10 Cars Nicolas Cage Never Should Have Boosted (And 10 Gone In 60 Seconds Stars)

Movie remakes are rarely as good as the original. However, many would contend 2000’s Gone in 60 Seconds is even better than the 1974 film. The plot starts when Kip Raines (Giovanni Ribisi) ruins a major job for intimidating boss Calitri (Christopher Ecceleston). Kip’s older brother, Randall, aka “Memphis” (Nicolas Cage), a retired thief himself steps in and pleads for his brother's life.

Calitri offers a deal: he’ll let them live if they can get him 50 specific high-priced cars in 72 hours and deliver them to a ship leaving San Pedro. Getting with his crew (which includes Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall), Memphis is out to boost the rides while trying to avoid the cops. The movie was a major hit and has become a beloved film by gearheads. It’s easy to see why given that it includes terrific action and some of the best car chases ever put on film.

The obvious attraction is the cars themselves. The list is shown to the audience and each car has a female codename. Some are just on screen for a second or two as part of the montages of the crew pulling off the jobs while others are given more screen time and featured in some of the chase scenes.

A few cars are obviously chosen because they're true classics that are also awesome rides. However, a few others aren’t as notable, either being bad builds or pretty commonplace. Here are 10 rides from Gone in 60 Seconds that Memphis shouldn’t have bothered boosting and 10 stars that shine as car film classics.

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20 IGNORED: 2000 Cadillac Eldorado (Daniela)

via conceptcarz.com

Having an Eldorado on a list of “must boost” cars makes sense. This was one of the best of the classic luxury cars of the 20th century, which also boasted some nice muscle. The first generation was gorgeous and is still a must-get for collectors. However, the idea of someone demanding a 2000 version makes no sense. This was the last generation of the model and lacked the style of the previous iterations—not to mention boasting less horsepower and basically looking like your standard Caddy. It just doesn’t fit that a collector would want one of these and not a classic Eldorado.

19 STAR: 1998 Dodge Viper Coupe GTS (Denise)

via ZombieDrive

Safety officials went crazy when the Dodge Viper debuted in 1991. It didn’t have airbags, exterior door handles, or even ABS. It also lacked air conditioning or power windows. From a safety standpoint, it was a nightmare. For lovers of a fast ride, it was a dream come true. The stunning engine and sleek frame allowed the Viper to roar like a Formula 1 race car on the road. The 1998 versions finally added in some AC and other amenities to make the ride more comfortable as well as quick. While it was slightly tougher to nab thanks to the door locks, one look is enough to ensure the Viper is a must-grab for a lover of exotic cars to sell.

18 IGNORED: 1987 Ferrari Testarossa (Rose)

via Wikipedia

If you’re lifting a pack of amazing cars, a Ferrari is obviously a must. The name alone is synonymous with luxury and speed and it makes absolute sense. However, with so many models out there, the movie picked a 1987 Testarossa for some reason, which most Ferrari buffs agree is a poor choice. It doesn’t have the power of other Ferraris and also the model is quite heavy so it doesn’t reach the best speeds. Also, this model was mass produced in huge numbers which makes it a lot easier to acquire. There were scores of other Ferraris that would have been a more logical choice for the film.

17 STAR: 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “Gullwing” (Dorothy)

Via: Bing

If someone is going to get some rare cars, it’s hard to find a better option than the Gullwing. The nickname obviously comes from its unique wing-shaped opening doors (later copied by the DeLorean) which allow a driver to enter an interior that defines luxury. It’s also a great speed machine, able to hit 160 mph thanks to its engine and its light frame. Recently, Adam Levine sold his Gullwing off for a cool million dollars. There are 3,000 of these, so they’re not ultra-rare but a pristine one makes for a gorgeous sight. The doors are the focus and yet the entire car is a terrific ride more than worth the effort to grab.

16 IGNORED: 1999 Lincoln Navigator (Kimberly)

Via: Bing

At the time of filming, the SUV market was really coming into its own. However, it wasn’t exactly a huge market for collectors nor something massively desired overseas—so some crime boss wanting one was unlikely. The Navigator looks great with its sleek design and some nice chrome work to make it stand out. But by the time the movie hit, the Escalade had debuted and instantly became the must-get SUV out there. That would make it a far more likely target than the Navigator was. It’s become even more obvious as time has gone by and the Escalade has taken off. The Navigator is a real anomaly among the cars on this list.

15 STAR: 1966 Shelby Cobra (Ashley)

Via: yandex.ua

There’s actually a great movie to be made of the wild history behind the creation of the Shelby Cobra. It was part of an epic feud between Ferrari and Ford with Carol Shelby creating what remains one of the most gorgeous racing vehicles on the planet. A mint Shelby Cobra has been known to go for over $3 million at auctions and it makes perfect sense that one would be grabbed by some foreign collector. The interior puts a lot of modern cars to shame and its open-air seating lets you enjoy a great drive on the road. It’s a car that any crook would love to boost just for a fast drive in a classic automobile.

14 IGNORED: GMC Yukon (Megan)

Via: Bing

It’s not that it’s a bad truck and the Yukon was actually among the better pickups of its time because it packed a lot of power and good storage space. However, it seems an odd choice for some dealer who wants to move cars via a container ship. You’d need a lot more space for this thing than other cars and it stands out amid the selection of fantastic luxury and muscle machines. Frankly, it’d be better for towing some of these other cars than actually selling. There just doesn’t seem to be a huge market in other nations for a model like this, which makes the Yukon one of the odder choices for a “must-boost” car list.

13 STAR: 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4


One look is enough to make any Ferrari lover drool. The 1967 275 GTB/4 is almost priceless thanks to how only 280 of them were produced. Even by Ferrari standards, its frame is gorgeous, with a sleek design standing out with its sharp curves and lovely hood. There’s also the amazing quad-cam V12 engine which created 300 horsepower, a nearly unheard-of number in 1967. The only issue with the car in the movie is the fact it wouldn’t be found just anywhere due to its rarity. A restored model once sold for $27 million, which means this thing would be under heavy lock and key. Yet that makes it even more of a standout and it's no wonder the crew would be hot to grab one.

12 IGNORED: Infiniti Q45 (Rachel)

via zombdrive.com

Of all the cars stolen in the movie, this is probably the one that makes the least sense. Infiniti got a big push as the first model was used as the official car of the Prime Minister of Japan. It featured luxury with its gorgeous interior, as well as a great V8 engine. Yet it’s nowhere near as durable as other cars on this list and also lacks the charm of, say, a Porsche. What really makes it an odd choice is the fact that the Infiniti was a massive deal overseas and sold better there than in the US, so the idea having one shipped from Los Angeles to Europe makes no sense.

11 STAR: 1994 Jaguar XJ220 (Bernadine)

Via FavCars

Even by the standards of Jaguars, the XJ220 is an absolutely stunning piece of work. Just admire its incredible design, so sleek and top notch that it looks like a car 20 years ahead of its time—and that’s not including what’s under the hood. A 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine allows it to reach speeds of 217 mph, which was a world-beating speed in the early 1990s. The car gets a great showcase as Angelina Jolie’s character drives it into the garage to the amazement of everyone (it was originally going to be a McLaren F1 but they couldn’t acquire one). The actress fits the ride perfectly and this is one of the best Jaguars to ever roar on the streets.

10 IGNORED: 1999 Lexus LS400 (Hillary)


The luxury sedan craze was really taking off in the 1990s and there were scores of models to choose from. In terms of performance, the Lexus LS400 was a very dependable vehicle that still would be a good choice today. It’s tough and handles the road very well and has a great interior, too. However, it’s also a pretty common vehicle and just doesn’t stand out a lot. It lacks the great curves and terrific design of a Porsche or Corvette and is more suited for a daily commute than a fancy road. It’s as if the crew just threw in one more car to get to an even 50 more than they chose the Lexus for its style.

9 STAR: 1961 Porsche 356B Speedster (Stefanie)

via Pinterest

It’s a shame its time in the movie was so short because this car deserves a major spotlight. The 356 had a convertible option and showcases the absolutely gorgeous design that was fitting for its era. Its flat-four engine may seem underpowered but it makes for a nice cruising ride. As it’s a Porsche, it looks terrific and carries an aura of sophistication few other cars can touch. Grabbing one makes sense and these models can go for half a million bucks easily at auction. Its time is brief, though, when it’s one of the cars nabbed in the montage of thefts yet this classic could have starred in its own movie.

8 IGNORED: 2000 Volvo Turbo Wagon R (Lisa)


The very idea of nabbing a station wagon among a list of “must-get” cars is baffling already. To be fair, it’s not like they’re going for some old beater but rather, picking a high profile one. The Volvo Turbo boasts a 300 horsepower from a  turbocharged five-cylinder engine, plus all-wheel drive gives it a great boost. And yet…it’s a station wagon. Sure, it looks sleek with a good design but wanting a wagon among these high-profile cars just makes very little sense. That’s not to mention that even in 2000, there were scores of sports wagons much better in both performance and looks that could sell better overseas. It looks lovely but that doesn’t make it a better pick.

7 STAR: 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird (Jessica)


This is another of the cars that only pops up briefly in the montage where the crew is pulling off their big heists. It’s easy to see why they would choose this to grab as it remains a unique car. The backstory is that due to a NASCAR rule, Plymouth had to make a street version of their racing car. The result was the Roadrunner, which stands out thanks to its large spoiler and beaky nose, which fits the namesake (either the bird or the cartoon character). While designed for the trunk to open, it also made the Roadrunner stand out even better. Combine that with a terrific engine and this was a muscle machine that looks great amid the other cars in the film.

6 IGNORED: 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL 600

Via mecum.com

Time has not been kind to some models of the Mercedes-Benz SL. At the time, the luxury coupes stood out nicely with good engines and handling. They were mass-produced, which made them pretty common to the point that it really was cheaper just to buy a new model than a “hot” one. The engine is good, a 390 horsepower V12, but it only has a four-speed automatic. It’s why the SL 600 has slid down with its value depreciating to almost 10 percent of what it once was. Picking this among a “hot cars” list was foolish then and makes even less sense today.

5 STAR: 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 (Eleanor)

VIA Motor Authority

It’s impossible to do a Gone in 60 Second list and not include its most famous car. Eleanor was even listed in the movie’s credits to show what a huge deal it is. Memphis Raines had long wanted this car which has eluded his grasp and uses the big job as the chance to finally get it. It’s easy to see why as its classic build and top-notch engine make it one of the best muscle cars ever created. It gets its spotlight in a fantastic 40-minute chase scene that leaves literally 93 cars wrecked, with Eleanor barely getting a scratch. It’s the most obvious choice on the list which shows how it’s become one of the most iconic rides in all of cinema.

4 IGNORED: 1971 De Tomaso Pantera (Kate)

via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a great case of a car that was chosen for the movie because of its look, not how it drives. The Pantera looks gorgeous with its sleek design and boasts some very nice engine work. The scarcity makes it a collector’s item but ignores the reasons why it wasn’t mass-produced. That includes a very cramped interior, mid-engine layout, and a terrible transmission prone to breakdowns and the need for major overhauls. The Pantera just isn’t that reliable of a car and thus there’s no real market for it overseas. The filmmakers probably thought it would look great and shine on screen but the truth is that a real pro would probably find a much better ride.

3 STAR: 1962 Aston Martin DB1 (Barbara)

via jigidi.com

Usually, Aston Martin is linked to the James Bond movies. The Gone in 60 Seconds crew would no doubt make some cracks about how those cars are a bit out of their league because they prefer classic US-made machines. But even they would have to give props to the 1962 Aston DB1. It actually predates the Bond films and thus showcases classic elegance with a very good engine. The design is lovely and the open-air seating makes it a great ride for the country. There were only 15 of these built and they paved the way for more famous models. That rarity makes it even more of a stylish grab to show how these crooks can’t resist a true icon.

2 IGNORED: 1990 Humvee (Tracy)

via YouTube

Humvees were a huge thing in the 1990s thanks to scores of big Hollywood celebrities flaunting them. Too many collectors followed suit, only to discover these things are pretty hard to handle on a regular road. They would make even less sense for folks in Europe, where the roads are even smaller and tighter. A 1992 version lacked the better engines of later models, so the fuel consumption rate was through the roof. It looks impressive if you’re driving on hard terrain yet there wasn’t a huge call for it in Europe at the time. It appears the filmmakers just thought a Hummer would look cool rather than logical for the plot.

1 STAR: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray (Stacey)

via classic cars of sarasota

There are two Chevy Corvettes featured in the movie. One (Pamela) is a 1953 convertible, which is a classic ride boasting a great look and engine. However, if one is looking for a truly classic Corvette, it has to be the Sting Ray. The last of its generation, it was also the best, mixing in elements of earlier designs with its frame that perfectly fits its namesake. The small-block V8 allowed some great speeds but the Sting Ray was also hailed for its genius handling of the road and sharp maneuverability. It’s a mainstay of the classic Detroit automaking era and the crew is downright giddy about grabbing one. It only makes sense to have this iconic car among the others taken.

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