The 10 Most Reliable Cars Of 2019

Owning a reliable car can be very important in the modern age. Here are 10 of the best vehicles to invest in, in 2019.

Cars reliability is one of the most important features in a vehicle, and it is reported that Japanese cars have a strong body, Italian models are flashy but unreliable, while French automobiles have common electrical issues. But that was in the past because Japanese cars dominate the list of most reliable cars recently, and French models such as the Peugeot 3008 also make the list.

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The Japanese Lexus CT is one of the vehicles on this list of the most reliable cars of 2019, followed by other top brands which include Mazda, Toyota, Kia, and Honda. A research was carried out on different features of these vehicles, such as practicality, fuel economy, and reliability, to determine the ones that could be dependable. This investigation was targeted at vehicles that were less than a year old, and it could be described as one of the most comprehensive car reliability research.

10 LEXUS CT 2019

Lexus is a luxurious and premium brand of Toyota, and Lexus CT is the premium version of the Toyota Prius. It has an excellent fuel economy due to hybrid technology and very reliable with a reliability score of 94.55%.

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Lexus CT has some drawbacks as reported by its owners. Fewer than 5% 0f owners of this five-door hatchback complained of common problems. That aside, the interior space is compact compared to other rival family hatchbacks. It is also firm, with the dashboard looking old-fashioned and fussy.

9 MAZDA CX-5 2019

The Mazda CX-5 is chosen for its efficiency and reliability. Promoted for its nimble, car-like mode of operation, and also one of the most reliable cars you may think of. The CX-5 has a reliability score of 95.15% but comes with common faults. Such faults include electric and brake faults.

It has a high-quality interior, and is an upgrade of the previous Mazda CX-5 model, although that model is still efficient and highly dependable.


Skoda belongs to the Volkswagen Group, although it was a Czech Company. This makes the Skoda Octavia the only German Engineering Company to be included in this list. It has a high-quality interior with enormous space which outweighs any negativity. This upgraded version has a new design with four-headlight and some improvements in interior technology.

This Octavia doesn't have much difference from the previous model, so any current generation cars may be an alternative. It has a reliability score of 94.55% but with common known faults. The only problem experienced with this vehicle is with the gearbox.

7 LEXUS NX 2019

The Lexus brand has made it possible for car owners to have a vehicle with high-tech gadgets, driven by an advanced hybrid system, whilst maintaining its reliability. The quality of Lexus NX, with its low rate of faults, is the reason it is preferred by many. The most common faults that may be experienced is the braking system issue.

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The Lexus NX has a reliability score of 96.25%, and only available as a hybrid or petrol car. It glides smoothly on motorways, but at a reduced speed, it feels bumpy. It has a striking appearance and manufactured with a high level of sophisticated materials. The interior is spacious but with a tight rear headroom. Although the boot is small, the seats can be folded on the flat floor.

6 PEUGEOT 3008 2019-Model

Surprisingly, Peugeot has made it to the list of the most reliable cars of 2019 with the introduction of Peugeot 3008 Crossover. Peugeot is a French company previously known for manufacturing poor-quality cars but currently the most reliable non-South Korean or Japanese car. The company elevated its standard by combining the fuel economy and comfort of a hatchback with the height of an off-roader which is seen in the 3008 family crossover car.

It has a striking appearance, high-quality interior with a dual-screen dashboard. Parts of the interior has a metal surface with soft plastic. Owners of this vehicle ranked it as the best car to own in Britain. Although it is one of the most reliable cars in Britain with a reliability score of 95.22%, it is not flawless but performs more than other family crossovers. The most common fault that may be experienced with this automobile is electrics.


The most recent version of the Toyota Prius is the best hybrid car in the world. Although it can be used as a minicab, it's best used as a family car. This hybrid car combines an electric motor with a petrol engine, and energy lost during braking can be recovered.

The recovered energy could be reused to boost the car at reduced speeds or provide an additional boost during acceleration. The fuel economy of this vehicle is impressive, and it has a low rate of faults with a reliability score of 95.93%. The most common fault of this hybrid car is associated with exterior trim-panels and paint.


The Kia Sorento is a seven-seat car which could be used as a small van when the seats are folded down. It can also be packed with children and used as a school bus. Cars like this seldom have an easy life due to its many functions. The reliability and impression it offers is the reason it's included on this list. Although buyers may unlikely go for it, it has the longest warranty of seven years in the automobile industry, and as applicable to all Kia brands, it's limited to 100,000 miles.

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The updated version of this vehicle launched into the market earlier this year has improvements in its quality with a good impression. It has a reliability score of 96.08%, but it's not without fault. The most common fault experienced with using this car is with the electrics.

3 MAZDA MX-5 2019-Model

The Mazda MX-5 comes with lots of fun. It is light and nimble and rolls smoothly on roads due to its highly responsive, controlled steering and powerful engine. It is only a few cars can match its performance on roads.

With a reliability score of 95.82%, you're certain that this MX-5 will take you through your journey without breakdown, unlike a traditional sport utility vehicle. It has exceptional reliability, with the electrical issue as its common fault.

2 HONDA CR-V 2019-Model

The newest version of Honda CR-V has replaced the outgoing model, but this model still maintains the company's reputation due to its reliability. It has a spacious interior and very few faults. As the lifespan of the vehicle approaches, there are better deals on new models, considering its size and mode of operation.

This Honda CR-V has a reliability score of 95.16%, and its most common faults are with the electrics which may not be a serious issue.


This Toyota Verso has been in existence for almost a decade, but its operation still supersedes that of its rivals. It might not have a striking appearance or high-tech, but it is dependable.

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It has seven-seats with a spacious interior to give a comfortable journey at low costs with its fuel economy. It also has a few faults with gearbox issue as the most common, but this does not affect its reliability score of 95.10%.

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