24 Cars Stuck In The Absolute Strangest Places

Millions of people drive their cars every day, rather, billions of people go out on the roads in their vehicles every day, to go to the store, to go to work, to pick up their kids from school, to get home, to visit friends, family, or meet up with their dates. Indeed, the majority of the world gets around by using the infrastructure of the streets and highways that have been built up around the world.

This naturally leads to any number of atypical events happening, whether it's minor collisions or mistakes, people getting lost, turned around, or any number of things. Breaking local traffic laws is often a big issue, and the reason why there are traffic enforcement who do their best to keep the roads running as civilized as possible.

With this vast amount of traffic constantly flowing across countless miles of tarmac across the world, it's quite a common occurrence for cars to get stuck. It's often off the roads, places that make you wonder why on earth anyone would have tried to attempt such a maneuver. Sometimes we're left in disbelief as to how someone could be so ill-informed to make such a silly mistake. No matter the case, cars get stuck, and they get stuck a lot. Nobody is immune to it, it would come as no surprise to know that most people have gotten their car stuck in some form or another as a driver. Let's take a look at 24 cars stuck in the weirdest places.

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24 Not Even Believable

via reddit.com

There's a whole lot of nothing in this photo, plenty of open spaces in almost every direction. There's an open road, an empty parking lot without any cars in it, except for the one, and nothing to really run into in it. Except for one thing.

That one thing is a giant cement barrier, and this Toyota SUV drove right onto it, the only thing in sight for hundreds of feet in any direction. Good going on the part of this driver, they've somehow managed to breathe there car on it, all the way to the middle.

23 Stuck Where Land Speed Records Are Set

via reddit.com

Salt flats are often thought of as dry, flat places that are completely level and smooth. This is why people like driving on them, and driving very, very fast. Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is just such a place, where hundreds of people have set and broken land speed records for decades.

This Jeep, though, has seen more honorable times, as in the very salt flats where high speeds are inordinately possible, this Jeep has gotten stuck, deep in the salt. Goes to show that you shouldn't go in the rainy season.

22 Stuck In The Subway

via blogto.com

Just how something like this is supposed to have happened, it's really kind of a mystery. As to what the order of events that transpired to get this Ford Flex into a Subway tunnel, any number of guesses could point to what happened.

Someone must have been really, really confused, and I'm sure a little bit scared, as the looming fear of the next train coming must have been quite the worst case scenario. In any case, it's funny now, because no one was hurt, only the pride of the person who was capable of such a dumbfounding feat.

21 This One's For The Birds

via popularmechanics.com

There's a lot going on in this photo, and a lot of it is artfully juxtaposed against itself, leading to a rather humorous and almost surreal composition. The river looks as if it's flooded, and this car got stuck in the aftermath, or someone attempted to drive into it.

The swans are a beautiful, surreal touch, gracefully paddling around the car and contrasting the wet cityscape. The funny part is the sign, announcing that there are construction workers nearby, though I doubt they're working underwater.

20 That's A Creek, Not A Street

via drivingnews.com

This person must have been very confused as to where exactly the road was supposed to be, as they've made a pretty big mistake in taking the wrong route. What looks like an irrigation ditch has proven to be the rather permanent home of this car.

Maybe it was late and they were tired, thinking it was a turn off, or maybe Google maps led them astray, saying this waterway was the parkway. Who knows, really, but I can't imagine it's all that hard to deduce that this is a creek, not a street.

19 There's Plenty Of Open Spots. . .

via wwaytv3.com

This person must have seriously wanted that Lexus' spot, because they've gone to some serious lengths to try and get it. Sometimes jealousy is a strong thing, envy even stronger.

There's plenty of open spots, though, so maybe it's something else. Perhaps they were backing out of their spot but had the car in drive instead of reverse, and then floored it, and subsequently mounted their fellow strip-mall goer. The more likely scenario, it still involves a serious amount of error on the part of the driver, leaving us wondering just why they have a license at all.

18 Frozen In Place

via nypost.com

This car, unlike the questionable decisions on the part of poor drivers, is stuck for a particularly different reason, one that's common on the East Coast and around the Great Lakes areas of the US - ice storms. There's several documented cases and a few events that have been on a scale large enough to encase an entire car in ice.

This poor Audi has seen the same fate, encased in a thick layer of impenetrable ice, frozen solid and frozen in place. One can only hope it's not a daily driver, and that the police are kind enough to not give him a parking ticket (though you can't expect much in New York.)

17 Time For A Visit To That Spa

via reddit.com

The most ironic part about cars beached on giant rocks in parking lots is the reason the rocks are put there in the first place. Strip mall and parking lot owners put these rocks in so that people know not to drive over the medians and curbs that define a parking lot layout.

This is especially useful in the snow, when things are covered in a layer of indistinguishable white. Of course, the true irony is the fact that it often leads to cars getting beached on top of these rocks, just like this Mazda. The humor is nigh endless.

16 Wait For It To Dry First!

via weird universe.net

The amount of times cars get stuck in wet cement is surprisingly, worryingly great. There are endless pictures across the internet, of countless people getting stuck in swaths of freshly laid and smoothened concrete.

This person took a left turn in the worst place ever, and it's really unclear as to why they thought it was a good idea to do that. It's asinine, really, especially if it was because they were impatient due to construction delays. Now they've got a huge delay, and they're stuck in their car.

15 Where Not To Drive Your Panamera

via pinterest.com

When it comes to weird places cars have found themselves, a giant mud pool isn't the most unheard of, but it is when it becomes a Porsche luxury sports car, like this silver Porsche Panamera.

It's not an off-roader, and anyone who would've thought that is lacking quite a lot of common sense. It's a luxury ride that isn't good for much beyond having some extra room for the kiddos when picked up from school. This is such an outrageous place to find an inordinately expensive luxury vehicle.

14 High Centered Smuggling

via cbsnews.com

This Jeep has found itself in a rather strange and outrageous position here, where a makeshift ladder system has been put in place over a tall fence, but someone didn't do the math, and the car has been left high centered.

Cbsnews.com tells us a little bit more about it: "In this photo provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a silver Jeep Cherokee that suspected smugglers were attempting to drive over the U.S.-Mexico border fence is stuck at the top of a makeshift ramp early Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012."

13 Iceland Is Not The Place For A Compact Car

via icelandmag.is

Driving in Iceland is a fairly normal affair, (apart from the truly life-changing views around every bend) as long as you stick to the highways and paved roads. Unless, of course, you're driving, rented, or are part of a tour that uses an off-roader. Iceland off-roaders are serious business, with massive tires and big suspension kits.

That's because the terrain is serious business, with massive gullies, rocks and rivers. It gets worse in the winter, too, with incredibly deep snow and ice. So that's why it is highly unwise to take a rental compact car up a mountain road like this. It's remarkable someone thought it was a good idea.

12 15 Cars Fall Through The Ice All At Once

via autoevolution.com

Sometimes it's not just one car that gets stuck, sometimes it's a mass event that strands dozens of cars all at once. This is a perfect example of just that sort of scenario, out on a frozen lake in the depths of winter.

Though perhaps not deep enough into the winter, as is obvious by the fact that the ice wasn't thick enough to hold the weight of fifteen cars (understandable) all lined up in a row for some event. The result was that all these cars were sunk at the same time. Looks like the people were stranded out there, too.

11 Eighty-Two Grand Wasted In A National Park

via thedrive.com

The person who drove this Range Rover is a special breed, someone who thinks that all of the rules don't apply to them, and never will, even after something like this happens. From the story told at thedrive.com, we learn all about how this thing got here.

A group of people with very, very low IQ decided it was a good idea to take their Range Rover out onto a beach to have some fun. Not just any beach, mind you, but a protected beach in a nature preserve. What a disrespectful shame.

10 350 Z Stuck In Sudden Snow Pour

via pinterest.com

It's not often that these kinds of sports cars have to be pitted against such an obstacle as snow. They are designed for tarmac, for the track, for taking turns at high speeds, with high acceleration and great handling.

They're often equipped with low profile tires, for better grip on the asphalt. They don't have better grip in the snow, though, and the driver of this 350 Z is learning that the hard way, stuck in a sudden downpour of snow with nowhere to go.

9 A Wild Falcon Has Been Spotted

via heraldsun.com

There's an extremely amount of satisfying wordplay embedded in this whole crazy scenario pictured above. There's a car in this tree, and apart from the improbable events that led to it getting there, there's the wonderful fact that it's not just any car, but a Falcon.

A bird, in a tree, but not just any bird, it is a Falcon. If there isn't a more satisfying happenstance than that, I'm not sure what is. The irony and serendipity beggars belief. Maybe someone did it on purpose, though it looks like the tree grew up around it, lifting it skyward.

8 A Bit Deeper Than Expected

via ydr.com

This red pickup to me what looks like a Ford Ranger, seems to be going for a relaxing afternoon drive upstream in a river. I'm not sure the owner could distinguish between a deep muddy river and a highway.

Though I don't understand the mix-up, the truck is here, in way over its head and hopefully it isn't hydro-locked or too terribly flooded in the cabin. That's a pretty big mistake to make, and it likely cost them their truck. Better luck tomorrow, then!

7 A Car-Berg In Ice

via YouTube

This one is pretty odd, considering what exactly is going on here, and what would have led to such a mass vast amount of ice to suddenly appear in the city streets. There was some kind of catastrophic flooding that inundated the streets.

Then, in a flash of a cold spell, all the water froze, leaving this car stranded in a vast network of streets turned rivers turned ice. Here, the cars are the icebergs, and the ice the rivers. It's a car-berg in ice.

6 Bad Day For A Super Sale

via wmar2news.com

Seems it doesn't always pay off to be a bargain hunter. Some days you can find some insane super deals, and save a ton of money doing so (though perhaps not the time spent finding the deals), and some days your car gets swallowed up by a sink hole.

While that's a pretty outrageous scenario, apparently it does happen, and that's pretty crazy to think about. Those people standing in disbelief are likely wishing they had never found out about the sale, as it would have saved them money, and a lot of headaches.

5 Don't Drive Up Stairs

via reddit.com

There's a lot of speculation and confusion around how and why this Audi got up a flight of stairs on a pedestrian overpass on a college campus in Utah, and there isn't much of a logical reason behind it all.

Someone thought it was a good idea to head up this path, perhaps they wanted to take a shortcut over the pass, or perhaps they were heavily intoxicated. In any case, it's clear that cars aren't really designed for going up stairs, as it's very stuck here. I'm amazed they made it up a whole flight.

4 Of All The Things To Avoid

via reddit.com

There are a few features in this article that show cars beached up on massive rocks in parking lots. This is one of the best ones, too, with a very nice Lexus either just about to begin or just finishing up a great day of shopping at the local strip mall with high brow shops.

Unable to contain their excitement, they drove their car, with a very significant amount of force and ineptitude, up and over a massive rock in the median, high centering their car in the most absurd of places. The reason the rocks are there is so people know to avoid the medians.

3 Out For A Swim

via jalopnik.com

Someone royally messed up with this one, there's no doubt about that, especially considering that this just isn't a group of average Joe's, or someone who lost track of the time while having a beach picnic.

No, this Ram got stuck because the tide came in while people from Dodge were filming a commercial advertising the truck (currently underwater) in question. That's a hard one to come back to the boss with, and a pretty bad ad for the truck.

2 Ruined Prom

via pinterest.com

Whoever ordered a massively long Ford Excursion limo for their prom was likely planning on having the absolute perfect night. They spared no expense, making sure that absolutely everything would be perfect.

I guess they didn't count on this happening, the driver making an irrevocable error in judgement. He thought about how he could make the turn, but he didn't think about if he could make the grade. The end result is what's pictured above, a virtual diving board sticking out over the edge of a steep street.

1 Shouldn't Drive Your Porsche There

via pinterest.com

Most people who own a Porsche, especially as nice of one as the one in this unfortunate scenario, seem like they're fairly discerning when it comes to all things driving. They enjoy incredible quality, handling, a peerless driving experience, most who buy a Porsche care about driving quite a bit. If they're looking for status, they tend to go elsewhere.

But, that's not the case with this person, who paid no attention to any signs, warning, cones, people, or environmental clues as to the grievous (and horrifically expensive) error that they were making.

Sources: Reddit, Herald Sun & Auto Evolution

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