22 Cars That Danny Koker Just Had To Keep After Finishing Them

Danny Koker has a massive personal car collection of about 58 cars and counting. His cars are both unique and fun to drive.

The custom car scene is one of the most popular and mesmerizing facets of the automotive industry, and there is one man who has been a focal point of the custom car scene for quite some time. Danny Koker who is also known as the Count has been operating his custom car shop “Count's Kustoms” for over twenty years. This love affair with cars actually began when Koker was a child, as his father was influential in teaching the young teenager about vehicle maintenance and customization. Plus, it also helps that Danny Koker was born in Michigan, which is the motoring capital of the world and birthplace of the modern day automobile that we see today.

There has been many groundbreaking cars that have come out of Count's Kustoms, and Danny Koker has also built his notoriety around the hit TV show Pawn Stars by being a vehicle appraiser for the show. This has led to an enormous amount of success for his TV show, not to mention the fact that Koker is also part of a very successful band in Las Vegas as well.

With all these accolades, there are sure to be cars that the creator has fallen in love with, and actually, Koker has a massive personal car collection of about 58 cars and counting. His cars are both unique and fun to drive, and Koker is one of the few people that actually drives the vintage vehicles in his collection, which is the mark of a true automotive enthusiast.

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22 1962 Karmann Ghia

Via: Bing

It probably goes without saying that the 1962 Karmann Ghia is perhaps one of the rarest cars on the earth, and if it looks familiar that’s because the vehicle shares much of its components with the original Volkswagen Bug.

Danny Koker has managed to create a lot of custom cars and trucks over the years, but this particular 1962 Karmann Ghia held a special place in his heart and he had to keep the car. The value on the 1962 Karmann Ghia has been rising steadily, although it's not sure if Koker will actually sell the vehicle.

21 George Lynch's 65 Buick

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Actually being one of the vehicles that were featured on the TV show Counting Cars, this blacked out 1965 Buick was a fast driving and very cool restoration by Danny. Taking one look at the car and its painfully obvious that this car is very much in line with Koker's personal tastes, and for the most part this 1965 Buick is an all original vehicle.

With the flat black paint job and the signature Foose rims this is one bad ride, and of course, there are the complementary performance upgrades under the hood as well.

20 1966 Mustang

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It should be without question that any real car collector would have more than one Mustang in his arsenal, and Danny does. This 1966 Mustang features a forest green paint job and enough engine modifications to make even the biggest gearhead jealous.

Interior wise this Mustang is all original, which is generally how Koker tries to keep most of his restoration vehicles. We think that this 1966 Mustang would make an awesome addition to anyone's collection, and we can’t blame the Count for keeping it.

19 1967 Mustang

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Of course, in addition to that radical forest green Mustang, the Count also has this red wine 1967 model as well. This is an all original car with some cool upgrades such as the racing stripes that go up the sides of the car, and the Vegas-inspired Rallye wheels which give the car an off-center but determined look.

Although Koker is a Mopar man you can tell that he does have an affection for Fords, as these two Mustangs have rolled out of his production area looking like brand new cars with a brand new attitude.

18 1968 Charger

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Featured in one of the earliest episodes of Counting Cars as one of Koker's signature flips, this 1968 Charger is a different breed of car altogether. With that signature purple Mopar paint job and enough black to scare anything, this one of a kind Charger was so impressive when it was finished that Koker decided to keep it.

His business partner Kevin was upset, and rightfully so as this beautiful example of a Charger restoration would fetch a pretty penny at an auction that you took it to.

17 1978 Lincoln

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Being part of a rock band and having the reputation as a car enthusiast, you almost expect to see some sort of cool Lincoln in Koker's collection, and there is one. This 1978 Lincoln was a full restoration of a pretty decent barn find, and the car is downright beautiful in every aspect.

With the two town crystal red and silver paint, and the low profile stance this Lincoln looks like it could cruise in the Boulevard at the country side. Coupled with a full engine tune the sky's the limit for this Lincoln, and Danny decided that it was just too cool to sell.

16 1986 Chevy Pickup

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Everyone needs a good truck, and there is nothing that is more fun to drive than a factory Chevy Pickup truck with a big block V8 in it. Koker decided to restore this pretty radical factory Chevy Pickup and turn it into something cool, and he did.

With the signature Count's Kustoms cherry red paint scheme that follows most of his cars, and a new low profile suspension on some Rallye rims - this 1986 Chevy Pickup came out looking pretty darn cool. You can only expect that this truck is fun to drive and functional to boot.

15 The Vamp Rod

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Well, when you have a nickname like the “Count” it could only be right to have a Vampire Hot Rod right? The Vamp Rod was a project of passion and fun, coming out with a fun to drive and tire burning hot rod that would make even Boyd Coddington jealous.

If you’ve never seen the Vamp Rod in person you are in for a treat, and the car is pretty darn cool with signature touches that let you know who owns this one of a kind vehicle and what he does for a living.

14 1979 Camaro Z28

Via: Bing

The seventies were a trying time for GM, but luckily the company was still able to bring us a pretty cool Camaro, although there were some hiccups along the way such as the dreaded four-cylinder model.

This 1979 Camaro Z28 was taken apart and fully restored with a beautiful flamed paint job and a complete engine overhaul that got rid of most of the useless smog add-ons that GM was bogging their muscle cars down with during the seventies, creating a one of a kind Camaro.

13 1970 Coronet

Via: Bing

Known for being one of the more underrated cars of the muscle car era, Danny Koker managed to find himself one and restore it into a pretty cool ride, to say the least. This 1970 Coronet with its purple paint job looks like you could almost mistake it for a Dodge Charger of the same era.

Take this puppy out on the open road and you will feel an exciting driving experience that is unlike anything that you have experienced. Of course, this could by why Koker decided to keep the car.

12 1974 Roadrunner

Via: Bing

Danny Koker is already an established Mopar guy, so it comes as no surprise that he would have one of the rarest Mopar vehicles of all time in his collection. This 1974 Roadrunner is completely stock with a good amount of upgrades to make it suitable for Danny’s collection, such as the supercharged engine and the one of a kind Rallye wheels.

It would come as no surprise that this is also one of the most valuable cars in the collection, so we can’t see him getting rid of it.

11 1973 Buick Riviera

Via: Bing

Featured on the Counting Cars television show where an interested party came to try and purchase the car from Koker, this 1973 Buick Riviera is a one of a kind vehicle in every aspect.

Take the unique paint job that looks like it was inspired by modern-day low-riders, and couple that with the absolutely unique wheels and you have one of the most stunning Buick models to roll around Las Vegas. The value of this particular model is hard to pin down because the car is unique to Danny Koker.

10 1972 Monte Carlo

Via: Bing

Already one of the most highly sought after vehicles on the road, the original Monte Carlo is a spectacle to look at and a blast to drive. Known as the personal luxury coupe, the 1972 Monte Carlo is a special vehicle that still holds its own in the automotive world today.

This original example by Koker is a stunning look at how a car can remain beautiful in its factory form, and Koker decided to keep this car as a piece of his personal collection and we cannot blame him because this is a great ride.

9 1972 Cutlass

Via: Bing

Long known as the corporate cousin to the Chevrolet Chevelle, the 1972 Cutlass is a winning combination of style and speed that took the world by storm with it is 442 Big Block motor during the muscle car rivalries.

The 1972 Cutlass that was designed by Koker features the original paint scheme that came on the 442 cars, and with the additions of the Counts Kustoms touches, there is no telling how much this car might fetch at an auction, but Danny decided to keep it in his collection.

8 1969 Cadillac

Via: Bing

Danny Koker has a thing for big domestic luxury vehicles of the past, and this 1969 Cadillac is an apparent nod to that. With this particular 1969 Cadillac, the model was actually designed for the Counts business partner Kevin, and the car was actually featured one the Counting Cars television show.

The powder blue paint job is a winning combination of style, coupled with the white top that the Cadillac models of this time were famous for and this is what made the car a pretty cool choice.

7 The Danny Van

Via: Bing

Also, another vehicle that was featured on the television show, the Danny Van is quite a unique vehicle that the Count is seen driving around Las Vegas as he looks for vehicles to flip.

The Danny Van has a red candy paint job and some cool chrome rims that give it a retro A-Team style, which has made for a one of a kind vehicle. It's not certain if this van was even going to be a flip for Danny or if he just built the van for his own personal usage, but the model has some personal modifications which make it quite unique.

6 Kevin's '69 Cadillac

Via: Bing

Then we have Kevin's '69 Cadillac which has also been featured on the show quite prominently, in addition to his Dodge Ram pickup that he is often seen driving. This Cadillac is everything that you would expect out of a big comfortable '60s era car, and with the one of a kind styling and Count's Kustoms engine treatment, you can be assured that this is one smooth riding Caddy.

Unlike many of the cars in the collection, this car is actually driven quite often, which just goes to show that Kevin is a true car guy as well.

5 Willy's Project

Via: Bing

The cool thing about Danny Koker is that he is always down to try new things, and that's what the Willy Project was. This custom Willy was a unique project where the proceeds were going to the Wounded Warrior's Fund, and this is one of the unique reasons that the car holds a special place in Danny's collection of cars that he has designed.

Made of a unique fiberglass frame and body, this one of a kind car was something that was totally unique to the automotive world and really impressed a lot of veterans.

4 '42 Ford

Via: Bing

Even though Danny is a certified Mopar guy, there are still a few Ford models that he has a soft spot for, and one of those is this custom '42 Ford. This unique model has all of the attributes of a real Hot August Nights cruiser, with the addition of the Count's Kustoms touches of course to make the car unique in its own right.

This particular '42 Ford model had a completely unique interior and an updated engine which gave the car a good amount of performance, and to this day is one of the coolest Ford models to come out of the shop.

3 '72 Chevy Blazer

Via: Bing

There is probably not a topless SUV that is as iconic as the '72 Chevy Blazer, a vehicle that has transcended father time and remained a relevant vehicle for decades. This particular '72 Chevy Blazer was an original restoration project, with a factory correct paint job and top which gives the vehicle an original look.

Not to mention the fact that Danny managed to put some meaty tires on this puppy, so the Blazer is carrying the Count's Kustoms name with pride and carrying on a tradition from one of the most popular nameplates ever.

2 Cadillac Coup

Via: Bing

It should be of no surprise that Danny Koker enjoys restoring Cadillac models, and this Cadillac Coup is about as dark and cool as they come. With a flat black paint job and a period correct interior, this Cadillac Coup is just about as original as can be, except of course for the paint.

Under the hood is the real surprise though, as this vehicle is powered by a chromed out modern engine that gives the old Caddy some serious pep in its step. Danny Koker loves horsepower, and this hot rod is a blast to drive.

1 Ford Ranchero

Via: Bing

Well, the Ford Ranchero was never seen as popular of a vehicle as the Chevy El Camino was, and that's a sad thing considering the Ranchero had its own set of positive attributes.

Nevertheless, the guys at Count's Kustoms can always figure out a way to make something unique and they decided to turn a Ford Ranchero into one of the coolest custom pool tables that you have ever seen. This Ford Ranchero pool table was featured in Counting Cars, and who could forget this awesome modification.

Sources: Hot Rod & Truckin

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