10 Unexpected Cars That Run On Premium Gas

Looking at these ten cars, you would definitely be surprised to learn that they actually run on premium gas, despite appearances.

When it comes to cars, there are a lot of models to chose from. Depending on what type of personality you have and what you look for when choosing a car, you will have to take into consideration what type of fuel it will use.

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If you want a fast car, you might have to use a premium fuel that will make the engine work at its full capacity, but will leave a bigger hole in your wallet. Here is a list of ten cars that run on premium gas, although you would not expect it! Let us know what your opinion is and if you are driving such a car what experience you have with it.

10 Chevrolet Equinox

This car requires premium fuel, even though you wouldn’t expect it. When it was built, it was meant for it to have premium gas. Although there are a lot of models from the brand that do not need this sort of care and investment, this particular car has to have premium gas only.

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Also, if it is not taken care of, the engine can be ruined so make sure you consider that if you’re thinking of buying the Chevrolet Equinox. You will have to use a premium 93 octane – unleaded gasoline in your vehicle, according to the User’s Manual.

9 Subaru Forester

This car has a high-performance engine so it requires premium gasoline. It is designed to only work with this type of high-octane fuel. Although some Subaru cars will not have such requirements, if you use normal gasoline in your Subaru Forester, you risk losing a lot of power and probably causing damage to your engine. Something definitely not worth saving a few cents per gallon on fuel. This car requires a lot of power so it needs a higher octane to keep the engine at maximum power. Make sure you read the User’s Manual or talk to your car dealer before choosing the gas you will use.

8 Fiat 500

For this particular car, it is recommended to only use unleaded petrol minimum of 95. They are giving this advice because if normal fuel is used you can cause trouble to your engine as well as certain anomalies that will be hard to repair. You should keep in mind that the Fiat 500 gets fairly decent gas mileage, 28 in the city and 33 on the highway, so you won’t have to worry too much about financial hardship. If you happen to put regular in your tank you will definitely notice the difference in the car’s performance. Fiat is known to be a very good car, very fast and of course, it is reliable.

7 Nissan Juke

People interesting in buying this car have been wondering why a Nissa requires premium gas because when it comes to gas prices and buying a new car, that’s when some issues can come up. With a car that is presented as fun and inexpensive, shelling out the extra money for premium, 96 octane gas doesn’t seem to fit. With a very unique design and high-end technology and features you will have to use premium gasoline for your fun. Your Juke may be jerking down the road and have trouble with a rough idling engine. Although it is possible to use regular gas in a pinch, the get-up-go will have gone-off-and left.

6 Buick Envision

For this model, it is recommended only to use premium gas, because not only will your engine not perform as great as it is meant to, but you can also have issues when it comes to your warranty.

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It is great to keep in mind that when such recommendations are made, you should not overrule them because you’re risking damaging your car. The user’s manual says to use a 91 octane, but only in certain special cases you may use an 87 octane, but keep in mind that the best recommendation is to use premium fuel for the best performance.

5 GMC Terrain

This car is known to have an amazing design, as well as being very fast. But did you know that it requires premium gas? For the 2.0 liter model, you would need a premium octane fuel, and to let go of the regular gas you’ve been using with your old car. You have to use a 93 octane, as the User’s Manual suggests for this model. Although in certain parts of the world, depends on where you live, how the roads are or even what altitude you live at, certain requirements may change but premium fuel should be used, although some people are still not used to this idea for this car.

4 Jeep Renegade

Also known as a small SUV, it has a lot of interesting and high-technology features that will make you deeply love the car. Similar to all the other cars we’ve listed above, for this particular model, you will have to use premium gas to allow the Jeep’s engine to work at full capacity. Depending on what type of engine you have, you can use different types of fuel. For instance, when it comes to a 1.4.liter or a 2.4. liter engine, you shouldn’t use less than 87 octane. This model can keep 12.7 gallons of fuel, so it is important to use the right type of premium fuel to maintain the longevity of the engine and the car.

3 Mitsubishi Outlander

Using premium gas for the Mitsubishi Outlander will improve your cars’ performance more than you think. That is why it is highly recommended to not skip this recommendation, although it may seem that a Mitsubishi is not necessarily a type of car that requires premium attention. If you don’t want to harm your engine and you are planning on having this car for a long time, reading the user’s manual and doing everything listed on it will keep your Outlander in good shape. Using regular octane gas is okay according to the manufacturer, but it you want the best results from your engine, premium gas it is. You’ll be happier with the acceleration and performance.

2 Nissan Maxima

If you are considering buying this car, you have to take into account all the further expenses that may come with it and one of those is going to me the extra cost for premium octane fuel. For instance, although the car has an incredible performance, it is only because of the premium fuel you need to put into it. For example, when it comes to the Nissan Maxima, the guide mentions that premium is highly recommended but not mandatory, so it does not say that if you’re going to use normal fuel your engine may suffer, however, performance might.

1 Buick Regal

The last car on our list that requires premium fuel is the Buick Regal. Maybe not as unexpected as the other nine models we have listed above, as it has regal right in the name, indicating it needs the best. However, it can also depend on what engine you get in your Regal. The turbo can run on regular octane, while the 2.4L needs premium, otherwise you risk ruining performance or even cause trouble with the milage. Make sure that you talk to your dealer before making any sort of changes, as well as taking into consideration what the users’ manual says!

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