothing away from the beauty of the car.

The Gallardo was extended on the roof, doors and windows. According to Motor Authority, the creator George Gaffoglio did his very best to maintain the authentic Lambo look; “We relied on our aerospace and coachworks divisions to make sure Shaq could fit in the car, but the naked eye could not detect any differences from the original Gallardo.”

2 Waste: Customized F-650 Pickup

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Just last year Shaq purchased his daily driver that resembles a truck out of a futuristic film more than the average F-650. The truck has a 6.7 liter power stoke V-8 along with 330 horsepower. Yes it is no joke. The truck was initially worth just over $65,000. However following the massive list of modifications that car worth nearly doubled tipping the $124,000 scale. At the base price the car would have been worth it but given all the ridiculous modifications most would argue that it hurt the value of the car more than anything else. Sorry Shaq but your every day rider seems to be a bit of a waste.

1 Worth Every Dollar: Customized Two Door Vaydor

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Just a year ago Shaq purchased this magnificent ride and one most can argue is his best car hiding in the O’Neal garage. Customized by Supercraft Custom Crafted Cars the automobile is an absolute joy to look at. Of course the seats, leg room, pedals and lower dash are all modified in order to cater for the big man’s needs.

The blacked out mags and red interior make this convertible Vaydor one worth every single penny.

Although it isn’t necessarily a big man’s car it is still worth every dollar nonetheless. In terms of his favourite rides this one is up there among the top.

Soucres: Vanity Fair, Motorauthority, MTV

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