10 Cars That Are Always Resold For Crazy Profit (And 10 Whose Value Plummets)

Cars often depreciate at rapid rates, but some of them actually see their values increase dramatically.

Cars are not just for leisure driving or a hobby it can also be your greatest asset. Investing in cars that are of great value might seem difficult as it needs a deeper pocket but the truth is you can double, sometimes even triple your profits. You can flip your car for something extra but you need to put your money in the right car. Buying and selling second-hand cars might not be a bad way of making income. Although not all cars have the same value when resold, there are a few legendary cars that can raise the margin while few others that can drag you done the line.

Car enthusiasts and collectors buy vintage cars even when the prices are skyrocketing. Vintage cars have a huge demand as many cars are rare to find. The demand, passion, and value that the automobile industry has on the car enthusiasts will remain unchanged. This makes it easier to flip cars at higher prices even when they were bought at peaked prices. On the contrary, some cars value plummets it might be because of the demand or the value or simply the negative critics that the car received in the first place. Whatever the reason might be, before you plan on spending your money it is better to understand the market trend for resale of cars.

Here is a list of cars that will increase in value and make wild profits when resold and a list of cars whose prices would drop dramatically and might be a bad investment.

20 Value Plummets: Hyundai Genesis

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Hyundai Genesis, introduced in the year 2010, was known for its stylish looks and as an entry-level sports car. It was designed to compete with Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro but it came out as a complete disaster. The engine lacked power which led to its downfall.

The depreciation is very high for this sporty car.

The rate of its decline is estimated to be around 38.2%. For car enthusiasts who are shopping for Hyundai Genesis, the resale value is a lot less compared to the launch price. Buying this car will not add value to your wallet but it is sure to plummet.

19 Value Plummets: Smart ForTwo

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The best feature of this machine is its compactness. The size of this car is smaller in size making it the preferred cars for city ride. Parking gets a lot easier with this car but the major flaws are its acceleration. It is really slow and the blind spots are comparatively wide making it difficult to go on longer rides. These cons have made the progress of this compact car to slide down the road. This has led to the depreciation of this vehicle. The decline rate is 36.9% for this machine which makes it a difficult option to opt for.

18 Value Plummets: GMC Yukon

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Even with few best features like easy handling, smooth ride, and having great exteriors and well-equipped interiors, this was one of the machines to seek out for. Apart from these few features, there are other features that caused the downfall of this GMC Yukon.

The use of standard suspension resulted in bouncy rides, the reliability of this machine was poor, and there was a dull throttle response with the base engine.

The price of these cars slowly started to fall which deprecated to 32.8% of sales after their first year of sales. Reselling this car might not be a profitable thing to do.

17 Value Plummets: Lincoln MKS

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Unlike other luxury sedan cars, Lincoln MKS was not a successful competitor. The exterior of Lincoln MKS was not appealing and it didn't use any latest modern technology. The quality of the interiors was poor and it had very few features. The steering was heavy and the drive was stiff which made it a lousy machine. Although the updated versions had many of these problems rectified this version still remained unsuccessful. For shoppers who are keen on buying a Lincoln MKS, the sales of this machine are said to decrease at a rate of 30.4% which can collapse the resale profits.

16 Value Plummets: Mini Cooper

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Mini Cooper, the car that is known by buyers for good return on investment faces 40% of depreciation value overall in the past five years. Mini Cooper has launched many cars that are best in class but for no reason, there has been a steady decline. The drive in a Mini Cooper is always a fun thing to do. Due to the oversupply of this machine the demand has suppressed which has to lead to a decline in the value of these machines. It is better to invest in cars that give more profit when resale rather than to invest in ones that ate on the decrease.

15 Value Plummets: Jaguar XK

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Jaguar XK has a demand in the second-hand market for its depreciation in the price. At the time of its launch in the year 1998, it has been a huge hit in the market. This car is extremely reliable and is easy to handle. The driving is also fun and smooth.

The value of this car in the second-hand market is on the decline as the machine is hard to repair.

Fixing up the machine can be a bit more challenging. You can own a Jaguar XK in half the price as the new one if the wait for over a year and you buy a used one.

14 Value Plummets: Nissan Rogue SV

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It was not a successful car when compared to its competitors. It is a decent SUV which can be used for the daily commute with great cargo space, safety features, and a good fuel economy. The quality of the build is also good with high-quality interiors. The launch price of this machine is high when compared to the used cars. You will save a thousand when you get a used model but you will lose thousands when you try to resale it. If you are planning to shop this car for gaining profit through resale then this is not the right choice.

13 Value Plummets: Ford Mustang

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Mustang is one of the most popular cars in the history of the automobile. The cruise control in the Mustang gives complete comfort to the driver. It was easy to handle and was one of the most powerful machines of Ford. The sales of this machine were huge due to its performance. Car enthusiasts preferred this ‘pony car’ as a sporty coupe which had long hoods and short rear decks. The value of these Mustangs is slowly declining which makes it a bad investment for resale. Buying a used car is better than buying a brand new one, it could save you money.

12 Value Plummets: Chevrolet Impala

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Chevrolet Impala was one of the bestsellers of its period. The prices were sold at reasonable rates and there was great demand for these machines. The Impala was easy to handle and has a powerful engine.

The smoothness and stability of this car made it stand out from the rest of the competition.

This car had a great crash protection system and also earned a top rating for its braking system. Even with all its positive critics, the car is facing a sales decline which has highly impacted the prices of this machine. The decline rate is around 33.5% after one year of its sales.

11 Value Plummets: Hyundai Sonata

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One of the leading class premium segments that provide leading comfort and many best features which makes it a luxury-class sedan. The weight of the car is lighter which makes it agile. The stability of the car is great even at high speeds. Overall, the quality of the car is good and long drives are simply fun. The other complaints of this car which lead to the downfall of this machine are the harsh engine, turbo lag in turbocharged models, and poor transmission. All these have contributed to the steady decrease in the price of the Hyundai Sonata.

10 Sold For Huge Profits: Ferrari F12TDF ($1,300,000)

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Launched in 2015, Ferrari F12tdf pays tribute to ‘Tour de France automobile’ race and this was many a time won by Ferrari 250. Ferrari made only 799 units of F12tdf which made it rare and a unique find.

The starting price of this legendary car is from $619,825, and the resale value of this masterpiece would be triple the price.

All over the world, there has always been a tremendous amount of interest towards buying cars of high value and demand. Buying this car even when the prices are so high might leave you double the fortune you invested when resold.

9 Sold For Huge Profits: 1962 Aston Martin DB4C Convertible ($1,325,000)

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Over a span of five years starting 1958, 1100 DB4 cars were produced. A total of 70 cars were made convertible which were released during the fourth and fifth series. Out of which 30 convertible cars were from the fourth series while the remaining 40 where convertible cars from the fifth series. Only two cars of the 30 convertible cars in the fourth series received faired-in headlights of the Vantage, making it a rare to find. The starting price for this rare artifact is around $1,325,000. This is one of the rarest cars ever built which undoubtedly increase its value.

8 Sold For Huge Profits: 1953 Bentley R Type ($1,350,000)

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Bentley R Type car was regarded as the most desirable post-war car Bentley ever built. Around 2500 R Type cars were produced during the years 1952 to 1955. This car was a huge success which was sold thrice as much as its rivals. Bentley R Type used the Rolls Royce 4.5litres six-cylinder engine for power and had inlet over exhaust valves. Using Rolls Royce powers made the car perform better and gave a quieter cruise experience. Both the exterior and interior looked elegantly stylish. During their time of launch cars were sold for around $5776 but now these vintage cars are sold for $1,350,000.

7 Sold For Huge Profits: Ferrari 599 SA Aperta ($1,390,000)

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Introduced in 2010, at the Paris Motor Show, limited edition cars Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, was built to honour the 80th birthday of the company’s long-term partner, designers Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina. Only 80 cars were made, making them the ‘World’s most exclusive supercars’.

These cars were notable for their sensational performance as they shared the same 661hp V12 features as that of a 599 GTO.

The launch price of this car was around $4, 00,000. Right now the resale prices of these exclusive cars are around $1,390,000. Buy them now and you can still expect a guaranteed price increase and gain huge profit.

6 Sold For Huge Profits: Porsche Carrera GT ($1,475,000)

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The world famous car that killed Paul Walker, Porsche Carrera GT, is considered ‘the most dangerous cars on road’. It was one of the hardcore sports cars, which in hands of an untrained race car driver puts his world in grave danger. The car received several critics for having poor stability and control over speed. The lack of proper safety features in this car has been reported by many as there were several tragic incidents. But this didn’t stop the car enthusiasts from buying this car. The sale of this car is still on the rise and is estimated to be around $1,475,000 and the prices are not set to decline.

5 Sold For Huge Profits: Ferrari 250 GTL Lusso ($1,995,000)

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In 1962, Ferrari 250 GTL made its debut at the ‘Paris Motor Show’. This was considered as the most elegant and timeless designs of their era. This vehicle was built in a way to satisfy both the competitive racers and luxury oriented car enthusiasts. Over 350 cars were produced which made this car extremely rare.

The Ferrari 250 GTL Lusso offered both modern quality driving, and elegant looks which were considered the most successful grand touring design from Maranello’s period.

Nothing short of a sensational performance, Ferrari enthusiasts are ready to turn down their pockets for this timeless beauty even when it is estimated to be around $1,995,000.

4 Sold For Huge Profits: Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package ($2,199,999)

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Porsche 918 Spyder which debuted as a concept car at the 80th ‘Geneva Motor Show’ in 2010 gained a lot of interests from car enthusiasts and was taken to production in the year 2013. By the end of 2014, the limited 918 units that were produced were totally sold out to the price of $845,000 making it one of the fastest cars ever produced. Car enthusiasts can opt for Weissach package that boosts the performance of the car even further, making it one of the sought out cars in their rime. Recent pricing of this car is estimated to be around $2,199,999 and investing in it is sure to return you with double the profit.

3 Sold For Huge Profits: 1971 Porsche 911 ST ($2,250,000)

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In 1971, over 15 cars of Porsche 911 ST was built mainly for rally racing. It was an updated version of Porsche 911 S which was considered a hardcore sports car of its period. Porsche 911 ST had the best features which were a result of the many lessons learned from its previous racing models. The most successful rally car driver, Bjorn Waldegard, had many glorious triumphs with this sporty car for over years. As these cars are extremely hard to find due to their scarcity, the prices of these cars are sky high. Investing in this car might not seem like a bad idea.

2 Sold For Huge Profits: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport ($2,425,000)

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Bugatti Veyron, the car which set new world records for top speed set high benchmarks for a sports car. The exteriors of this legendary car were appealing and were considered elegantly stylish. The production of this high-speed car was restricted to 30 units out of which only 5 units were made for the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sports World Record Edition.

This was designed as the fastest and the most powerful car of its time.

This legendary car is been resold at a price of $2,425,000 which is at a huge rise when compared to its launching price $ 1,549,818. Due to its demand and value, the prices of this car remain to keep skyrocketing.

1 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster ($1,995,900)

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Launched in 1935, and introduced at the Berlin Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz 500K was a Grand Touring car built by Mercedes-Benz. 500 K was an elegant sports car that used a supercharged eight-cylinder engine. This car was contemplated as the most powerful cars of its period. This car was specially built to bring in the luxury for the owner-driven cars. Only 342 cars were built including 29 special roadsters over two years of its production making it a rare find. The value of these cars in the recent times is said to be around $1,995,900 due to its scarcity. Their value is said to rise as time goes by.

Sources: CarBuzz.com, Mecum.com, BuzzDrives.com

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