12 Cars Shaq Needs To Bring Back To The Dealership (5 He’ll Never Sell)

Being one of the biggest NBA stars in history has its perks. Besides traveling around the world, eating at the nicest restaurants and wearing designer clothing, Shaquille O'Neill has lots of money. Considering that O'Neill has made more than $200 million in earnings during his basketball career, one can't blame him for splurging a portion of that wealth on extravagant purchases such as cars.

Shaq has an impressive car collection that most of us can only dream about acquiring. Since Shaq weighs more than 320 pounds and is taller than 7-feet, he struggles to get into most vehicles. Not one to give up, Shaq employed the services of customizers to stretch some of his supercars so that he can enjoy blistering speeds and luxury like other celebrities.

Although most of Shaq's car purchases are good cars, some of his choices left people scratching their heads. Shaq has an affinity for big cars but prefers to customize pickup trucks so that it's bigger, making it easier for him to fit. The only problem with Shaq's modification is that some cars end up looking eccentric. The other spectrum is Shaq trying to squeeze into small cars. We peeked inside his garage to find out which cars Shaq should get rid of as soon as possible and which he should never sell.

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17 Bring Back: Buick Lacrosse

via Ferienwohnung Finden

O'Neill isn't the only celebrity to endorse Buick, as Tiger Woods signed a lucrative contract with the automaker to promote its brand. Although Buick signed the biggest golfer in the world at the time, many people questioned if Woods drove a Buick since he earned more than a billion dollars.

The collaboration with Woods didn't make sense. The same happened with Shaq. Many people wondered if he could fit inside the vehicle. Before Shaq got inside, he had to move the seat all the way back to fit. Although Shaq can fit inside a Lacrosse, the vehicle doesn't suit him.

16 Bring Back: Chevrolet G1500 Van

via Barrett-Jackson

Shaq wants to feel comfortable wherever he goes, so he wanted to buy a van to stretch his legs. When Shaq bought the 2001 Chevrolet 1500, he wanted to spice up the vehicle, so he got it customized. The customizers fitted the Superman emblem on the front of the vehicle, as well as lowered the suspension and fitted rims to match the van's paint job.

I'm not sure what look Shaq was going for when he modified the van, but it doesn't work. Since Shaq weighs a lot, he should have lifted the suspension, not lowered it. Once Shaq and his friends get inside the van, the G1500 lowers even more, possibly, scrapping the ground.

15 Never Sell: Vaydor

via Autofluence

If there's one car that suits Shaq, it is the Vaydor. Not only does the car provide brilliant performance and lavish looks, but Shaq will get plenty of space inside his modified version. The car looks like a combination of an Aston Martin and a Lamborghini Aventador. According to Drive Tribe, Supercraft Custom Crafted Cars handcrafted the car.

Matt Mcentegart, Vaydor Chief Designer, stated that modifying Shaq's Vaydor was the biggest challenge he incurred in his designing career. Due to Shaq's massive frame, the seats had to be far back to accommodate Shaq's long arms and legs.

14 Bring Back: Cadillac Escalade

via Cars Techie

Ask Shaq what kind of an SUV he prefers, and he'll tell you that he wants one with lowered suspension and scissor doors. Supercars such as the Aventador boast scissor doors, making the vehicle look elegant. The scissor doors that Shaq fitted onto his Escalade don't suit an SUV. To make the vehicle look more customized, Shaq tinted the windows and fit rims onto it.

Those modifications weren't enough, so Shaq placed the Superman emblem on the front of the Escalade. Although the car looks unique, it doesn't mean that it looks better than the original Escalade.

13 Bring Back: Four-Seat Polaris Slingshot

via Youtube

Everything that Shaq does has to be big, so when he purchased a Polaris Slingshot, he instructed the customizers to stretch the vehicle so that he could place his legs straight. The customizers did as Shaq requested, but when they were done, Shaq saw that he had extra space to add seats.

Not one to waste a car, Shaq told the customizers to fit seating at the back for passengers. Instead of two seats, the Slingshot that Shaq owns has four. Although the car is roadworthy, it provides limited safety features.

12 Bring Back: GMC Sierra Denali

via Storgram

Most pickup fanatics will agree that the cars are good as standard models. When one tries to alter the aesthetics of a pickup, the vehicle looks like a mess, in most cases. Once Shaq bought the Sierra Denali, he wanted his pickup to stand out from the rest, so he wrapped it in gold and raised the suspension.

Although Shaq is tall, a standard pickup provides a high enough reach for a tall person and good road visibility. To make the customization look more extravagant, Shaq fitted rims on the golden pickup. The only problem with the modification is that it didn't produce an extravagant vehicle - some instead choose to scoff at the ride.

11 Never Sell: Dodge Challenger

via Instagram

After hanging up his 22 size basketball shoes at the end of his lucrative NBA career, Shaq wanted to give back to the community by serving it. The best way that Shaq knew how to do that was by becoming a police officer. The Sheriff granted Shaq a Dodge Challenger to patrol the neighborhoods, but the car must've been small for him, as Shaq opted for a convertible with a lot of headspace.

Shaq opted for a Hellcat so that he could get optimal performance from a muscle car. The Hellcat was one of the best purchases that Shaq made, and the modification that Shaq did on the car was commendable.

10 Bring Back: Play Big

via Fun1Shot

Once Shaq has fun with a vehicle, he gets bored of it and wants to move onto the next toy. Shaq fans who wanted to own his vehicle had the opportunity to buy his Play Big truck. Fans who didn't mind parting with $85,000 could have been the proud owners of the gargantuan vehicle.

Corona Company built the vehicle. Although the truck was an attraction at the 2008 Inland Empire Auto Show, it was impractical. One of the few uses that the owner can enjoy the vehicle is off-road. The owner would pull his hair out while looking for parking at the mall. Thankfully for Shaq, he has no hair to pull...

9 Bring Back: Smart Car

via Listers

The Smart car is one of the vehicles that doesn't make sense in Shaq's collection. The big man modifies pickups by raising the car's suspension, but he buys a vehicle that a normal man would struggle to get inside. When Shaq miraculously got into the vehicle and drove around town, the bypassers gawked and snapped pictures.

Shaq had a smile on his face while he drove in the miniature vehicle, boasting a 1-liter engine and producing less than 100 horsepower. I think that all of us are in agreement that Shaq needs to return the Smart car to the dealership.

8 Bring Back: Ford F-650

via Auto Evolution

I thought that a common pattern existed amongst Shaq's purchases until I discovered that he drove a Smart car. My theory of Shaq buying a big car to modify it to be bigger flew out of the window when I saw Shaq smiling in the Smart car. It seems that my theory is slightly correct, as Shaq bought an F-650.

Not wanting to blend in with the other F-650 owners, Shaq opted for the Terminator wrap theme. Although Shaq's car looks different from other F-650s, the Terminator theme doesn't make the car any better and perhaps, it now has a decreased value.

7 Never Sell: Lamborghini Gallardo

via byrdbarnhouse

Since Shaq couldn't fit inside a supercar but wanted to drive one, he instructed customizers to stretch the vehicle. Once the customizers finished the job, Shaq could get inside the Gallardo. Lamborghini has produced one of the best supercars on the market, as its vehicles have a unique design and provide blistering speeds.

Although Dwayne Johnson gave up on fitting inside supercars, Shaq didn't want to miss out on the experience that the Gallardo offers. Considering stretching the vehicle was the only modification that Shaq did to the vehicle, the Gallardo looks stunning.

6 Bring Back: Hummer H2S

via Car Reviews

When rappers started featuring the Hummer in their music videos, the brand gained worldwide recognition. Many consumers were curious about the gargantuan vehicle. To see what the fuss was about, many consumers purchased the SUV and found out that the car was a guzzler.

Apart from the exorbitant costs at the gas station, owners of the car spent a tremendous amount of money on repairs due to the car's unreliability. To make matters worse, the Hummer couldn't fit into a single lane, and owners believed the car was impractical, as they struggled to fit the car into a parking bay.

5 Bring Back: Mercedes S-Class

via Complex

The manufacturer has garnered a reputation for making some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Mercedes engines can endure many miles without giving the driver hassle. Apart from the reliability, most Mercedes cars are comfortable, provide good performance and luxury. Since Mercedes cars provide so much, what's wrong with Shaq owning it?

The picture tells the story. While signing a basketball for a fan, Shaq struggled to move his legs to get into a comfortable position. Although the S-Class is comfortable, it isn't big enough for O'Neill.

4 Never Sell: Jeep Wrangler

via Autoinfo

Ask off-road enthusiasts what car they prefer to tackle boulders and sticky situations with, and most of them will reply, "The Wrangler." Jeep has done an amazing job with the car, as the Wrangler has great off-road capability.

Although the car might not be the most comfortable vehicle on the road, the fun that the car provides off-road makes up for any of its drawbacks on the road. When Shaq got his Wrangler, he chose a brilliant wrap for the vehicle. The funny part of the purchase is that Shaq is taller than the Wrangler.

3 Bring Back: Cadillac DTS

via Lincoln vs Cadillac Forums

Some of the cars on the list are decent cars, but the problem with the vehicles is that Shaq is the owner. That means he can fit inside certain vehicles. Although Cadillac did a good job with the manufacturing of the DTS, it doesn't suit Shaq's stature. The picture of him standing next to the car speaks a thousand words.

Shaq needs a lot of space, and the DTS will not confer that, as it's for a regular size humans. Besides the limited space that Shaq has in the DTS, he also fitted the car with rims and speakers, making the car look like it would blend into the set of the Fast and the Furious.

2 Bring Back: Lincoln Navigator

via Car Reviews

The Navigator is a luxury SUV that Lincoln has produced since 1997. The car provides good cargo capacity and comfortable seating. Although Lincoln had success with the vehicle in the late '90s and early 2000s, as Lincoln recorded annual sales of more than 30,000 units, the car has lost its appeal. Between 2009 and 2013, Lincoln sold just over 8,000 Navigators each year.

Gradual improvement followed for the brand in subsequent years, but the manufacturer hasn't had the success it wanted to have with the luxury SUV. When Shaq got his Navigator, he modified it. The end product didn't look like a lavish vehicle.

1 Never Sell: Ram 1500

via Motor 1

Consumer Reports has featured the Ram in its Least Reliable Vehicles list for several years, but the pickup manufacturer has cleaned up its reputation of producing unreliable vehicles. The 2019 Ram 1500 has garnered a lot of attention amongst the pickup market, and many pickup enthusiasts believe that it can give the F-series a run for its money.

When Shaq got his 1500, the first thing he did with the vehicle was to fit rims onto to it. The rims fit the paint job and the design of the vehicle. The best part about the car is that Shaq didn't raise the suspension.

Sources - YouTube, IG & Drive Tribe

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