9 Cars That Are All Show And No Go (And 9 Motorcycles That Are All Vroom And No Zoom)

These are 9 motorcycles (and 9 cars) that are all show and no go.

There are some vehicles that are never going to stand out when you see them on the road. The fact that you see hundreds of people driving Honda Civics probably means that it is not exactly the most exciting thing when another one rolls down the street. But there is no question that if you come across any of the vehicles on our list on the road that you would probably stop everything that you are doing to take a look. Hopefully, that does not mean you would also take that as a moment to be an unsafe driver. There is just a whole lot of "show" going on when it comes to these vehicles.

But just because you would stare at these vehicles, does not mean you would be able to realistically see yourself sitting behind the wheel. The only place you might want these vehicles to go is perhaps into a garage! I mean sure, the energy drink company Monster is probably going to love the motorcycle that pays homage to it, but they might be in a very small minority as far as that opinion is concerned.

These are 9 motorcycles (and 9 cars) that are all show and no go.

18 This PT Cruiser Shouldn't Be Cruising Anywhere

Via pinsdaddy.com

Now before you start in on this vehicle too hard, it could be worse. They could have decided to get those flames put over the entire car instead of just the hood.

But the changes that this person has made to their PT Cruiser are definitely things that might leave you wondering how they possibly thought it was a good idea.

The amount of attention put into the front of the car - including with the grille - makes it seem like it is the part of the car they like the most, but we would not blame you if you held the opposite opinion!

17 Are You Sure It's a Nissan?

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When it comes to the next owner on our list, it seems like the thing that mattered the most to them was letting the entire world know that they owned a Nissan, as they elected to go with not one, not two, but three different Nissan logos on the front of their car. And that is not to say that there isn't a very real chance that the back of their car is also covered in decals! But the most offensive thing about this may be the wrap that they elected to get on the car, even if the mix of black and blue may serve to make the car more acceptable than some of the other more extreme cases.

16 At Least Only Some Of It Is Chrome?

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You might want to give this owner some credit for the fact that their entire car is not decked out in chrome, which as you have already learned with some of our more extreme examples, is something that not everyone on this list is fortunate enough to be able to say. But just because they decided to show some level of restraint with the amount of chrome on their car does not mean the vehicle is going to be immune from the stares (and photos) of people who are perhaps just as confused by the vehicle as you might be.

15 How Does That Not All Fall Off?

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Where do you think this owner started out with the placement of these skulls? You might imagine, perhaps, that he started with the back of the car. But someone who has the same thought process that covering the hood of their car - and in the process also seriously obscuring their vision - is a good idea is someone who may have started with a more unconventional place like the door. As if the skull decals were not bad enough, the back window is also covered in stickers, which is definitely something that does not increase the overall safety of the vehicle. There are also hints of chrome throughout the vehicle.

14 What Are Your Thoughts On a Pink Chrome Jeep?

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When it comes to the other cars on our list, this Jeep has the distinction of being the only one that has a pink color scheme. And after seeing all the other ones, that flash of pink may actually be a refreshing sight.

But do not be fooled, because seeing this Jeep out in public where it would not be surrounded by other chrome cars is sure to be one of the most startling things you see on the road all day.

At least in this instance the owner is parked, which means that maybe they'll just enjoy the blinding nature of the chrome that will make their car easy to find.

13 Discovery

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It is very possible that one of the best things about owning a car, in your opinion, is that it gives you the opportunity to experience new parts of the world that you otherwise may not get to experience.

But we don't know how much of the world you would want to discover if this was the car that you had to explore it in.

Maybe the owner was trying to show off their love of disco by leaving that large distinction between DISCO and VERY. Either way, this is also a car that you would probably also rather not have ever discovered!

12 Don't Go Bedazzling To Your Truck

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After you saw the bedazzled motorcycle earlier in our list it is very possible you immediately found yourself interested in what on earth a bedazzled car would look like. Wonder no more, as this person clearly went to extreme lengths to complete this look, including putting jewels all over the tires and the handles. It's a real shame too when you consider the car is a beautiful shade of blue and definitely did not need this extra bit of "assistance" on the part of the owner to help it stand out. You also have to figure that this person hopefully has enough jewels left to use in case they ever come into the situation where they are replacing a tire.

11 No, It's Not a Jaguar

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It is hard to make the argument that the next owner on our list is not very embarrassed about the fact that they drive a Kia Amati since they went through the extreme effort of removing all potential identification of that brand from the car...not to mention various other customization jobs like getting a chrome license plate that makes the claim that this is a Jaguar. If it makes them more comfortable driving it then more power to them, but that is also going to be an awkward conversation once your friends or potential partner find out about your lie.

10 This Jeep Needs a Lot Less Chrome

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One of the most negative things about getting chrome on your car is the fact that it is very reflective and thus may cause some issues for other drivers on the road, not to mention yourself. Now just imagine how the hood of this car would look with the lightbar on. Talk about an untenable situation. Maybe it is a win that they elected to modify the door in a way that does not involve chrome, but it is also possible that they were just saving up until they could afford to apply chrome to the rest of the car.

9 When You Love Chrome So Much 

via piximus.net

The thing that you might be wondering the most when it comes to this entry is what came first. Did the person look in their closet and realize they have an outfit that makes them look like they are decked out in chrome, and thus made the revelation that their motorcycle needed to match? Or were they just so in love with the chrome that they got on their motorcycle that they needed to go out and get a wardrobe that was just as startling. Either way, their chrome game is definitely being put on prominent display.

8 For The Energy Drink Crowd

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There is nothing wrong with feeling tired by the end of a day. But there are some days that even if you are exhausted, you are not going to be able to go to bed because you have other things that you need to accomplish. In those cases, one of the products that help you push past that sleepy urge is making sure you have a cup of coffee. But if coffee is not accessible, it is possible that you also have an opportunity to go and buy an energy drink. In this motorcycle driver's case, something tells us that they make sure to stock up before they start running low!

7 This Was Not a Mistake 

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One of the most fun hobbies that you can do at home is learning how to bedazzle things. But no matter how skilled you may get in bedazzling, you will probably be in agreeance with me that that skill does not need to be replicated on the vehicle that you choose to drive. While this owner may succeed at getting people to look at their motorcycle, they are also succeeding at needing to replace things on that motorcycle - like the seat - when the weather outside involves rain or snow.

6 Sorry Pal, No Dice

Via reddit.com

It is one thing to have a skull on your motorcycle, but it is perhaps taking things to a whole new level when the skull that you decide to get also has horns on it.

But that was not the only thing this owner did to make the world know how cool they are, as they also decided to get flames all over the motorcycle.

Regardless of what part of the motorcycle you find yourself entranced by, the flashy nature of this "cool motorcycle" is perhaps enough to leave you thinking the opposite of what the owner was probably hoping for when they made those modifications.

5 It's Go Time Alright - To The Scrapyard! 

Via 2013pix.com

If GoDaddy was just hoping to create a motorcycle for the purpose of gaining some exposure for their brand, it is possible that you could say they succeeded when it comes to this creation. But if you also consider that the people involved also probably wanted to create a motorcycle that is aesthetically pleasing, and in that case, you might be left thinking that the lime green and orange color scheme that they based their brand on just looks like a mess when applied to a motorcycle. Which means that the only place this motorcycle should be going is back into the shop for some renovations!

4 Did These Wheels Really Need To Light Up?

Via customtaylor33.com

This is one of the few vehicles that you are going to see on this list that the owner did not elect to deck out in chrome. And for that, you might want to give them a lot of credit. But that does not mean the owner managed to avoid creating a look that you might consider to be overly flashy. They had to know that was going to be the opinion of some people when they went with such a bold modification to their wheels! The positive side of this might be that the modification is just rim tape that sells for under $50.

3 Harley In Pink and Covered In Glitter

Via pinimg.com

If you love glitter on your vehicle, then you might have come across a motorcycle that you would gladly fork over a substantial amount of money to own.

Because to be fair, this is probably the nicest that pink glitter is ever going to look on a Harley Davidson.

That being said, just because the application was well done does not mean it is enough to save the overall result. The vehicle was displayed at an auto show in Vancouver which means that you would assume that the owner received at least a few compliments for their efforts.

2 Good Luck Keeping This Clean!

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One of the most important things to do when making sure your vehicle is looking its best is to make sure that it is clean. But no matter how hard this person works at keeping his Harley clean, the amount of chrome that he went with means that it is perhaps always going to be a losing battle, especially when you consider people would be sure to notice this motorcycle in a parking lot and at least some of them would be tempted to leave their fingerprints somewhere on the motorcycle.

1 Infamous Customs Are Proud Of Their Motorcycle

via infamouscustomcycles.com

The people involved at Infamous Customs could have spent twice as long as they did on this next motorcycle and the overall execution may have been something that you think still would not have been able to be successful.

The shine of the pink is nice, but it is still a heck of a lot of pink to be throwing on a motorcycle.

The addition of the skull octopus is a bit more unusual than just a typical skull, and maybe you are a fan of that, but if you think this car is just too flashy then you'd be in the same boat as me!

Sources: reddit.com, pinterest.com

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